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International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS)
27th Annual Meeting
Baltimore, MD - November 2-5, 2011

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PMI #2: Cultivating the Strength of Collective Survival: Social Support and Survivor-to-Su...
Gray, Fawcett
Product Number: 201130101
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
PMI #3 Strengthening Family Coping Resources: Multi-Family Group for Families Coping with...
Kiser, Beck
Product Number: 201130102
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
PMI #5 Complex PTSD: Complex Diagnosis, Complex Treatment
Courtois, Ades, Marotta, Hensler, Doyle, Sanness, Bauman
Product Number: 201130104
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
PMI #6 An Introduction to Cognitive Processing Therapy
Resick, Collie, Copland, Morris
Product Number: 201130105
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
PMI #7 Using the Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma to Create '��Gold Standard'�...
Layne, Strand, Abramovitz, Stuber, Ghosh Ippen, Ross, Collins, Henry, Amaya-Jackson
Product Number: 201130106
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
PMI #8 Building Attachment Across States: Healing Dissociative Symptoms in Children and A...
Product Number: 201130107
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
PMI #9 Psychological First Aid for Schools
Brymer, Watson, Walker, Reyes, Taylor
Product Number: 201130108
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
PMI #10 Innovative Approaches to the Treatment of Developmental Trauma Disorder in Child...
Zelechoski, Warner, Emerson, van der Kolk
Product Number: 201130109
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
PMI #11 Rapid Evidence-Based Guidance for Post-Impact Disaster Mental Health Response: Tr...
Shultz, Kelly, Espinel, Neria
Product Number: 201130110
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
PMI #12 Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: Evidence-Based Treatment for Improving Family B...
Gurwitch, Pearl
Product Number: 201130111
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Keynote We Couldn't Have Done It Without Them: Four Pioneers Discuss the Social Bonds tha...
Bloom, Courtois, Figley, Friedman
Product Number: 201130112
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake: Responses of Japanese Mental Health Professionals and ...
Shigemura, Kim, Kato, Maeda, Kamo, Konishi, Osawa
Product Number: 201130113
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
From Research to Clinical Innovations and Applications: Implications from Betrayal Trauma ...
Freyd, Becker-Blease, Gamache, Martin, DeMarni, DePrince, Freyd, Mitchell, DePrince, Gove...
Product Number: 201130114
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Conceptualization of Interpersonal Violence Related Trauma in a Forensic Context
Hughes, Rocchio, Dutton
Product Number: 201130115
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Military Sexual Trauma: Complex Outcomes and Prevention of Multiple Layers of Betrayal
Allard, uterek, Bittinger, Simpson, Smith, Shipherd, Schuster, Vogt, King, King, Strauss, ...
Product Number: 201130116
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
ISTSS at the United Nations in 2010-2011
Danieli, Carll, de Jong, Turner
Product Number: 201130117
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in First Responders
Weiss, Haugen, Evces, Difede, Best, Nijdam, Gersons
Product Number: 201130118
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
History, Healing, and Storytelling: Media Representations of Intergenerational Trauma
Spratt, Sullivan, McMahon, Rees
Product Number: 201130119
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Doing the Benzodiazepine Dance: Challenges for PTSD Prescribers
Friedman, Bernardy, Jeffreys, Gibson
Product Number: 201130120
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Paper Session Trauma and Violence
Greene, Khan, Weitlauf, Cavanaugh, Martins, Petras, Campbell, Mills, Marino-Carper, Steenk...
Product Number: 201130121
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Paper Session Refugees and Survivors of Torture
Silove, Sonis, Gibson, de Jong, Hean, Eng, Evans, Vinson
Product Number: 201130122
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Keynote The Interrupters: A Conversation on the Cycle of Urban Violence and the Potential...
