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Arizona Dental Association

WRDC 2012
Phoenix, AZ - March 29-31, 2012

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

MultiMedia DVD-ROM for PC or Mac. Audio Plus Handouts. All Listed Sessions.
Every listed session in MP3 format plus all available presentation materials such as hando...
Product Number: 201204996
$159.00 DVD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

Behavior Management for Pediatric Dental Patients (and Parents!)
Dr. Jeffrey Camm
Product Number: 201204100
$20.00  Audio CD
Explaining Bleeding, Bugs and Bad Breath to Patients
Trisha O'Hehie
Product Number: 201204101
$20.00  Audio CD
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Cone Beam Technology: Understanding the Power for Your Practi...
Dr. Dale Miles
Product Number: 201204102
$20.00  Audio CD
Technological Resources Applied to Biological Endodontics
Dr. Renato Leonardo
Product Number: 201204103
$20.00  Audio CD
Dental Practice Transition Strategies for the Discerning Dentist
Fred Heppner
Product Number: 201204104
$20.00  Audio CD
Leveraging Marketing, Business, the Internet, and Social Media to Engage Patients and Grow...
Dr. Rich Hirschinger
Product Number: 201204105
$20.00  Audio CD
Interceptive Orthodontics for Children: Recognition & Treatment by the General Dentist
Dr Rob Veis
Product Number: 201204106
$20.00  Audio CD
Desperate Dental Divas - Diabolical or Divine? (Women working with Women)
Mary Ellen Psaltis
Product Number: 201204107
$20.00  Audio CD
Blood, Spit, & Fears: A Painless OSHA Update
Laney Kay
Product Number: 201204108
$20.00  Audio CD
Oral Pathology
Dr Anthony Pogrel
Product Number: 201204109
$20.00  Audio CD
Introduction to Dental Laser Technologies
Dr Robert Levine
Product Number: 201204110
$20.00  Audio CD
Protecting your Dental Practice from Theft & Embezzlement
Anthony Kong; Chris Torregrossa
Product Number: 201204111
$20.00  Audio CD
Transitional vs. Traditional: Innovation in Composite Bonding
Dr Corky Willhite
Product Number: 201204112
$20.00  Audio CD
Everything Matters Now - It's Not About Doing More, It's About Being Better
Sarah Cottingham
Product Number: 201204113
$30.00  Audio CD
Anomalies of the Pediatric Oral Cancer
Dr Jeffrey Camm
Product Number: 201204114
$20.00  Audio CD
The High Tech Paperless Office
Dr Larry Emmott
Product Number: 201204115
$20.00  Audio CD
Dental Billing & Coding Strategies that Work!
Laci Phillips
Product Number: 201204116
$20.00  Audio CD
Technology is Marketing
Fred Joyal
Product Number: 201204117
$20.00  Audio CD
The Art and Science of Buffering Anesthetic: Defining the Future
Dr Mic Falkel
Product Number: 201204118
$20.00  Audio CD
Complete Dentures - Lost Art and Lost Interest
Dr Jack Turbyfill
Product Number: 201204119
$30.00  Audio CD
Disability Insurance: Will it be there When You Need it? Choosing Policies, Pursuing Benef...
Ed Comitz
Product Number: 201204120
$20.00  Audio CD
Locally Aggressive Lesions
Dr Anthony Pogrel
Product Number: 201204121
$20.00  Audio CD
The Impact of Mouth Breathing on Oral Health
Trisha O'Hehir
Product Number: 201204122
$20.00  Audio CD
Innovations in Soft Tissue: Practical Techniques for Predictable Health & Esthetics
Dr David Wong
Product Number: 201204123
$20.00  Audio CD
The Information Super Highway
Dr Larry Emmott
Product Number: 201204124
$20.00  Audio CD
The Four Minute Exam that can Save a Life and Take Your Practice to the Next Level
Eileen McQuade
Product Number: 201204125
$20.00  Audio CD
Everything is Marketing
Fred Joyal
Product Number: 201204126
$20.00  Audio CD
Local Anesthesia - Technique, Anatomy and Physiology in the Digital Era
Dr Mic Falkel
Product Number: 201204127
$20.00  Audio CD
Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed Dentist Operating as a Sole Proprietor, Limited Liabi...
Ron Reed
Product Number: 201204128
$20.00  Audio CD
Modern Endodontics - From Theory to Practice
Dr. Martin Trope
Product Number: 201204129
$30.00  Audio CD
Nuts & Bolts Treatment Planning - The Triad of Success
Dr Michael Melkers
Product Number: 201204130
$30.00  Audio CD
Complete Dentures that Oppose Natural Teeth - The Most Misunderstood Treatment in Dentistr...
Dr Jack Turbyfill
Product Number: 201204131
$30.00  Audio CD
Hot Topics in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry
Dr. David Hornbrook
Product Number: 201204132
$30.00  Audio CD
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