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Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)

53rd Annual International Conference
Orlando, FL - February 15-18, 2016

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Monday Sessions

Individual Sessions

MK: Keynote Session- You Built It! Celebrating 53 years

Product Number: 201602100
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M01: Looking at Other Ways to Teach the Learning Disabilities Population in the Classroom

Product Number: 201602101
$15.00 Online Access
M02: Academic Success of Students with Learning Disabilities in First Through Third Grades

Product Number: 201602102
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M03: Learning Disabilities and the Juvenile Justice System

Product Number: 201602103
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M04: Learning Disabilities and the ADA ? 2016 Update

Product Number: 201602104
$15.00 Online Access
M05: Assistive Technology (AT) 101 ? Begin with the End in Mind

Product Number: 201602105
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M06: Close your Child?s Reading Gap: A Parent Advocacy Plan

Product Number: 201602106
$15.00 Online Access
M11: Assessment and Evaluation Client-centered Assessment of Adult Learners with Learning ...

Product Number: 201602111
$15.00 Online Access
M13: Therapy Animals and Transitioning Students: How do they Help Students Gain New Skills...

Product Number: 201602113
$15.00 Online Access
M14: Using Self-Regulated Strategy Development to Improve Writing Outcomes for Students wi...

Product Number: 201602114
$15.00 Online Access
M15: Parents and Educators: Allies for Success

Product Number: 201602115
$15.00 Online Access
M16: Beyond the Three R?s: The Missing Links Essential to College Success

Product Number: 201602116
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
M17: Fostering Procedural and Affective Independence on Math Assignments for the L.L.D. St...

Product Number: 201602117
$15.00 Online Access
M20: The Art of Self Advocacy: Helping Children Learn to Help Themselves

Product Number: 201602118
$15.00 Online Access
M22: The New Literacy: Helping Students Become Better Online Readers

Product Number: 201602120
$15.00 Online Access
M23: Effective Strategies for Taking Notes from Texts

Product Number: 201602121
$15.00 Online Access
M24: Square Pegs, Round Holes: Reaching Beyond Traditional LD/ADHD Educational Paradigms

Product Number: 201602122
$15.00 Online Access
M25: Processing Math + Processing Deficits = SUM Challenging Students

Product Number: 201602123
$15.00 Online Access
M26: High School to Harvard: My Life with a Learning Disability

Product Number: 201602124
$15.00 Online Access
M19: Creating LDA College Clubs

Product Number: 201602125
$15.00 Online Access
M18: Navigating the Life Cycle with a Learning Disability School/Academic Learning-Self Es...

Product Number: 201602126
$15.00 Online Access
M27: Models for Strategic Instruction

Product Number: 201602127
$15.00 Online Access
M28: Rolling out a PSW Model for SLD in your District/SELPA

Product Number: 201602128
$15.00 Online Access
M30: Hammurabi Had his Day and Now We Have Ours

Product Number: 201602130
$15.00 Online Access
M31: Quick Formative Assessment for Instructional Decision ? Making and Identification

Product Number: 201602131
$15.00 Online Access
M32: The IEP: Asking the Right Questions and Understanding the Answers

Product Number: 201602132
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
M33: Navigating the Transition to College: Advice from inside the Institution

Product Number: 201602133
$15.00 Online Access
M35: Accessible Books and Reading Tools Help Facilitate Smoother Transitions

Product Number: 201602136
$15.00 Online Access
M36: Testing Accommodations: Guidelines for Documenting Traumatic Brain Injuries and Tips ...

Product Number: 201602137
$15.00 Online Access
M37: Multisensory Activities for Phonemic Awareness

Product Number: 201602138
$15.00 Online Access
M38: 10 College Readiness Skills Successful Students Need to Start Practicing Now!

Product Number: 201602139
$15.00 Online Access
M39: Homework Hassles

Product Number: 201602140
$15.00 Online Access
M40: Teachers? Attitudes and Concerns towards Inclusive Educational Practices in South Kor...

Product Number: 201602141
$15.00 Online Access
M41A: School Choice Options in Florida

Product Number: 201602143
$15.00 Online Access
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