Kotlowitz, Bocanegra
Product Number: 201130123
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Symposium Update on Neuroimaging and PTSD: Evolving Methods and New Directions
Engdahl, Bremner, Dent, Fani, Neumeister, Normandin, Bailey, Saxena, Carson, Huang, Yehuda...
Product Number: 201130124
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Workshop Using Trauma-Informed Practices to Improve Child Welfare Placement Stability: A B...
Conradi, Markiewicz, Ko
Product Number: 201130125
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Treating Veterans
Neylan, Matthieu, Smith, Pereria, Yonkman, Greitens, Elbogen, Wagner, Johnson, Beckham, Po...
Product Number: 201130126
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Basu, Levendosky, Lonstein, Stansbury, Goldbeck, Maaßen, Kirsch, Kirschbaum, Shenk, Putna...
Product Number: 201130127
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Effects of Conflicts on Noncombatants
Figley, Cabrera, Pitts Chapman, Herlihy, Rogers, Fox, Lueger-Schuster, Glueck, Steel, Hunt...
Product Number: 201130128
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Preventing Psychological and Moral Injury in Military Service: Summing Up
Product Number: 201130129
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Effect of Social Bonds on Immediate and Long-Term Response to Collective Trauma Among ...
Tuval-Mashiach, Dekel, Tuval-Mashiach, Galily, Sagy, Nuttman-Shwartz, Regev
Product Number: 201130130
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Treatment Outcomes in Victims and Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence
Johnson, Zlotnick, Perez, Dutton, Taft, Monson, MacDonald, Murphy, Maguire, Resick, Murphy...
Product Number: 201130131
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
New Frontiers in PTSD Research: Basic and Applied
Vermetten, Lanius, Yehuda, McFarlane
Product Number: 201130132
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Racism, Psychological Distress, and Treatment Seeking in Racially and Ethnically Diverse T...
Ghafoori, Waelde, Pan, Delorefice, Gruen, Harrison, Ghafoori, Barragan, Palinkas, Kaltman,...
Product Number: 201130133
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Real Life Heroes; A Developmental, Attachment-Centered Intervention for Children with Comp...
Product Number: 201130134
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Developmental Trauma Disorder Field Trial Study and the DSM-5: Overview, Clinician Su...
Ford, van der Kolk, Spinazzola, Stolbach
Product Number: 201130135
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
A Longitudinal Study of Stress and Mental Health in Humanitarian Aid Workers; Risk and Res...
Lopes Cardozo, Eriksson, Olff, Snider, Simon
Product Number: 201130136
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Managing Collateral Damage: Expert Perspectives on the Reality of Trauma Work and Maintain...
Averill, Hembree, Keane, Resick, Turner
Product Number: 201130137
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Functional Impairment
Allwood, Rosenkranz, Henderson, Muller, Elkins, Adewuya, Allwood, Baetz, DeMarco, Bell
Product Number: 201130138
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Cognition, Attention & Memory
Ehring, Kimble, Batterink, Marks, Ross, Fleming, Fani, McClure Tone, Bradley, Ressler, Jov...
Product Number: 201130139
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Mental Health Implications of the Gulf Oil Spill
Osofsky, Osofsky, Speier, Goldstein, Lurie
Product Number: 201130140
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Social Bonds Noir: The Role of Trauma in the Origins and Outcomes of Interpersonal Aggress...
Warren, Maguen, Luxton, Skopp, Gahm, Reger, Metzler, Marmar, Komarovskaya, Maguen, McCasli...
Product Number: 201130142
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Enhancing Innovation & Impact in Trauma-Focused Intervention Development & Implementation
Wagner, Ruzek, Jaycox, Zatzick, Koepsell, Ruzek, Jaycox, Stein, Kataoka, Wong, Langley
Product Number: 201130143
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Genes, Gender And Communities: Building a Multi-Level, Bio-Psycho-Social Model of Trauma-R...
Bradley, Ressler, Gillespie, Mercer, Jovanovic, Conneely, Almli, Smith, Smith, Bradley, Me...
