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Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)
50th Annual International Conference
San Antonio, TX - February 13-16, 2013

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Individual Sessions

Opening General Session: Building On The Past, Looking Toward The Future?
Brock L. Eide, M.D., Fernette Eide, M.D., DorisJohnson, Ph.D., Nancy Mather, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201302100
$15.00 Online Access
W1 - Who Am I? I Have A Learning Disability
Larry Silver, M.D; Charlotte Edwards; Connie Parr, APN, CPNP,
Product Number: 201302101
$15.00 Online Access
W3 - Disability Documentation Dilemmas In Higher Education: Ahead?S New Policystatement, D...
Loring Brinckerhoff; Manju Banerjee; Nora Pollard
Product Number: 201302102
$15.00 Online Access
W5 - Helping Non-Traditional Learners Choose A Path Tosuccess - Vocational Or College
Ronald Wilson,
Product Number: 201302104
$15.00 Online Access
W9 - Accommodating For The Learner With Special Needs
Steve Erwin
Product Number: 201302105
$15.00 Online Access
W13 - Spelling Instruction That Sticks
Michael Hunter
Product Number: 201302106
$15.00 Online Access
W14 - 10 Strategies Proven To Inspire Even The Most Difficultstudents
Kevin Wood
Product Number: 201302107
$15.00 Online Access
W15 - Building Social Skills And Self Esteem With Ld/Adhdinattentivefemale
Joan Teach,
Product Number: 201302108
$15.00 Online Access
W18 - The Future Of Professional Preparation: Peering Over The Horizon
Jean Lokerson; Margarita Cummings; Paula Maccini; Allyson Toronto; Jason Miller
Product Number: 201302109
$15.00 Online Access
W19 - Stressed Out Of Their Minds!?
Jerome Schultz
Product Number: 201302110
$15.00 Online Access
W23 - Dyslexic Minds: A Positive Paradigm
Carol Benz
Product Number: 201302111
$15.00 Online Access
W24 - Inclusion And Going To School Together Again: Lessonslearned From The Dutch, Greek, ...
Jodi Katsafanas
Product Number: 201302112
$15.00 Online Access
W26 - Not Just Medication: The Integrative Treatment Of Adhd
Sanford Newmark
Product Number: 201302113
$15.00 Online Access
W28 - Just Give Them What They Want? Service Delivery In Thenew Millennium
Tom Merrell; Barbara Zunder
Product Number: 201302114
$15.00 Online Access
W31 - Attention & Memory: Critical Players In Learning In Thedigital Age
Philippe Ernewein; Mark Twarogowski
Product Number: 201302115
$15.00 Online Access
W35 - Homeschooling Children With Learning Disabilities:Opportunities And Oppositions
B.J. Wiemer
Product Number: 201302116
$15.00 Online Access
W41 - Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Strategies Forseparating Difference & Disabil...
Catherine Collier
Product Number: 201302117
$15.00 Online Access
W44 - Boosting Executive Skills / Strategies For Success: Tackling Executive Functionissue...
Joyce Cooper-Kahn; Margaret Foster; Jennifer Harkins; Theresa Bray
Product Number: 201302118
$15.00 Online Access
W45 - Compliance Through Empowerment: 10 Easy Steps To Atension-Free Environment
John Willson; Jayne May
Product Number: 201302119
$15.00 Online Access
Special Event A - Brain Food: How Nutrition, Chemical Exposures And Genetics Interact, And...
Renee Dufault; Vangie Aguilera
Product Number: 201302120
$15.00 Online Access
Keynote Session - ?Technologies Of The Future:Where Assistive Meets Mainstream?
Manju Banerjee
Product Number: 201302121
$15.00 Online Access
T3 - Becoming An Lda Activist: Influencing State And Federalpolicy
Myrna Mandlawitz
Product Number: 201302122
$15.00 Online Access
T4 - Brain Fitness Programs: Buy? Or Buyer Beware?
