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American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE)

24th Annual Scientific and Clinical Congress
Nashville, Tennessee - May 13-17, 2015

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W11 - Hot Topics in Thyroid Practice
Chair: Dr. Hossein Gharib; Speakers: Yuri Nikiforov, MD; Bryan Haugen, MD; Antonio Bianco...
Product Number: 201512100
$20.00 Online Access
W21 - Initiating and Interpreting Meter/Pump/Sensor Downloads in Your Practice
Chair: George Grunberger, MD; Speakers: Bruce Bode, MD; Irl Hirsch, MD; Timothy Bailey,...
Product Number: 201512101
$20.00 Online Access
W31 - DXA for the Practicing Endocrinologist: What Every Clinician Needs to Know
Chair: Susan Williams, MD; Speakers: Angelo Licata, MD; Pauline Camacho, MD; Steve Pet...
Product Number: 201512102
$20.00 Online Access
W12 - The AACE Module and Tool Kit for Obesity Medicine
Chair: W. Timothy Garvey, MD; Speakers: J. Michael Gonzalez-Campoy, MD; Felice A. Caldar...
Product Number: 201512103
$20.00 Online Access
W22 - Challenging Topics in Pituitary and Adrenal Disorders
Co-Chairs: Laurence Katznelson, MD and Richard Auchus, MD; Speakers: Laurence Katznelson, ...
Product Number: 201512104
$20.00 Online Access
W32 - 2015 Diabetes Update
Co-Chairs: Vivian Fonseca, MD and Etie Moghissi, MD; Speakers: Ralph DeFronzo, MD; John B...
Product Number: 201512105
$20.00 Online Access
W42 - Endocrinology in the Real World
Co-Chairs: Katherine Roberts, MD and Bill Law, Jr., MD; Speakers: Thomas B. Repas, MD; Dan...
Product Number: 201512106
$20.00 Online Access
W52 - AACE Maintenance of Certification and Mini-Board Review Course
Chair: Pauline Camacho, MD; Speakers: Pauline Camacho, MD; Hossein Gharib, MD; Elise Brett...
Product Number: 201512107
$20.00 Online Access
TGS1 - Bionic Pancreas
Moderator: Mack Harrell, MD; Speaker: Edward Damiano, MD
Product Number: 201512108
Online Video Coming Soon
TGS2 - Neonatal Diabetes: Identification, Initial Treatment and Transitioning the Parent
Moderator: Yehuda Handelsman, MD; Speaker: Siri A. W. Greeley, MD
Product Number: 201512109
$20.00 Online Access
TGS3 - Microarchitectural of Bone and its Clinical Relevance
Moderator: Pauline Camacho, MD; Speaker: John Bilezikian, MD
Product Number: 201512110
$20.00 Online Access
TGS4 - The Link Between Retinopathy and VEGF: the Journey from Discovery through Clinical ...
Moderator: Sandra Weber, MD; Speaker: Michael Tolentino, MD
Product Number: 201512111
$20.00 Online Access
FGS1 - Molecular Drivers for Fat Genesis and their Roles in Diabetes and Obesity
Moderator: Dan Einhorn, MD; Speaker: Ronald Evans, PhD
Product Number: 201512112
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
FGS2 - New Genetic Techniques for the Practicing Endocrinologist
Moderator: Robert Rapaport, MD; Speaker: Joel Hirschhorn, MD
Product Number: 201512113
$20.00 Online Access
SGS1 - The Three pathways of translational research: diabetes and a personal Experience
Moderator: Jeffrey I. Mechanick, MD; Speaker: Valentin Fuster, MD
Product Number: 201512114
$20.00 Online Access
SGS2 - Deletions and Mutations in the Growth Hormone - Receptor (Laron Syndrome): Genetic,...
Moderator: Jaime Davidson, MD; Speaker: Zvi Laron, MD
Product Number: 201512115
$20.00 Online Access
SGS3 - Metformin: The Role of It's Non-Glycemic Effects in Cardiovascular Risk Reduction
Moderator: Anne Leddy, MD; Speaker: John M. Miles, MD
Product Number: 201512116
$20.00 Online Access
SGS4 - Disordered Growth Hormone Secretion in HIV: Mechanisms and Novel Therapeutic Strate...