Product Number: 201130144
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Understanding Complex Patterns of Trauma Exposure and Clinical Needs Among Children and Ad...
Kisiel, Steinberg, Pynoos, Kisiel, Spinazzola, Liang, Belin, Stolbach, Spinazzola, Hodgdo...
Product Number: 201130145
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
When a Service Member is Wounded, a Family is Wounded: New DoD/VA Policy and Practice in E...
Kudler, Dekle, McCutcheon, Glynn, Sherman, Straits-Troster
Product Number: 201130146
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Role of Social Bonding in the Development and Healing of Combat Post-Traumatic Stres...
Product Number: 201130147
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Future Directions for Targeting Traumatic Memories in PTSD Treatment: I Clin Res, Diverse ...
Rothbaum, Zoellner, Aikins, Bomyea, Lang, Litz
Product Number: 201130148
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Social Support and Healing
Tol, Richards, Marmar, Barbui, Galappatti, Silove, Van Ommeren, Regnault, Daigneault, Cohe...
Product Number: 201130149
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Parents and Teachers
Howard, Morris, Delahanty, Howard, Suvak, Taft, Idsoe, Alisic, Bus, Dulack, Pennings, Spli...
Product Number: 201130150
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Trauma, Self, and Identity
Brewin, Boals, Jobson, Moradi, Dalgleish, Conway, Shalev, Ankri
Product Number: 201130151
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The REACH Program: Family Psychoeducation for Veterans Living with PTSD and Their Familie...
Sherman, Doerman, Fischer
Product Number: 201130152
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Disasters, Media and Public Resiliency in the Asia Pacific Region: Perspectives from Curre...
McMahon, Inoue, Iskandar, McLeod, Shapiro
Product Number: 201130153
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Moving from Competition to Collaboration: Research-Based Approaches in Developing More Eff...
Kudler, Gilboa-Schechtman, Haugen, Evces, Adler Nevo, Weiss
Product Number: 201130154
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Broken Bonds: The Impact of Intergenerational Trauma on Safe Parenting
Chemtob, Urquiza, Tullberg
Product Number: 201130155
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Theoretical Approaches for Trauma Adaptation: Clinical Research Applications
Benight, Hobfoll, Kaniasty, Pysczcynski
Product Number: 201130156
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Psychological First Aid: Lessons from Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Snider, Bisson, Schafer, Baron, van Ommeren
Product Number: 201130157
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
A Twenty Year Follow-Up of the Hostage Victims of Altaview Hospital
Panos, Ochberg, Dulle
Product Number: 201130158
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Trauma Narratives: Functions, Memory Processes, and Reconstruction in Therapy and Video T...
Peri, Dor, Tuval-Mashiach
Product Number: 201130159
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Intergenerational/Historical Trauma
Yellow Horse Brave Heart, Miller, Abdi, Ellis, Yellow Horse Brave Heart, Elkins, Tafoya, B...
Product Number: 201130160
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks: Ten Years After
Cloitre, Neria, Holman, Silver, Chemtob
Product Number: 201130161
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Adherence in Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy for PTSD
Feeny, Rothbaum, Price, Burton, Wagner, Jakupcak, Davis, Zoellner, Feeny
Product Number: 201130162
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Attachment and Oxytocin: Protective for Recovery from Trauma?
Karl, Frijling, Yee, Witteveen, Olff, Yee, Frijling, Porges, Carter, Arikan, Carnelley, St...
Product Number: 201130163
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Enhancing Medical, Forensic, Psychiatric, and Social Support for Victims of Drug-Facilitat...
Shumway, Richer, Fields, Heppner, Bell, Boccellari, Shumway, Stein, Smith
Product Number: 201130164
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Evidence for a New, Distinct Construct Within PTSD's Symptom Criteria: Support for Dysphor...
Elhai, Armour, Biehn, Wang
Product Number: 201130165
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Psychosocial Interventions for Violence-Affected ...