Jerome Schultz; Pam Cook
Product Number: 201302123
$15.00 Online Access
T6 - Do You See What I See? The Role Of Visual-Spatialthinking Styles In Learning Disabili...
Elizabeth L. Currie Shier,
Product Number: 201302124
$15.00 Online Access
T8 - I Lost My Book, But I Did Study!!
Bruce Miller
Product Number: 201302125
$15.00 Online Access
T9 - Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships: The Secret Of Astudent?S Success In School
Joan Teach; Beth McGaw
Product Number: 201302126
$15.00 Online Access
T15 - Adhd And Incessant Mind-Chatter: I Can?T Stop Thinking!
Melinda Parrill
Product Number: 201302127
$15.00 Online Access
Adult Luncheon - ?Finding Hope And Sharing It With Others?
Saima Tiffany Chauhan
Product Number: 201302128
$15.00 Online Access
T19 - Strategies For Developing Success Attributes
Jonathan Jones; Cherrie Farnette
Product Number: 201302129
$15.00 Online Access
T22 - Teaching Complex Text
Doreen Saccomano
Product Number: 201302130
$15.00 Online Access
T23 - Developing The Qualities Of An Independent Andsustainable Learner
Scott Bezsylko; Elizabeth Mendelsohn
Product Number: 201302131
$15.00 Online Access
T26 - Learning Disabilities And Depression: Cause For Alarm Orcall To Action
Ron Hume; Angela Michalak
Product Number: 201302132
$15.00 Online Access
28 - Alternative Grading: A Collaborative Approach To Fair Andequitable Demonstration Of M...
Kaye Ragland
Product Number: 201302133
$15.00 Online Access
T29 - Differentiated Instructional Strategies For Adult Educationand Literacy Learners
Lorraine Wakeland
Product Number: 201302134
$15.00 Online Access
T30 - Processing Speed Disorders: Frequently Missed Subtype
Edith Miller; Charlotte Klucher
Product Number: 201302135
$15.00 Online Access
T31 - Ten Things Every New Disability Services Provider Shouldknow On A College Campus
Shelley Ducatt; Tamara Mancini
Product Number: 201302136
$15.00 Online Access
T32 - Unmasking Youth At-Risk
Sheila Brown
Product Number: 201302137
$15.00 Online Access
T36 - Stay Within A "Social Circle": Helping Students With Non-Verbal Learning Disabilitie...
Melanie Brockmeier; Cathy Wooley Brown
Product Number: 201302138
$15.00 Online Access
T39 - Ensuring School Success For Students With Adhd Anddeficits In Executive Functions
Chris Dendy
Product Number: 201302139
$15.00 Online Access
Keynote Session - ?Celebrating Diversity And Culturally Responsive Teaching?
Vivian Correa
Product Number: 201302140
$15.00 Online Access
F1 - Specific Learning Disabilities Evaluation, Identification, And Eligibility Criteria
Jenny L. Jones; Steven G. Feifer; Jim B. Hanson; George McCloskey; Samuel O. Ortiz; Monet ...
Product Number: 201302141
$15.00 Online Access
F2 - Learning Disabilities And The Juvenile Justice System
James Barrett; Steve Magalhaes
Product Number: 201302142
$15.00 Online Access
F5 - A Day In The Life Of A Special Learning Needs Resourcespecialist
V. Kay Vaccaro
Product Number: 201302143
$15.00 Online Access
F10 - Adhd, Core Curriculum And Language
Linda Spencer; Janet Price
Product Number: 201302144
$15.00 Online Access
F12 - Executive Function Deficits And Adhd
Laura Rowden; Nancy McCormick
Product Number: 201302145
$15.00 Online Access
F14 - Visual Auditory Motor Responses Integrated Into Reading-Writing-Spelling Cause Ld/Dy...
