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International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS)

30th Annual Meeting
Miami, FL - November 5-8, 2014

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Individual Sessions

PMI 01 Orienting Emergency Responders in Psychological First Aid: Techniques and Resource...
Snider, Leslie, MD, MPH; Kim, Yoshiharu, MD, PhD; Izutsu, Takashi, PhD; Tsutsumi, Atsuro, ...
Product Number: 201424100
$20.00 Online Access
PMI 02 Four Leading Model Developers Address Complex Case Material and Real World Impleme...
Brown, Adam, PsyD; Mannarino, Anthony, PhD; Ford, Julian, PhD; Saxe, Glenn, MD; Blaustein,...
Product Number: 201424101
$20.00 Online Access
PMI 04 Military Culture: Core Competencies for Healthcare Professionals
Watson, Patricia, PhD; Ermold, Jenna, PhD; Nash, William, MD; Westphal, Richard, RN, PhD
Product Number: 201424103
$20.00 Online Access
PMI 05 Changing the Pathway to Delinquency: Mindfulness, Meaning-Making, and Relational S...
Habib, Mandy, PsyD; Lanktree, Cheryl, PhD; Kagan, Richard, PhD; Jaworski, Jennifer, PsyD; ...
Product Number: 201424104
$20.00 Online Access
PMI 06 Treating the Sleep Disturbances of Adults with PTSD: CBT for Insomnia and Imagery ...
Harb, Gerlinde, PhD; Gehrman, Philip, PhD
Product Number: 201424105
$20.00 Online Access
PMI 07 Dimensions of Dissociation in Trauma-Related Disorders
Frewen, Paul, PhD; Lanius, Ruth, MD, PhD
Product Number: 201424106
Online Content Coming Soon
PMI 08 Targeting Techniques to Address Complex Trauma Presentations within Cognitive Proc...
Monroe, J., PhD; Maieritsch, Kelly, PhD
Product Number: 201424107
$20.00 Online Access
PMI 09 Introduction to Genetic and Epigenetic Research in Traumatic Stress Studies
Nugent, Nicole, PhD; Uddin, Monica, PhD; Yehuda, Rachel, PhD; Amstadter, Ananda, PhD
Product Number: 201424108
$20.00 Online Access
PMI 10 Fostering Media Partnerships: Working with the Media Before, During, and After a C...
Houston, J. Brian, PhD; Reyes, Gilbert, PhD; Brymer, Melissa, PhD, PsyD; Gurwitch, Robin, ...
Product Number: 201424109
$20.00 Online Access
PMI 11 Focusing the Military Cultural Lens: Evidence-Based Practices Addressing Child Tra...
Leskin, Gregory, PhD; Cohen, Judith, MD; Gurwitch, Robin, PhD; DeVoe, Ellen, PhD, MSW
Product Number: 201424110
$20.00 Online Access
PMI 12 STAIR Narrative Therapy: Flexible Applications
Cloitre, Marylene, PhD; Jackson, Christie, PhD; Weiss, Brandon, PhD
Product Number: 201424111
Online Content Coming Soon
PMI 13 Cognitive Processing Therapy: Common Pitfalls and Case Consultation
Resick, Patricia, PhD; Dondanville, Katherine, PsyD
Product Number: 201424112
$20.00 Online Access
key 1 Keynote Panel: Changing Hearts and Minds: Can We Use Mass Media to Prevent or Heal ...
Pearlman, Laurie Anne, PhD; Smith, Llew, Filmmaker; deVries, Marten, MD
Product Number: 201424113
Online Content Coming Soon
key-2 Keynote Address: Windows of Vulnerability: Impact of Type and Timing of Childhood T...
Martin Teicher, MD, PhD
Product Number: 201424114
$20.00 Online Access
$20.00 Online Access
cc1-01 Master Clinician: The Effects of Complex Developmental Trauma across the Lifespan:...
Courtois, Christine, PhD
Product Number: 201424115
$20.00 Online Access
cc1-02 Project BRIGHT: Breaking the Intergenerational Cycle of Trauma and Substance Abuse
arber, Karen, MSW; Paris, Ruth, PhD; Gould, Karen, MSW
Product Number: 201424116
$20.00 Online Access
cc1-03 Genetic and Epigenetic Pathways of Early Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder an...
Duncan, Laramie, PhD; Elbert, Thomas, PhD; Klengel, Torsten, MD; Wilker, Sarah, Doctoral S...
Product Number: 201424117
$20.00 Online Access
cc1-04 Polyvictimization and Complex Trauma across Childhood: Characterizing Patterns of ...
Grasso, Damion, PhD; Stover, Carla, PhD; Donisch, Katelyn, MPH; Adams, Zachary, PhD
Product Number: 201424118
$20.00 Online Access
cc1-05 New Directions for Treating Traumatic Grief across the Lifespan
Salloum, Alison, PhD; Smith, Jocelyn, PhD; Rheingold, Alyssa, PhD; Williams, Joah, PhD
Product Number: 201424119
$20.00 Online Access
cc1-06 Childhood Trauma and Delinquency: Predictors, Correlates, and Consequences for You...