Jordans, Kohrt, Murray, Wietse
Product Number: 201130166
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
What I Wish I Knew Before: Seasoned Advice on Networking, Developing Mentoring Relationsh...
La Bash, Keane, Monson, Batten
Product Number: 201130167
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Engaging with Military Families in a Community Setting: Lessons Learned
Newman, LeBron, Labruna, Vogel
Product Number: 201130168
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Secondary Trauma
Basedau, Comeau, Genovese, Tosone, Basedau, Lloyd
Product Number: 201130169
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Creative Interventions
Keats, Ben-Tovim, Keats, Fu, Delaney, Litz, Au, Prigerson, Block
Product Number: 201130170
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Throwing Off the Burden of Shame: Social Bonds and Recovery from the Traumas of Gender-B...
Product Number: 201130171
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Traumatic Brain Injury Among Veterans: Identification, Symptoms, and Treatment Response
Iverson, Pogoda, Iverson, Baker, Krengel, Meterko, Stolzmann, Lew, Hendricks, Iverson, Ki...
Product Number: 201130172
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
NIH Funding Opportunities and Priorities
Borja, Boyce, Kahana, Maholmes
Product Number: 201130173
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Creating a New Matrix for First Responder Early Intervention
Gist, Taylor, Watson, Saunders, Slawinski
Product Number: 201130174
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Prolonged Exposure for PTSD Resulting from Multiple and Severe Traumatic Experiences Over ...
Brinen, Sposato, Hembree
Product Number: 201130175
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Beyond Simple Risk and Resilience: Methodological and Theoretical Advances in the Study of...
Galatzer-Levy, Henn-Haase, Galatzer-Levy, Madan, Neylan, Marmar, Madan, Galatzer-Levy, Pol...
Product Number: 201130177
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Intergenerational Legacies of Trauma: Recent Multidimensional Findings Across Species and...
Danieli, Suomi, Yehuda, Bierer, Flory, Duarte, Teichman, Teichman, Wu, Hoven
Product Number: 201130178
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Cognitive Processing Therapy Out of the Box
Elwood, Mott, Galovski, Galovski, Blain, Forbes, Lloyd, Nixon, Bryant, Varker, Creamer, Wa...
Product Number: 201130179
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Dissemination of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies for use with Military Personnel
Riggs, Domenici, Brim, Schulz, Copland, Brim
Product Number: 201130180
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Beyond Baron and Kenny and MacArthur: A Modern Mediation Analysis Workshop
Hayes, Lunney
Product Number: 201130181
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Are You Brave Enough? Managing Institutional Secondary Traumatic Stress
Naturale, Pulido
Product Number: 201130182
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Trauma-Informed Approaches to Public Health Problems: Lessons from City of Brotherly Love
Purtle, Bloom, Corbin, Rabinowich
Product Number: 201130183
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Individual Placement and Supported Employment for Veterans with PTSD
Davis, Drebing, Leon, Toscano, Drake
Product Number: 201130184
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Trauma and Relationships
Meehan, Markowitz, Palicova, Neria, Szymanski, Springer, Petretic, Chaisson, Karlsson
Product Number: 201130185
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
ISTSS Early Career Panel
Brown, Etkin, Maguen, Neylan, Nickerson
Product Number: 201130186
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Prisoner of Her Past Part I: Introduction and Film Screening
Reich, Quinn, Kudler, Albeck, Danieli, Osofsky
Product Number: 201130187
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Nature, Mechanisms, and Treatment of Grief
Bryant, Maccallum, Bonanno, Marino-Carper, Litz, Nash, Baker, Goldsmith,
Product Number: 201130188
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Relational Trauma and the Impact on Children: Assessing Beyond Behavior
Richardson, Briggs-King, Carmody, Haskett, Loehman
Product Number: 201130189
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Treating Military Related PTSD and Comorbidity in Veterans Across the Lifespan
Richardson, Smith
Product Number: 201130190
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Individual, Family and Social Challenges to the Implementation of Early Interventions to P...