Mary Lou Sundberg
Product Number: 201302146
$15.00 Online Access
F15 - Smart On The Inside: Releasing Your Child?S True Potential
Kathy Young; Sharyl Kennedy; Eileen Gold Kushner
Product Number: 201302147
$15.00 Online Access
F16 - True Reform: How Teacher Preparation Can Affect P-12Student Outcomes
Dawn Berlin
Product Number: 201302148
Online Content Coming Soon
F18 - Learning Disabilities ? Detection, Prevention And Early Intervention
Mary L. O?Connor Leppert; Mary Ellen Lewis; Jeffrey Gruen,
Product Number: 201302149
$15.00 Online Access
F19 - Substance Abuse: A Problem Not To Be Missed Or Ignored
Larry B. Silver; H. Westley Clark; Michelle Lipinski; Ron Hume; Jeanne Davies
Product Number: 201302150
$15.00 Online Access
F21 - Private And Parochial Students With Disabilities
Martha Goodman,
Product Number: 201302151
$15.00 Online Access
F22 - Seven Things I Wish Students With Learning Disabilitiesunderstood Before They Came T...
Julia Frost
Product Number: 201302152
$15.00 Online Access
F23 - Behavior Changes From The Inside Out: Strategies Fordevelopmental Delays
Amber Brooks
Product Number: 201302153
$15.00 Online Access
F29 - Educational Interventions For English Learnerswith/Without Disabilities: Lessons, Ch...
Rocio Delgado; David Campos; Mary Esther Huerta
Product Number: 201302154
$15.00 Online Access
F30 - Educating For The Element - Fostering Creative Thoughtand Communication In The Class...
Anne Whittenbarger
Product Number: 201302155
$15.00 Online Access
F32 - Behavior Conferencing And Leveled Privileges System
Maggie Fatovic; Meg Allen
Product Number: 201302156
$15.00 Online Access
F34 - Continuum Of Services For College Students With Learningdisabilities Transitioning F...
Mary Jordan; Lynn Neaves
Product Number: 201302157
$15.00 Online Access
F40 - Beyond The Classroom: Managing The Day-To-Daychallenges Of Learning Disabilities
Arlyn Roffman
Product Number: 201302158
$15.00 Online Access
F42 - Teaching Students With Auditory Processing Disorder
Linda Schwartz; Diane Casale-Giannola,
Product Number: 201302159
$15.00 Online Access
F43 - The Zen Of Social Growth-Perspective Taking Andmindfulness
Brian Brown; Clarisa Barnes
Product Number: 201302160
$15.00 Online Access
S6 - Empowering The Student With Learning Disabilities In Theelementary School: Self-Advoc...
Pam Hill
Product Number: 201302161
Online Content Coming Soon
S9 - Helping Students Defeat The Procrastination Demon
Laura Rowden; Nancy McCormick
Product Number: 201302162
$15.00 Online Access
S11 - Freshman Transition To College: 30 Years Of The Learningservices Program
Kathy Schwartz
Product Number: 201302163
$15.00 Online Access
S12 - Ld At The University Level
Katharine Leavitt
Product Number: 201302164
$15.00 Online Access
S15 - Mindfulness And Meditation
Barbara Guyer
Product Number: 201302165
$15.00 Online Access
S16 - Rethinking Behavioral Interventions: Use Of Effectiveanxiety Management
Jessica Minahan
Product Number: 201302166
$15.00 Online Access
S18 - Preparing Early For A Smooth Transition From High Schoolto College
Erin Justyna; Erin Justyna
Product Number: 201302167
$15.00 Online Access
S20 - Finding The Fit: Fostering Success In The Post Secondaryworld
Kathy Briancon; Trudy Fleisher
Product Number: 201302168
$15.00 Online Access
S21 - College Entrance Exams: Making All The Right Choices
Ruth Brodsky
Product Number: 201302169
$15.00 Online Access
S26 - Early Childhood Literacy-Solving The Puzzle
Robin S. Johnstone
Product Number: 201302170
$15.00 Online Access
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