Ford, Julian, PhD; Bennett, Diana, MS, PhD Student; Branson, Christopher, PhD; Dierkhising...
Product Number: 201424120
$20.00 Online Access
cc1-07 The Effects of Childhood Trauma on Post-Deployment Functioning and Recovery
Carson, Cody, PhD; Dondanville, Katherine, PsyD; Wachen, Jennifer, PhD
Product Number: 201424121
$20.00 Online Access
cc1-08 Links from Childhood Trauma to Physiological Outcomes Across Development
Klabunde, Megan, PhD; Primeau, Michelle, MD; Staudenmeyer, Anna, PhD; Nikulina, Valentina,...
Product Number: 201424122
$20.00 Online Access
cc1-09 Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Support Evidence-Based Practices
Dunn, Jerry, PhD; Denny, Dorothy, LCSW; Hanson, Rochelle, PhD; Ake, George, PhD; Lang, Jas...
Product Number: 201424123
$20.00 Online Access
cc1-10 New Directions in Campus Sexual Assault Research
Kimble, Matt, PhD; Flack, William, PhD; Freyd, Jennifer, PhD
Product Number: 201424124
$20.00 Online Access
cc1-11 Working With Auditory Hallucinations in PTSD
Brewin, Chris, PhD
Product Number: 201424125
$20.00 Online Access
cc1-12 Addressing the Complex Needs of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children: Provider...
Kinnish, Kelly, PhD; Cohen, Judith, MD; Greenbaum, Virginia, MD
Product Number: 201424126
$20.00 Online Access
cc2-01 Invited Panel: Psychotherapies for Trauma-Related Disorders: What Do They Have in ...
Schnyder, Ulrich, MD; Cloitre, Marylène, PhD; Elbert, Thomas, PhD; Gersons, Berthold, MD, ...
Product Number: 201424127
$20.00 Online Access
cc2-02 The Intersection among Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Trauma in Latino Famil...
Chang-Angulo, Rocio, PsyD; Kasongo, Wendy, BA; Bayona, Paloma, BA
Product Number: 201424128
$20.00 Online Access
cc2-03 Complications in Diagnosing PTSD: The Issue of Comorbidity
Pietrzak, Robert, PhD, MPH; Contractor, Ateka, MA; Durham, Tory, PhD; Armour, Cherie, PhD
Product Number: 201424129
$20.00 Online Access
cc2-04 Developmental and Relational Perspectives on the Effects of Domestic Violence and ...
Scheeringa, Michael, MD, MPH; Huth-Bocks, Alissa, PhD; Schechter, Daniel, PD, MD; Teicher,...
Product Number: 201424130
$20.00 Online Access
cc2-05 PTSD, Depression and Functional Outcomes Among Military Personnel, Veterans and Th...
Kimbrel, Nathan, PhD; Holliday, Ryan, MS, PhD Student; Polusny, Melissa, PhD; Marx, Brian,...
Product Number: 201424131
$20.00 Online Access
cc2-06 The Impact of Sexual Identity, Lifetime Trauma Exposure, Intergenerational Trauma ...
Steele, Sarah, PhD Student; Walters, Karina, PhD; Zimmerman, Lindsey, PhD; Lehavot, Keren,...
Product Number: 201424132
$20.00 Online Access
cc2-07 Invisible Wounds of Intimate Partner Violence: Implications for Assessment and Tre...
Dutton, Mary Ann, PhD; McFadgion, Akosoa, PhD, MSW; Johnson, Dawn, PhD; Iverson, Katherine...
Product Number: 201424133
$20.00 Online Access
cc2-08 Traumatic Stress Responses in the Wake of Collective Trauma: Methodological, Conce...
Holman, E. Alison, PhD; Shigemura, Jun, MD, PhD; Shultz, James, PhD; Garfin, Dana, PhD
Product Number: 201424134
$20.00 Online Access
cc2-09 From Predictors to Passageways to Practice: Mapping the Ecology of Bereavement in ...
Howell, Kathryn, PhD; Wamser-Nanney, Rachel, PhD; Kaplow, Julie, PhD, ABPP; Cozza, Stephen...
Product Number: 201424135
$20.00 Online Access
cc2-10 Using Multi-Family Groups to Strengthen Resilience in Vulnerable Populations: An i...
Kiser, Laurel, PhD, MBA; Weine, Stevan, MD; Lemmens, Gilbert, MD, PhD; Mooren, Trudy, PhD
Product Number: 201424136
$20.00 Online Access
cc2-12 Physiological Aspects of Trauma
van den Berg, Lisa, PhD Candidate; Kuhlman, Kate, PhD; Matsuoka, Yutaka, MD, PhD; Flory, J...
Product Number: 201424138
$20.00 Online Access
cc3-01 Invited Symposium: Screening for Trauma in Mental Health Clinics ? Is It Ethical?
Saunders, Benjamin, PhD; Hultmann, Ole, Doctoral Student; Ormhaug, Silje, Doctoral Student...