O'Donnell, Zatzick, Kassam-Adams, Brewin, Bisson
Product Number: 201130191
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Use of Peer Consultation and Support for Trauma Clinicians Working with Military Servi...
Collie, Roberts, Aosved, Holohan, Bates
Product Number: 201130192
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Moral Injury: Theory, Evidence and Intervention
Nickerson, Stein, Steenkamp, Joscelyne, Litz
Product Number: 201130193
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The RAP Club: A Trauma-Focused Group Delivered by Adolescent and Young Adult Peer Leaders
Tandon, Tucker, Gbalazeh, Nole, Habib
Product Number: 201130194
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Psychotherapy Outcomes
Jensen, Egeland, Holt, Hukkelberg, Ormhaug, Ehring, Stone, Spinazzola, Sharma, Suvak, van ...
Product Number: 201130195
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Predictors of Impairment
Flory, Yehuda, Passarelli, Siever, Komarovskaya, Warren, Roos, Gradus, Street, Resick
Product Number: 201130196
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Prisoner of Her Past Part II: Panel and Audience Discussion
Kudler, Osofsky, Osofsky, Albeck, Danieli
Product Number: 201130197
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Response to Trauma Across the Lifespan: The Role of Peritraumatic Reactions
Kerig, Rodgers, Bui, Arbus, Birmes, Bui, Brunet, Birmes, Kerig, Bennett, Brunet
Product Number: 201130198
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Challenges and Successes in Evaluating Community-Based Interventions to Improve Outcomes...
Jaycox, Jaycox, Schultz, Hickman, Barnes-Proby, Kracke, Gewirtz, Reckinger, Berliner, Dors...
Product Number: 201130199
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Developmental Perspectives on Proposed DSM-V Bereavement Criteria: Three Longitudinal Stud...
Layne, Kaplow, Layne, Pynoos, Olsen, Kaplow, Betancourt, Newnham
Product Number: 201130200
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Advances in the Neurobiology Underlying Symptomatology and Recovery in Post-Traumatic St...
Marman, Castro, Etkin, Brown, Root, Perez, Teuscher, Pan, Cloitre, LeDoux, Silbersweig, St...
Product Number: 201130201
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Harm and Healing of Betrayal Trauma: A Researcher/Clinician Dialogue
Freyd, Kahn, Cromer, Platt
Product Number: 201130202
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Looking Through the Lens of Local Culture: Implications for the Assessment and Treatment o...
La Bash, De Jong, Silove, Friedman
Product Number: 201130203
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Veterans and Their Families
Wade, Courtney, Malta, Voss, Kennedy, Albright, Wade, Pead, Widner
Product Number: 201130204
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Civilian Survivors of Conflicts
Meyerowitz, Suarez, Jayawickreme, Jayawickreme, Atanasov, Goonasekera, Foa, Ng, Miller, Me...
Product Number: 201130205
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Disaster Response
Shultz, Fu, Felton, Cole, Martin, James, Noel, Solon, Shultz, Espinel, Kelly, Neria
Product Number: 201130206
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
ISTSS Treatment Guidelines for Complex Trauma
Cloitre, Courtois, Turner, Lanius, Ford
Product Number: 201130207
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Neuropsychological Functioning in PTSD
Olff, Samuelson, Krueger, Wilson, Aupperle, Allard, Grimes, Simmons, Flagan, Cissell, Thor...
Product Number: 201130208
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Novel Therapeutic Approaches in PTSD: Glucocorticoid Alterations and Other New Targets
Golier, Yehuda, Bierer, Pratchett, Malowney, Golier, Yehuda, Mathew
Product Number: 201130209
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
PTSD and Relationship Functioning in Military Couples: Mediators, Moderators, and Treatme...