Moderator: Felice Caldarella, MD; Speaker: Steven K. Grinspoon, MD
Product Number: 201512117
$20.00 Online Access
SGS5 - AACE /AAES Joint Review of Cases on Hyperparathyroidism
Moderator: Nancy Perrier; Speaker: Mira Milas, MD; Shonni Silverberg, MD
Product Number: 201512118
$20.00 Online Access
SGS6 - AACE /AAES Joint Review of Cases on Thyroid Cancer Management
Moderator: Carmen Solorzano, MD; Speaker: Michael Tuttle, MD; Gregory Randolph, MD
Product Number: 201512119
$20.00 Online Access
SGS7 - AACE /AAES Joint Review of Cases on Adrenal Nodules
Moderator: Gerard Doherty; Speaker: Clive Grant, MD; Gary Hammer, MD
Product Number: 201512120
$20.00 Online Access
T11 - Hispanic/Latino Metabolism
Moderator: Donald Bergman, MD; Speaker: Larissa Aviles-Santa, MD
Product Number: 201512121
$20.00 Online Access
T21 - Testosterone Use: When and How; Testosterone Treatment in Young Males
Moderator: Elise Brett, MD; Speaker: Paul Turek, MD
Product Number: 201512122
$20.00 Online Access
T31 - Practicalities in the Use of Pharmacologic Agents
Moderator: Felice Caldarella, MD; Speaker: Caroline Apovian, MD
Product Number: 201512123
$20.00 Online Access
T41 - Thyroid Ultrasound Images
Moderator: Mark Lupo, MD; Speaker: Robert Levine, MD
Product Number: 201512124
$20.00 Online Access
T51 - Controversies in Osteoporosis Management
Moderator: Daniel Hurley, MD; Speaker: Felicia Cosman, MD
Product Number: 201512125
$20.00 Online Access
T61 - Subclinical Hypothyroidism: Treat or Not
Moderator: Tim Bailey, MD; Speaker Point: Paul Ladenson , MD; Speaker Counter: Jeffrey Gar...
Product Number: 201512126
$20.00 Online Access
T71 - Challenging Lipid Cases
Moderator: David Bell, MD; Speaker: Lisa Tannock, MD
Product Number: 201512127
$20.00 Online Access
T12 - Emerging Therapies and Technologies for the Treatment of Diabetes
Moderator: S. Sethu Reddy, MD; Speaker: Irl Hirsch, MD
Product Number: 201512128
$20.00 Online Access
T22 - Update on PCKS9 Inhibitors and New Therapies
Moderator: Kathleen Figaro, MD; Speaker: Evan Stein, MD
Product Number: 201512129
$20.00 Online Access
T32 - Transitional Care-How to Remove Roadblocks
Moderator: Raj Bhattarcharya, MD; Speaker: Jay Cohen, MD
Product Number: 201512130
$20.00 Online Access
T42 - Dietary Fat and Atherosclerosis
Moderator: Chris K. Guerin, MD; Speaker: Caldwell Esselstyn, MD
Product Number: 201512131
$20.00 Online Access
T52 - The Mind's Role in Obesity
Moderator: Michael Bush, MD; Speaker: Josh Thaler, MD
Product Number: 201512132
$20.00 Online Access
T62 - Update on Ectopic ACTH Rx, Especially with New Agents
Moderator: Mira Milas, MD; Speaker: Maria Fleserieu, MD
Product Number: 201512133
$20.00 Online Access
T72 - Update on Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma: Implications for Clinical Practice
Moderator: Rachel Pessah Pollack, MD; Speaker: Karel Pacak, MD
Product Number: 201512134
$20.00 Online Access
T13 - Diabetes Transition from Pediatrics to Adulthood
Moderator: Dace Trence, MD; Speaker: Jennifer Raymond, MD
Product Number: 201512135
$20.00 Online Access
T23 - Statin Intolerance-Statin Side effects?
Moderator: Richard Haas, MD; Speaker: Lisa Tannock, MD
Product Number: 201512136
$20.00 Online Access
T33 - Late Effects in the Emerging Population of Childhood Cancer Survivors
Moderator: Vin Tangpricha, MD; Speaker: Sripriya Raman, MD
Product Number: 201512137
$20.00 Online Access
T73 - Challenging Thyroid Cases
Moderator: Robert Zimmerman, MD; Speakers: Susan Mandel, MD; Paul Ladenson, MD
Product Number: 201512138
$20.00 Online Access
S11 - Year in Diabetes
Moderator: Etie Moghissi, MD; Speaker: Claresa Levetan, MD
Product Number: 201512139
$20.00 Online Access
S21 - FGF: New Guy on the Scene
Moderator: Sunil Wimalawansa, MD; Speaker: Bryan Kestenbaum, MD
Product Number: 201512140
$20.00 Online Access
S31 - Neurohumoral Syndromes
Moderator: Derek LeRoith; Speaker: Arthur I. Vinik
Product Number: 201512141
$20.00 Online Access
S41 - Hyperandrogenic Anovulaton
Moderator: W. Reid Litchfield, MD; Speaker: Margaret Wierman, MD
Product Number: 201512142
$20.00 Online Access
S51 - The Year in Pituitary Disease
Moderator: Ved Gossain, MD; Speaker: Mark Molitch, MD
Product Number: 201512143
$20.00 Online Access
S61 - To Use or Not: Molecular Markers
Moderator: Jonathan Leffert, MD; Speaker Point: Bryan McIver, MD; Speaker Counter: Daniel...