Product Number: 201424139
$20.00 Online Access
cc3-02 Trauma and Public Health: Science, Practice, Policy, and the Role of ISTSS
Magruder, Kathryn, MPH, PhD; Elmore, Diane, PhD, MPH; McLaughlin, Katie, PhD
Product Number: 201424140
$20.00 Online Access
cc3-03 Prevalencia, Evaluación, y Tratamiento de Trauma y el Estrés Traumático
Fresno, Andres, PsyD; Watson, Aran, MA, PhD Student; Roitman, Pablo, MD; Fresno, Andres, P...
Product Number: 201424141
$20.00 Online Access
cc3-04 Advances in Neuroimaging of Traumatic Stress
Liddell, Belinda, PhD; Frewen, Paul, PhD; Bryant, Richard, PhD; Marmar, Charles, MD
Product Number: 201424142
$20.00 Online Access
cc3-05 Treatments, Trials and Tribulations: Implementing Primary Care-Based Traumatic Str...
Freed, Michael, PhD, EMT-B; Jaycox, Lisa, PhD; Curry, Justin, PhD; Engel, Charles, MD, MPH
Product Number: 201424143
$20.00 Online Access
cc3-06 Interventions for Bereaved after Terror
Dyregrov, Kari, PhD; Dyregrov, Atle, PhD; Kristensen, Pċl, PhD; Johnsen, Iren, PhD Candida...
Product Number: 201424144
$20.00 Online Access
cc3-07 Type of Trauma Exposure Matters: Broadening and Building on ACEs
ErnestineWoods-Jaeger, Briana, PhD; Hodgdon, Hilary, PhD; Sprang, Ginny, PhD; Brigg, Ernes...
Product Number: 201424145
$20.00 Online Access
cc3-08 Psychological Health of Survivors of Natural Disasters
Gudmundsdottir, Berglind, PhD; Thordardottir, Edda, PhD Candidate; Gudmundsdottir, Ragnhil...
Product Number: 201424146
$20.00 Online Access
cc3-09 In the Wake of Tragedy: Increasing Local Capacities to Meet Phase-Based Needs of a...
Epstein, Carrie, LCSW; Marans, Steven, PhD; Southwick, Steven, MD; Goslin, Megan, PhD
Product Number: 201424147
$20.00 Online Access
cc3-11 Long-Term Effects of Childhood Trauma (1)
Ajdukovic?, Marina, PhD; Hovens, Jacqueline, MD; Petretic, Patricia, PhD; Eriksson, Cynthi...
Product Number: 201424148
$20.00 Online Access
cc4-01 Master Methodologist: Latent Variable Modeling of Longitudinal Data with Applicati...
Llabre, Maria, PhD
Product Number: 201424149
$20.00 Online Access
cc4-02 Sleep Research Approaches the Treatment Room: Relationships between Sleep, Therape...
Kobayashi, Ihori, PhD; Nijdam, Mirjam, PhD; Pace-Schott, Edward, PhD; Rao, Madhu, MD
Product Number: 201424150
$20.00 Online Access
cc4-03 Developing a Statewide Trauma-Informed System of Care for Children
Cloud, Marilyn, LCSW; Lang, Jason, PhD; Connell, Christian, PhD
Product Number: 201424151
$20.00 Online Access
cc4-04 An Examination of Military Trauma Exposure on Parents and Children: Effectively He...
Creech, Suzannah, PhD; DeVoe, Ellen, PhD, MSW; Gewirtz, Abigail, PhD, LP; Howard, Jamie, P...
Product Number: 201424152
$20.00 Online Access
cc4-05 Development and Evaluation of the PCL-5, PC-PTSD-5 and CAPS-5
Marx, Brian, PhD; Blevins, Christy, MS, PhD Student; Prins, Annabel, PhD
Product Number: 201424153
$20.00 Online Access
cc4-06 Mass Violence Involving School-Age Children: The Integration of Best-Practice Guid...
Brymer, Melissa, PhD, PsyD; Walker, Douglas, PhD; Gurwitch, Robin, PhD; Dyb, Grete, MD, Ph...
Product Number: 201424154
$20.00 Online Access
cc4-07 The Bio-Psycho-Social Approach: What's most Important in Understanding Post-Trauma...
Nelson, Lara, MD; Delahanty, Douglas, PhD; Marsac, Meghan, PhD; Gold, Jeffrey, PhD
Product Number: 201424155
$20.00 Online Access
cc4-08 Child-Parent Psychotherapy with Intimate Partner Violence-Offending Fathers; Prepa...
Willheim, Erica, PhD
Product Number: 201424156
$20.00 Online Access
cc4-09 ?I?m not telling you nothing?; The Role of Assessment in Creating Openings for Eng...
Blaustein, Margaret, PhD; Kagan, Richard, PhD; Habib, Mandy, PsyD
Product Number: 201424157
$20.00 Online Access
cc4-10 Long-Term Effects of Childhood Trauma (2)
Poehacker, Stefanie, BS; Lowe, Sarah, PhD; Banducci, Anne N., MS; Richmond, Therese, RN, P...
Product Number: 201424158
$20.00 Online Access
cc4-11 Bereavement, Grief and Trauma Assessment
Hoffman, Deborah, PsyD; Chen, Jieling, MSocSc, MPhil; Smith, Andrew, MA, PhD Student; Clay...