Renshaw, Hoyt, Renshaw, Pasupathi, Erbes, Meis, Polusny, Arbisi, Campbell, Schumm, Fredman...
Product Number: 201130210
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Do Attachment and Parenting Buffer the Effects of Trauma in Young Children?
Muzik, Shapiro, Kaplow, Wardecker, Waxler, Richardson, Thelen, Muzik, Levendosky, Bogat
Product Number: 201130211
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Early Interventions for Trauma-Exposed Children
Nugent, Berkowitz, McDermott, Kenardy, March, Cobham, Nixon, Landolt, Kramer, Nugent, Chri...
Product Number: 201130212
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Troubleshooting Tips for Implementing Exposure Therapy for PTSD
Zayfert, DeViva
Product Number: 201130213
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
FamilyLive: Addressing Intergenerational Trauma Effects on Parenting Capacities
Gardner, Loya, Hyman
Product Number: 201130214
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Cultural Diversity in Disasters: Lessons Learned
Alexander, Aker, Klein, Yilmaz, Ufuk)
Product Number: 201130215
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms & Trauma Focused CBT in a Minority Pediatric Sexual Abuse...
King, Jones
Product Number: 201130216
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Epigenetic Consequences of Adverse Social Experiences in Primates
Product Number: 201130217
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Traumatic Stress, Coping and Health Outcomes in Children Facing Medical Events
Kassam-Adams, Kenardy, Le Brocque, Anderson, McKinlay, Charlton, Kenardy, Le Brocque, De Y...
Product Number: 201130218
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Strategies to Improve the Assessment and Management of Trauma, PTSD and Comorbid Conditi...
Seal, Cohen, Cohen, Maguen, Daley, Bertenthal, Koenig, Cohen, Daley, Maguen, Seal, Koening...
Product Number: 201130219
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Care for the Caregivers: A Program of Retreat and Renewal for Military Chaplains
Heber, Mackenzie, Sharpe
Product Number: 201130220
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Evidence Based Practices with Refugees: Challenges and Adaptations
Birman, Rydberg, Gewirtz, Jaycox, Yaylaci, Mohammed, Reckinger
Product Number: 201130221
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Exposure to Media Coverage of the Japan Earthquake in France and Canada: A Prospective S...
Brunet, Rogers, Hebert, Franko, Simon, Birmes, Bui, Herbert, Bui, Rogers, Brunet, Bui, Rod...
Product Number: 201130222
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Internet Surveys on Proposed DSM-V Criteria for PTSD
Friedman, Miller, Kilpatrick, Resnick, Miller, Kilpatrick, Resnick
Product Number: 201130223
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Interface Between PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder - Psychopathology and Treat...
Schmahl, Mazza, New, Goodman, Sasso, Boussi, Frewen, Lanius, Elzinga, Krause, Veer, Oei, R...
Product Number: 201130224
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Ethical Decisions Within an Empirical Frame in the Treatment of PTSD
Schulz, Williams, Galovski
Product Number: 201130225
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Concurrent Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Alcohol Dependence
Yusko, McLean
Product Number: 201130226
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Cross-Cultural Assessment and Intervention: Lessons from the United States and Rwanda
Fabri, Piwowarczyk, Hastings, Bolton
Product Number: 201130227
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Impact of Sexual Abuse on Female Development: Lessons from a Multigenerational, Longit...
Trickett, Noll, Putnam, Haralson
Product Number: 201130228
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Children Parents and Community: Circles of Building Resilience in Different Cultural Con...
Vogel, Pat-Horenczyk, Brom, Baum, Pfefferbaum
Product Number: 201130229
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Things They Carry: The Bonds of 9/11 First Responders
Barrett, Demaria, Melkumov, Smith, Banks
Product Number: 201130230
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy with a Veteran with Military Related PTSD: The Value of Va...