Product Number: 201512144
$20.00 Online Access
S71 - Thyroid Cases
Moderator: Farhad Zangeneh, MD; Speaker: Jeffrey Garber, MD
Product Number: 201512145
$20.00 Online Access
S12 - Sleep and Health
Moderator: Joseph Aloi, MD; Speaker: Eve Van Cauter, MD
Product Number: 201512146
$20.00 Online Access
S22 - ICD-10
Moderator: Katherine roberts, MD; Speaker: Todd W. Frieze, MD
Product Number: 201512147
$20.00 Online Access
S32 - Lipidystrophy
Moderator: Felice Caldarella, MD; Speaker: Savitha Subramanian, MD
Product Number: 201512148
$20.00 Online Access
S42 - Management of PCOS: Prepuberal, Adolescent, and Young Adults
Moderator: Sriprya Raman, MD; Speaker: Selma Witchel, MD
Product Number: 201512149
$20.00 Online Access
S52 - Treatment of Progressive Thyroid Cancer
Moderator: Gregory Randolph, MD; Speaker: Steve Sherman, MD
Product Number: 201512150
$20.00 Online Access
S62 - Neurohumoral Syndromes
Moderator: Derek LeRoith, MD; Speaker: Arthur I. Vinik, MD
Product Number: 201512151
$20.00 Online Access
S72 - Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Latino Youth: Translational Science to Clinical Releva...
Moderator: Craig Wierum, MD; Speaker: Gabriel Shaibi, PhD
Product Number: 201512152
$20.00 Online Access
S13 - Normocalcemic Hyperparathyroidism
Moderator: Gary Edelson, MD; Speaker: Shonni Silverberg, MD
Product Number: 201512153
$20.00 Online Access
S23 - Endocrine Jeopardy
Moderator: Ricardo Correa, MD; Speaker: Cheryl Rosenfeld, MD
Product Number: 201512154
$20.00 Online Access
S33 - Update on the Impact of Sleep Disturbances in Metabolic Disorders
Moderator: Joseph Aloi, MD; Speaker: Eve Van Cauter, MD
Product Number: 201512155
$20.00 Online Access
S43 - Subclinical Cushing's
Moderator: Donald Richardson, MD; Speaker: John Carmichael, MD
Product Number: 201512156
$20.00 Online Access
S53 - Neutroceuticals/Thyroid
Moderator: Shashank Joshi, MD; Speaker: Ken Burman, MD
Product Number: 201512157
$20.00 Online Access
S73 - Data on Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes Prevalence
Moderator: Gary Trager, MD; Speaker Point: Elizabeth Selvin, MD; Speaker Counter: Samuel D...
Product Number: 201512158
$20.00 Online Access
Oral Presentations on Planning Research in Diabetes (PRIDE)
Moderator: Boris Draznin, MD; Speakers: Irl B. Hirsch, MD; Robert R. Henry, MD; Andjela Dr...
Product Number: 201512159
$20.00 Online Access
F11 - Transition from Childhood to Adulthood
Chair: Robert Rappaport, MD; Speakers: William Tamborlane, MD; Phyllis, Speiser, MD; Charl...
Product Number: 201512160
$20.00 Online Access
F21 - Advances in Thyroid Cancer
Chair: Hossein Gharib, MD; Speakers: Jolanta Durski, MD; Gregory Randolph, MD; Douglas Van...
Product Number: 201512161
$20.00 Online Access
F31 - Updates on Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Disease
Chair: Pauline Camacho, MD; Speakers: John Bilezikian, MD; Robert R. Recker, MD; Nelson Wa...
Product Number: 201512162
$20.00 Online Access
F41 - Assessing the Benefits and Risks of Testosterone Therapy in Men and Women
Chair: Neil Goodman, MD; Paresh Dandona, MD; Speakers: Paresh Dandona, MD; Sandeep Dhindsa...
Product Number: 201512163
$20.00 Online Access
F51 - Novel Therapeutic Approaches to Type 2 Diabetes and Complications
Chair: Robert Henry, MD; Speakers: David D'Alessio, MD; b. James Gavin, MD; John Buse, MD
Product Number: 201512164
$20.00 Online Access
F61 - Lipid Guidelines: Can We Identify the Risk but Not the Numbers?
Chair: Kittie Wyne, MD; Speakers: Scott Grundy, MD; b. Peter Jones, MD; Eliot Brinton, MD
Product Number: 201512165
$20.00 Online Access
F71 - AACE/SMNE Pan American Symposia: Lifestyle, Metabolic Disorders, and Cancer
Chairs: Myriam Allende-Vigo, MD and Fernando Lavalle, MD; Speakers: Myriam Allende-Vigo, M...
Product Number: 201512166
$20.00 Online Access
FGS3 - Transcultural Endocrinology Symposium
Moderator: Jeffrey I. Mechanick, MD; Speakers: Shsahank Joshi, MD; Osama Hamdy, MD; Samuel...
Product Number: 201512167
$20.00 Online Access
FGS4 + FGS7 - Oral Presentations
Moderators: Edward S. Horton, MD; David C. Lieb, MD
Product Number: 201512168
$20.00 Online Access
FGS5 - Thyroid: The Year in Review
Moderator: Peter Singer, MD; Speaker: Susan Mandel ,MD
Product Number: 201512169
$20.00 Online Access
FGS6 - Late Breaking Clinical Trials
Moderators: Alan J. Garber, MD; Janet B. McGill, MD
Product Number: 201512170
$20.00 Online Access
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