Product Number: 201424159
$20.00 Online Access
key-3 Keynote Address:
Schauer, Maggie, PhD
Product Number: 201424160
$20.00 Online Access
cc5-01 Modelos Eficaces Para Tratar el Trauma Infantil: Una Introducción de la Terapia Co...
Rivas-Hermina, Lisette, M.S. Counseling, LMFT; Norona, Carmen, MSW
Product Number: 201424161
$20.00 Online Access
cc5-02 PTSD and related disorders: Further progress in ICD-11 development at WHO
AndreasKeeley, Jared, PhD; Brewin, Chris, PhD; Cloitre, Marylène, PhD; Bryant, Richard, Ph...
Product Number: 201424162
$20.00 Online Access
cc5-03 Sex-Specific Genetic and Epigenetic Markers of Trauma Exposure, PTSD, and Related ...
Amstadter, Ananda, PhD; Wolf, Erika, PhD; Norrholm, Seth, PhD; Smith, Alicia, PhD
Product Number: 201424163
$20.00 Online Access
cc5-04 Prevention of Trauma, Violence, and Associated Negative Outcomes
Taft, Casey, PhD; Creech, Suzannah, PhD; Stavitsky Gilbert, Karina, PhD; Johnson, Dawn, Ph...
Product Number: 201424164
$20.00 Online Access
cc5-05 Addressing Violence in Community-Based and Clinical Interventions for Children and...
Kolko, David, PhD, ABPP; Overbeek, Mathilde, PhD; Hultmann, Ole, Doctoral Student
Product Number: 201424165
$20.00 Online Access
cc5-06 Training U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Clinicians in Prolonged Exposure Ther...
Crowley, Jill, PhD; Kuhn, Eric, PhD; Eftekhari, Afsoon, PhD; Rosen, Craig, PhD
Product Number: 201424166
$20.00 Online Access
cc5-07 Predictors of the Longitudinal Course of Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms
Sadeh, Naomi, PhD; Vogt, Dawne, PhD; Orcutt, Holly, PhD; Fletcher, Susan, PGDip Psych
Product Number: 201424167
$20.00 Online Access
cc5-08 Conservation of Resources Theory: How Community Loss Shapes Risk and Resource Cara...
Hobfoll, Stevan, PhD; Abramovitz, Miriam, DSW; Layne, Christopher, PhD
Product Number: 201424168
$20.00 Online Access
cc5-09 The Impact of Traumatic Stress on Diverse Family Relationships: Marital, Parent-Ch...
Gurtovenko, Kyrill, Doctoral Student; Fainsilber Katz, Lynn, PhD; Zamir, Osnat, PhD, MSW; ...
Product Number: 201424169
$20.00 Online Access
cc5-10 Effectiveness and Dissemination of Child Maltreatment Interventions: Universal, Se...
Murphy, Robert, PhD; O?Donnell, Karen, PhD; Goldman Fraser, Jennifer, PhD
Product Number: 201424170
$20.00 Online Access
cc5-11 Creating a Trauma-Informed Organization: Ready, Set, Go
Halladay Goldman, Jane, PhD, MSW; Conradi, Lisa, PsyD; Ko, Susan, PhD
Product Number: 201424171
$20.00 Online Access
cc5-12 Pediatric Medical Traumatic Stress and Primary Care
deRoon-Cassini, Terri, PhD; Dow, Belinda, PhD; Brown, Erin, BSc Hons Psychology; Alisic, E...
Product Number: 201424172
$20.00 Online Access
cc6-01 Master Clinician: Helping Families at Risk for Physical Abuse using Alternatives f...
Kolko, David, PhD, ABPP
Product Number: 201424173
$20.00 Online Access
cc6-02 Invited Panel: The Ethics of Disaster Research - Lessons from the Field
Newman, Elana, PhD; Brewin, Chris, PhD; Creamer, Mark, PhD; North, Carol, MD, MPH; Refsda...
Product Number: 201424174
$20.00 Online Access
cc6-03 Depression and Childhood Trauma: An Overview Integrating Current Research and Spec...
Salgado, Carolina, MD; Potthoff, Soledad, MD; Vitriol, Veronica, MD
Product Number: 201424175
$20.00 Online Access
cc6-04 From Genes to Geography: A Multi-level Approach to Understanding the Lifelong Impa...
Lowe, Sarah, PhD; Smearman, Erica, Doctoral Student; Fani, Negar, PhD; Cross, Dorthie, PhD
Product Number: 201424176
$20.00 Online Access
cc6-05 PTSD Prevention across the Translational Spectrum
Ressler, Kerry, MD, PhD; Rothbaum, Barbara, PhD, ABPP; Zatzick, Douglas, MD
Product Number: 201424177
$20.00 Online Access
cc6-06 Quick and Dirty or Cheap and Cheerful? Four Randomised Controlled Trials Looking a...
Meiser-Stedman, Richard, PhD; March, Sonja, PhD; Marsac, Meghan, PhD; Wamser-Nanney, Rache...
Product Number: 201424178
$20.00 Online Access
cc6-07 Risk and Resilience in Military Families Coping with Deployment
Kiser, Laurel, PhD, MBA; DeVoe, Ellen, PhD, MSW; Balderas, Jessica, BS; La Flair, Lareina,...