Product Number: 201130231
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Military and Social Support
Vinson, Shea, Johnson, Reddy, Malta, Huber, Courtney, Kennedy, MacPhee, James
Product Number: 201130232
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Helping to Heal Torture Survivors with Evidence-Based Mental Health Programming: Processes...
Murray, Bolton, Mohammad, Thekra, Sabir, Bolton, Bass, Murray, Murray, Dorsey
Product Number: 201130234
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Couples Issues and Interventions in Trauma Populations
Kachadourian, Monson, Fredman, Macdonald, Schnurr, Resick, MacDonald, Adair, Vorstenbosch,...
Product Number: 201130235
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Trauma Among Child Soldiers Across Nations: Risks, Protective Factors, and Interventions
Kerig, Klasen, Metzner, Gehrke, Okello, Alipanga, Ravens-Sieberer, Betancourt, Newnham, Mo...
Product Number: 201130236
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
A Unique Study of Post-Traumatic Mental Health: An Epidemiological Study of Serving Austr...
McFarlane, Hodson, Verhagen,Van Hooff, McFarlane, Verhagen, Hodson, Verhagen, Van Hooff, M...
Product Number: 201130237
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Enhancing Social Connections in Integrated Trauma and Addiction Treatment
Product Number: 201130238
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Social Support and School-Based Mental Health Care Post-Hurricane Katrina: A Five-Year S...
Walker, Danna
Product Number: 201130239
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Using Gay Affirmative Psychotherapy to Treat Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Trauma Survivors
Alessi, Johnson, Glenn
Product Number: 201130240
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Grief and DSM-5
Bryant, Cozza, Pynoos, Bonanno
Product Number: 201130241
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Behavioral Health, Social Connectedness, and Community Resilience: Relations Between Scie...
Dodgen, Donato, Goodie, Kaul
Product Number: 201130242
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Coercive Control in the Context of Imprisonment and Torture: The Experience of Four Refuge...
Product Number: 201130243
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Clinical and Neurobiological Aspects of Complex Trauma Disorders
Courtois, Lanius, Frewen, Brand, McNary, Myrick, Classen, Lanius, Loewenstein, Pain, Putna...
Product Number: 201130244
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Child Sexual Abuse in Switzerland – Epidemiologic Data and Insights from the Optimus S...
Maier, Schnyder, Landolt, Maier, Meidert, Mueller-Pfeiffer, Mohler-Kuo, Landolt, Mohler-Ku...
Product Number: 201130245
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Dissociation in PTSD: Assessment and Treatment Implications
Wolf, Wolf, Miller, Reardon, Ryabchenko, Freund, Castillo, Carlson, Waelde, Palmieri, Smit...
Product Number: 201130246
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Rwanda: Lessons from the Field to Improve Social Environments
Fabri, Rutembesa, Betancourt, Fabri, Bamukunde, Mukanyonga, Cohen
Product Number: 201130247
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Intimate Partner Abuse: Appraisals, Decision-Making, and Responses to Intervention
Matlow, Matlow, DePrince, Edwards, Murphy, Tansill, Myrick, Probst, Corsa, Gidycz, Allard,...
Product Number: 201130248
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Insights From Neuroimaging Research: Probing Emotional Circuitry and Identifying Longitud...
Tuma, Sheline, Neria, Etkin
Product Number: 201130249
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Disturbances of Regulation in Young Children: Frequencies of Co-Occurring Symptomology
Black-Pond, Atchison
Product Number: 201130250
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Cognitive-Behavioral Conjoint Therapy (CBCT) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in...
Hernandez, Malach, Monson, Donahue
Product Number: 201130251
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Torture and Maltreatment in the War on Terror: Rupturing Professional and Clinical Bonds
Keller, Porterfield, Xenakis
Product Number: 201130252
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Women and Relationships
Widera Wysoczanska, Hall, Roman, Diebold, Hall, Widera Wysoczanska, Widera Wysoczanska
Product Number: 201130253
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