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Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference
San Jose, California - March 1-2, 2013

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Individual Sessions

Keynote: Brain Injury, Adversity, and Never Giving Up!
The Lystedt Family and Richard H. Adler
Product Number: 201303100
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Plenary: A View from the Other Side of the Bed
Kate Adamson
Product Number: 201303101
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Medical Management of Post Concussion Syndrome in Athletes
Henry Huie
Product Number: 201303102
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Using the iPad as a Treatment Tool
Kim Gully
Product Number: 201303103
Online Content Coming Soon
Roadmap to Recovery
Drema Dial
Product Number: 201303104
Online Content Coming Soon
Assessing the Potential for Violence
Rolf Gainer
Product Number: 201303105
Online Video Coming Soon
Sponsored Lunch: Evaluation, Treatment, and Legal Representation of an Individual with a T...
Christopher Asvar, Michelle Conover, and Claude Munday
Product Number: 201303106
Online Video Coming Soon
Neuromedical Innovation for Chronic Brain Injury
Mark Ashley
Product Number: 201303107
Online Content Coming Soon
Brain Plasticity Principles for Break-through Outcomes with the Anat Baniel Method
Anat Baniel & Neil Sharp
Product Number: 201303108
Online Content Coming Soon
Clinical Phasing: The Steps to Greater Independence Through Supported Living
Teresa Dwight
Product Number: 201303109
Online Video Coming Soon
Show Us the Data: Using Evidence to Improve Hospital-School Transition for Children with ...
Deborah Ettel, Ann Glang, Bonnie Todis
Product Number: 201303110
Online Video Coming Soon
Building a Cost-effective Coaching Program to Manage Challenging Patient Behaviors
Shirley Wheatland, Michael Weber & Linde Spuhler
Product Number: 201303111
Online Video Coming Soon
Fatigue After TBI: Associated Factors and the Impact of Exercise
Jeffrey Englander, Jerry Wright, Stephanie Kolakowsky-Hayner, Kimberly Bellon & Paul Caruf...
Product Number: 201303112
Online Video Coming Soon
Progressing Patients with Complex Healthcare Needs Through the Continuum of Care
Kelli Cole & Hussam I. El-Gohary
Product Number: 201303113
Online Video Coming Soon
The Battle Within: Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and Violence Ri...
Cynthia Boyd
Product Number: 201303114
Online Video Coming Soon
CT and MRI: Current and Future Techniques
Murray Solomon
Product Number: 201303115
Online Video Coming Soon
FES Cycle: Not Just for Strengthening the Lower Extremeties
Christy Brimmer
Product Number: 201303116
Online Content Coming Soon
Strategies for Success: Navigating the Path To and Through College
B.J. Grosvenor
Product Number: 201303117
Online Video Coming Soon
Wives of Wounded Warriors - Living with the Emotional Trauma When War Comes Home
Marilyn Lash
Product Number: 201303118
Online Content Coming Soon
Plenary: Culturally Competent Brain Injury Rehabilitation Across the Continuum: Next Steps
M. Elizabeth Sandel & Stephanie Kolakowsky-Hayner
Product Number: 201303119
Online Content Coming Soon
Plenary: Managing Emotionally Difficult Conversations
John Banja
Product Number: 201303120
Online Video Coming Soon
The Relationship between Sleep Disorders and Growth Hormone Deficiency Following Brain Inj...
Lisa Kreber
Product Number: 201303121
Online Video Coming Soon
Hyperthalamic Under-connectivity Following TBI
Tamara Bushnik
Product Number: 201303122
Online Video Coming Soon
DTI Tractography of Neural Trauma in US Veterans: Execution, Analysis, and Implications fo...
Keith Main
Product Number: 201303123
Online Video Coming Soon
Examining Differences in Recovery Trajectories Following TBI
Jessica Ashley
Product Number: 201303124
Online Content Coming Soon
Responding to Families: Providing Hope for Caregivers of Adults with Long-term Care Brain ...
Darla Bailey
Product Number: 201303125
Online Content Coming Soon
Neuroplasticity: Evidence Based Clinical Applications
Christina Lighthill & Rachel Atkins
Product Number: 201303126
Online Video Coming Soon
Investigating Traumatic Brain Injury: Correlating External Pressure Distributions to Inter...
Ben Schwartz
Product Number: 201303127
Online Video Coming Soon
Treating Acquired Alexia after Penetrating Brain Injury: Use of Multiple Oral Reading Meth...
Rocio Norman
Product Number: 201303128
Online Video Coming Soon
The Value of CARF Accreditation for Brain Injury Specialty Programs
Christine MacDonell & Cathy Rebella
Product Number: 201303129
Online Video Coming Soon
Rehab Continuum through Social Media
Bernadette Coleman
Product Number: 201303130
Online Content Coming Soon
Rapid-Cycling Mood Disorder: Psychological Dynamics and Therapeutic Management
Larry Schutz
Product Number: 201303131
Online Video Coming Soon
Accuracy of Self-reported PTA Duration in Persons with TBI
Mark Sherer
Product Number: 201303132
Online Video Coming Soon
Culturally Competent Rehabilitation: Diminishing Inequities in Service Delivery and Outcom...
Katrina Esherick Belen
Product Number: 201303133
Online Video Coming Soon
Systematic Instruction of Assistive Technology for Cognition Following Brain Injury: A Man...
Laurie Ehlhardt Powell
Product Number: 201303134
Online Video Coming Soon
Myths and Reality of Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery: Insights from the Trenches
Wendy Tucker & Marco Ferreira
Product Number: 201303135
Online Content Coming Soon
Sponsored Lunch: Brain Injury Legislative Update Across the Nation
Zoe Lofgren, Jim Beall, Mark Ashley, & Alyson Abromowitz
Product Number: 201303136
Online Content Coming Soon
MTBI, Chronic Pain, and Depression in Post-Concussion Syndrome
Barbara Schrock
Product Number: 201303137
Online Video Coming Soon
The Role of the Hippocampus and Related Structures in Memory Disorders
Benton Giap
Product Number: 201303138
Online Content Coming Soon
Ethical Issues in Post-Acute TBI
Tina Bunyaratapan
Product Number: 201303139
Online Video Coming Soon
Reducing Inter-personal Conflict In Futility of Care Cases
John Banja
Product Number: 201303140
Online Video Coming Soon
Life Reintegration after TBI: Integrating Behavior Principles
Chris Persel
Product Number: 201303141
Online Video Coming Soon
Gene-modified Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Traumatic Brain Injury
Casey Case
Product Number: 201303142
Online Video Coming Soon
Counseling and Brain Injury: A Post Rehab Support View
Ronald Broughton
Product Number: 201303143
Online Content Coming Soon
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Jennifer Featherston & Melody Dodson
Product Number: 201303144
Online Video Coming Soon
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