Product Number: 201424179
$20.00 Online Access
cc6-08 Improving Methods for Unpacking the Ecologies of Trauma and Loss: Implications for...
Kaplow, Julie, PhD, ABPP; Layne, Christopher, PhD
Product Number: 201424180
$20.00 Online Access
cc6-09 Addressing the Effects of Childhood Trauma with Diverse Refugee and Immigrant Chil...
Simon, Corrina, MA, PhD Student; Bixby, Colleen, MPH; Bray, Emily, MA, PhD Student
Product Number: 201424181
$20.00 Online Access
cc6-10 Health Risk Behaviors and Help Seeking among Victims and Perpetrators of Sexual Vi...
Hannan, Susan, MA; Zinzow, Heidi, PhD; Testa, Maria, PhD; Thompson, Martie, PhD
Product Number: 201424182
$20.00 Online Access
cc6-11 Towards an Integrated Theory of Dissociation
Kudler, Harold, MD; Lanius, Ruth, MD, PhD; D?Andrea, Wendy, PhD; Rasmusson, Ann, MD
Product Number: 201424183
$20.00 Online Access
cc6-12 Child Sexual Abuse: Consequences and Interventions
Pulido, Mary, PhD, MSW; Badour, Christal, MA, PhD Student; Cale, Elizabeth, MA, PhD Studen...
Product Number: 201424184
$20.00 Online Access
cc7-01 Buenas Prácticas en Casos de Maltrato Infantil: La Importancia de Incluir el Enfoq...
Intebi, Irene, MD
Product Number: 201424185
$20.00 Online Access
cc7-02 Translating Basic Science findings to Improve PTSD Therapy and Early Intervention
Felmingham, Kim, PhD; Yehuda, Rachel, PhD; Koch, Saskia, MSc; Kleim, Birgit, PhD
Product Number: 201424186
$20.00 Online Access
cc7-03 Interactions between Childhood Trauma and Genetic Variants in Predicting Adolescen...
Walsh, Kate, PhD; Meyers, Jacquelyn, PhD; Sumner, Jennifer, PhD; Almli, Lynn, PhD
Product Number: 201424187
$20.00 Online Access
cc7-04 A Comprehensive Data Driven Approach to Information Technologies Innovation Target...
Zatzick, Douglas, MD; Price, Matthew, PhD; Kuhn, Eric, PhD; Ruzek, Josef, PhD
Product Number: 201424188
$20.00 Online Access
cc7-05 Service Connection among OEF/OIF Veterans: An Examination of Diagnostic Accuracy a...
Szafranski, Derek, MA, PhD Student; Engel-Rebitzer, Eden, BA; Badour, Christal, MA, PhD St...
Product Number: 201424189
$20.00 Online Access
cc7-06 The Impact of Childhood Trauma Exposure on Violence and Aggression Across the Life...
Constans, Joseph, PhD; Mott, Juliette, PhD; Nanney, John, PhD
Product Number: 201424190
$20.00 Online Access
cc7-07 In Their Own Words: The Impact of Trauma at the Beginning and End of CPT
Blankenship, Abby, PhD; Dondanville, Katherine, PsyD; Resick, Patricia, PhD
Product Number: 201424191
$20.00 Online Access
cc7-08 New Frontiers on the Borderline Between Childhood Trauma and Delinquency: Implicat...
Branson, Christopher, PhD; Allwood, Maureen, PhD; Modrowski, Crosby, BA; Cruise, Keith, Ph...
Product Number: 201424192
$20.00 Online Access
cc7-09 Emotion Regulation and Mental Health in Traumatized Refugees
Schnyder, Ulrich, MD; Nickerson, Angela, PhD; Morina, Naser, MA; Steel, Zachary, PhD, Cpsy...
Product Number: 201424193
$20.00 Online Access
cc7-10 Mental Health, Treatment Needs, and Treatment Outcomes Among Incarcerated Women
Karlsson, Marie, MA, PhD Student; Lynch, Shannon, PhD; Wray, Alisha, PhD
Product Number: 201424194
$20.00 Online Access
cc7-11 Implementation of EBTs for Childhood Trauma: Evaluation and Research Challenges of...
Amaya-Jackson, Lisa, MD, MPH; Saunders, Benjamin, PhD; Dunn, Jerry, PhD
Product Number: 201424195
$20.00 Online Access
cc7-12 Nothing Happened: Relational Engagement as Facilitator of Unfolding Narrative in C...
Blaustein, Margaret, PhD; Kagan, Richard, PhD
Product Number: 201424196
$20.00 Online Access
cc8-01 DSM-5 and ICD-11: So Who Really Has PTSD?
Bisson, Jonathan, MD; Henn-Haase, Clare, PsyD; Forbes, David, PhD; O?Donnell, Meaghan, PhD
Product Number: 201424197
$20.00 Online Access
cc8-02 Identificando las Diferencias y Similitudes en la Implementación de Terapia Cognit...
Jimenez, Dante, MA Counseling; Rivas-Hermina, Lisette, MS Counseling LMFT)
Product Number: 201424198
$20.00 Online Access
cc8-03 Causation, Prediction, and Discovery: The Applications of Machine Learning to Capt...
Galatzer-Levy, Isaac, PhD; Saxe, Glenn, MD; Karstoft, Karen-Inge, Doctoral Student; Rose, ...
Product Number: 201424199
$20.00 Online Access
cc8-04 Innovative Methodological Approaches to Understanding Refugee and Immigrant Experi...
Isakson, Brian, PhD; Hess, Julia, PhD; Goodkind, Jessica, PhD; Rasmussen, Andrew, PhD; Wei...
Product Number: 201424200
$20.00 Online Access
cc8-05 Trauma and Suicide in Military Personnel and Veterans: Contribution of Pre-Militar...
Skopp, Nancy, PhD; Monteith, Lindsey, PhD; Bryan, Craig, PsyD; Maguen, Shira, PhD
Product Number: 201424201
$20.00 Online Access
cc8-06 Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience: Bridging Research and Theory for Clin...
Benight, Charles, PhD; Lanius, Ruth, MD, PhD; D?Andrea, Wendy, PhD; Frewen, Paul, PhD; Sha...
Product Number: 201424202
$20.00 Online Access
cc8-07 Trauma Treatment and Clinical Decision-Making Dilemmas: Using Adaptive Treatment S...
Berkowitz, Steven, MD
Product Number: 201424203
$20.00 Online Access
cc8-09 Using Film as a Tool for Understanding and Overcoming Grief and Traumatic Loss
Rafferty, Helen, BA; Keegan, William, BA
Product Number: 201424205
$20.00 Online Access
cc8-10 Global Studies on Community Violence
Wright, Margaret, PhD; Van Emmerik, Arnold, PhD; Currier, Joseph, PhD; Kennedy, Traci, PhD
Product Number: 201424206
$20.00 Online Access
cc8-11 Family Violence and its Effects
Allbaugh, Lucy, MS, PhD Student; Guyon-Harris, Katherine, MS, PhD Student; Phillips, David...
Product Number: 201424207
$20.00 Online Access
cc8-12 Trauma in the Context of Asylum-Seeking
Becher, Emily, PhD Candidate; Granski, Megan, BS; Skaardalsmo, Envor, Clinical Psychologis...
Product Number: 201424208
$20.00 Online Access
key-4 Keynote Panel: Pioneers in Child Trauma: Lessons Learned and Future Directions
Scheeringa, Michael, MD, MPH; Terr, Lenore, MD; Yule, William, PhD; Intebi, Irene, MD
Product Number: 201424209
$20.00 Online Access
cc9-03 Research Informing the Treatment of Trauma and Substance Use in Under-Researched, ...
Hruska, Bryce, MA; Pacella, Maria, PhD; oleman, Jennifer, MA, PhD Student; Smith, Brian, M...
Product Number: 201424210
$20.00 Online Access
cc9-04 The Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD) Field Trial: Scientific Integrity and Clin...
Ford, Julian, PhD; Spinazzola, Joseph, PhD; van der Kolk, Bessel, MD
Product Number: 201424211
$20.00 Online Access
cc9-05 Negative Trauma-Related Cognitions in Samples of Traumatized Children and Adolesce...
Meiser-Stedman, Richard, PhD; Goldbeck, Lutz, PhD; Hogan, Sue, PhD Candidate; Holt, Tonje,...
Product Number: 201424212
$20.00 Online Access
cc9-06 Prevalence and Correlates of Trauma Types Among Service Members and Veterans with ...
Shumaker, Erik, PhD; Ramage, Amy, PhD; Wortmann, Jennifer, PhD; Bovin, Michelle, PhD
Product Number: 201424213
$20.00 Online Access
cc9-07 Aging, Trauma, and the Life Course: Implications of Childhood Trauma Exposure Acro...
Kaiser, Marie, Dipl Psych; Kuwert, Philipp, MD; Lee, Lewina, PhD; Mason, Susan, PhD
Product Number: 201424214
$20.00 Online Access
cc9-08 Beyond PTSD Symptoms: The importance of Trust, Attachment, and Emotional Regulatio...
Menefee, Deleene, PhD; Bannister, Jenny, BS; Williams, Wright, PhD, ABPP
Product Number: 201424215
$20.00 Online Access
cc9-09 Federal Agencies Supporting PTSD Research: Priorities and National Research Action...
(Gleason, Terri, PhD; Tuma, Farris, ScD; Borja, Susan, PhD; McGurk, Dennis, PhD
Product Number: 201424216
$20.00 Online Access
cc9-10 Effect of Pharmacotherapy on Sleep Disorders in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PT...
de Jong, Joop, MD; Vermetten, Eric, MD, PhD
Product Number: 201424217
$20.00 Online Access
cc9-11 Building Resilience in Healthcare Providers: A Case Presentation
Yeager, Kenneth, PhD
Product Number: 201424218
$20.00 Online Access
cc9-12 Brain and Genes in Traumatized Individuals
Woodward, Steven, PhD; deRoon-Cassini, Terri, PhD; Bustamante, Angela, BS; Sheerin, Christ...
Product Number: 201424219
$20.00 Online Access
cc10-01 Master Methodologist: Introduction to Dyadic Data Analysis
Laurenceau, Jean-Philippe, PhD
Product Number: 201424220
$20.00 Online Access
cc10-02 Contextual Therapy and Familismo
Juanes Vaquero, Veronica Francia, MS; Painter, Kelly, MEd
Product Number: 201424221
$20.00 Online Access
cc10-03 The Transdiagnostic Impact of Childhood Trauma on Cognitive and Emotional Brain F...
Elzinga, Bernet, PhD; Krause-Utz, Annegret, PhD, MSc; Green, Melissa, PhD; Tollenaar, Mari...
Product Number: 201424222
$20.00 Online Access
cc10-05 Relationships between Cumulative and Complex Trauma Exposure and Symptoms in Chil...
Grasso, Damion, PhD; Briggs, Ernestine, PhD; Vivrette, Rebecca, PhD; Stolbach, Bradley, Ph...
Product Number: 201424223
$20.00 Online Access
cc10-06 Children and Their Parents' Combat Deployments: From Emotional and Behavioral Pro...
MacDermid Wadsworth, Shelley, PhD; Gewirtz, Abigail, PhD, LP; Ohye, Bonnie, PhD; Bui, Eric...
Product Number: 201424224
$20.00 Online Access
cc10-07 Charting a Path toward Resilience following Childhood Exposure to Trauma
Miller, Laura, PhD; Lilly, Michelle, PhD; Martinez-Torteya, Cecilia, PhD; Figge, Caleb, MS...
Product Number: 201424225
$20.00 Online Access
cc10-08 Dysfunctional Avoidance: Trauma, Attachment, and Mindfulness
Daigneault, Isabelle, PhD; Runtz, Marsha, PhD; Briere, John, PhD; Godbout, Natacha, PhD
Product Number: 201424226
$20.00 Online Access
cc10-09 Lead User Innovation: a Unique Approach to Model Development and Dissemination
Brown, Adam, PsyD; Saxe, Glenn, MD; McCauley, Kelly, LCSW; Baron, Lisa, PhD
Product Number: 201424227
$20.00 Online Access
cc10-10 Assessing the Complex Effects of Trauma Among Children and Adolescents: Strategie...
Kisiel, Cassandra, PhD; Fehrenbach, Tracy, PhD; Ghosh Ippen, Chandra, PhD
Product Number: 201424228
$20.00 Online Access
cc10-12 Psychological Treatments for Traumatized Adults
Bira, Lindsay, PhD; Ironson, Gail, MD, PhD; de Fouchier, Capucine, PhD; Peskin, Melissa, P...
Product Number: 201424229
$20.00 Online Access
cc11-01 Master Clinician: Integrating Culturally Informed and Evidence Based Treatment wi...
Lieberman, Alicia, PhD
Product Number: 201424230
$20.00 Online Access
cc11-02 Attacks from All Sides: Exploring Multiple Facets Affecting Response to the Bosto...
Carpenter, Aubrey, MA; Felix, Erika, PhD; Kredlow, Maria Alexandra, MA; Moore, Cynthia, Ph...
Product Number: 201424231
$20.00 Online Access
cc11-03 Neurodevelopmental Mechanisms Linking Child Maltreatment to Internalizing Psychop...
McLaughlin, Katie, PhD; Jovanovic, Tanja, PhD; Walsh, Kate, PhD; Powers Lott, Abigail, PhD
Product Number: 201424232
$20.00 Online Access
cc11-04 Pathways to Healthy Postpartum Functioning among Mothers with Childhood Maltreatm...
Simon, Valerie, PhD; Fava, Nicole, PhD, MSW; Bocknek, Erika, PhD; Katsonga-Phiri, Tiamo, B...
Product Number: 201424233
$20.00 Online Access
cc11-05 From Community Violence to Natural Disasters: How We Can Promote the Recovery of ...
Gurwitch, Robin, PhD; Jones, Russell, PhD; Drennen, Curt, PsyD RN; Fox, Judith, PhD
Product Number: 201424234
$20.00 Online Access
cc11-06 Secondary Traumatic Stress and Resilience for Trauma Therapists: a Developmental ...
Rogers, Karen, PhD; Orliss, Micah, PhD; Park, Elizabeth, PsyD
Product Number: 201424235
$20.00 Online Access
cc11-08 Strategies to Empower and Engage Families to Stop the Cycle of Violence: Challeng...
Runyon, Melissa, PhD
Product Number: 201424236
$20.00 Online Access
cc11-09 The Role of Childhood Trauma in Military Populations
Whelan, John J., PhD, Cpsych; Reddy, Madhavi, PhD; Bhakta, Jagruti, PhD; Miles, Shannon, P...
Product Number: 201424237
$20.00 Online Access
cc11-10 Global Studies on Traumatized Children
Friis, Elsa, Doctoral Student; Sonis, Jeffrey, MD, MPH; Charak, Ruby, MA, PhD Student; Neu...
Product Number: 201424238
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cc11-11 The Role of Schools, Communities and Web-Based Training after Trauma
Arnberg, Filip, PhD; Holt, Samantha, MA Student; Nursey, Jane, Senior Clinical Neuropsycho...
Product Number: 201424239
$20.00 Online Access
cc12-01 A Multidisciplinary Approach to Address Trauma Among Refugees and Internally Disp...
Espinel, Zelde, MD, MA, MPH; Espinola, Maria, PsyD; Aboul-Hosn, Sara, PsyD; Campbell, Jaso...
Product Number: 201424240
$20.00 Online Access
cc12-03 EEG Parameters and Neurofeedback Treatment of PTSD
McFarlane, Alexander, MD; Gapen, Mark, PhD; van der Kolk, Bessel, MD
Product Number: 201424242
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cc12-04 Treatment for Comorbid PTSD and Substance Use Disorders: Next Steps to Building t...
Hamblen, Jessica, PhD; Roberts, Neil, DPsych(Clin); Back, Sudie, PhD; Norman, Sonya, PhD
Product Number: 201424243
$20.00 Online Access
cc12-05 Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of Mental Health Outcomes in Children and Ad...
Frechette, Sabrina, PhD Candidate; Bell, Tessa, Doctoral Student; Lyons, Jennifer, PhD Can...
Product Number: 201424244
$20.00 Online Access
cc12-06 Theoretical Approaches to Long-term Impact of Childhood Trauma
Benight, Charles, PhD; Hobfoll, Stevan, PhD; Pyszczynski, Tom, PhD; Silver, Roxane, PhD; L...
Product Number: 201424245
$20.00 Online Access
cc12-07 Military Culture: Core Competencies for Healthcare Professionals
Watson, Patricia, PhD; Ermold, Jenna, PhD, Nash, William, MD; Westphal, Richard, RN, PhD
Product Number: 201424246
Online Content Coming Soon
cc12-08 Using Implementation Science to Advance Child Well-Being: Advances in Screening f...
Conradi, Lisa, PsyD; Tullberg, Erika, MPH; Berliner, Lucy, MSW
Product Number: 201424247
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cc12-09 Educational First Aid: School-Based Crisis Intervention Dealing with High-Intensi...
Schultz, Jon-Hċkon, PhD
Product Number: 201424248
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cc12-10 Short- and Long-Term Effects of Disasters on Children and Adults
Yuanyuan, An, PhD, PsyD; Adebäck, Petra, Doctoral Student; Naturale, April, PhD, MSSW; Ajd...
Product Number: 201424249
$20.00 Online Access
cc12-11 Parent Interventions and Global Studies on Child Trauma
Sonis, Jeffrey, MD, MPH; Contractor, Ateka, MA; Frils, Elsa, Doctoral Student; Lavi, Iris,...
Product Number: 201424250
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cc12-12 The Role of Parents in Child Trauma
Ortiz, Claudio, PhD; Samuelson, Kristin, PhD; Riggs, Jessica, MS, PhD Student; Dyb, Grete,...
Product Number: 201424251
$20.00 Online Access
cc13-02 Sexual Functioning and PTSD: Competing Biology and Phenomenology
Cohen, Beth, MD, MAS; Yehuda, Rachel, PhD; Lehrner, Amy, PhD
Product Number: 201424252
$20.00 Online Access
cc13-03 Measuring Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma
Leen-Feldner, Ellen, PhD; Danieli, Yael, PhD; Norris, Fran, PhD; Engdahl, Brian, PhD
Product Number: 201424253
$20.00 Online Access
cc13-04 Terrorism and Child Mental Health: The Impact of the Boston Marathon Bombings
McLaughlin, Katie, PhD; Sheridan, Margaret, PhD; Green, Jennifer, PhD; Comer, Jonathan, Ph...
Product Number: 201424254
$20.00 Online Access
cc13-05 Post-Traumatic Growth: An Ecological Developmental Approach to Pediatric Post-Tra...
Nelson, Lara, MD; Kilmer, Ryan, PhD; Gil-Rivas, Virginia, PhD; Gold, Jeffrey, PhD
Product Number: 201424255
$20.00 Online Access
cc13-07 A Life Span Approach to Expert Assessment of Adults Reporting Childhood Sexualize...
Barnes, Rosemary, PhD; Josefowitz, Nina, PhD
Product Number: 201424257
$20.00 Online Access
cc13-08 Staying Strong: How Schools Build Resilience in Military Families - A Documentary
Ohye, Bonnie, PhD
Product Number: 201424258
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cc13-09 DSM-5 and proposed ICD-11 PTSD criteria
Elklit, Ask, MSc; Hoge, Charles, MD; Hafstad, Gertrud, PhD; Lueger-Schuster, Brigitte, PhD
Product Number: 201424259
$20.00 Online Access
cc13-10 Treatment of Soldiers and Veterans
Biggs, Quinn, PhD, MPH; Haagen, Joris, PhD Candidate; Reger, Greg, PhD; Best, Sasha, PhD
Product Number: 201424260
$20.00 Online Access
cc13-11 The Role of Childhood Trauma for Substance Abuse, Self-Harm, Suicidal Behavior an...
Weiss, Nicole, PhD; Mossige, Svein, PhD, PsyD; Cavanaugh, Courtenay, PhD; Sumner, Jennifer...
Product Number: 201424261
$20.00 Online Access
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