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International Franchise Association (IFA)
IFA's 51st Annual Convention
MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV - February 13-16, 2011

Online Libraries for this Meeting

IFA 2011 Online Library
All listed sessions. Audio + Handouts. Content can be streamed or downloaded.
Product Number: 201103700
$175.00 Online Learning Center
All Sessions

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Special Prices on the Full Meeting

MultiMedia DVD-ROM
Audio of all listed sessions in MP3 format PLUS Speaker Presentations
Product Number: 201103996
$199.00 DVD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

International Summit – Track One

Product Number: 201103100
$29.00  Audio CD
International Summit – Track Two

Product Number: 201103101
$29.00  Audio CD
Financial Summit

Product Number: 201103102
$29.00  Audio CD
New Markets Summit

Product Number: 201103103
$29.00  Audio CD
Elements of Successful Franchising

Product Number: 201103104
$29.00  Audio CD

Product Number: 201103105
$29.00  Audio CD
FRANGuard Seminar

Product Number: 201103106
$29.00  Audio CD
Developing an Effective Franchise Support Organization

Product Number: 201103107
$29.00  Audio CD
Developing High Performance & Fun Franchisee Peer Groups

Product Number: 201103108
$29.00  Audio CD
How Franchisees & Franchisors Can Work Together on Small Business Issues

Product Number: 201103109
$29.00  Audio CD
Franchisee Engagement: Dissecting the Key Performance Drivers in Your System

Product Number: 201103110
$29.00  Audio CD
Franchise Agreement Top Ten

Product Number: 201103111
$29.00  Audio CD
How to Help Franchisees Drive Profitability

Product Number: 201103112
$29.00  Audio CD
Emerging Franchisors Share All

Product Number: 201103113
$29.00  Audio CD
Best Practices in Training

Product Number: 201103114
$29.00  Audio CD
How to Refresh, Protect & Enhance your Brand

Product Number: 201103115
$29.00  Audio CD
Franchise Development Strategies for the New Normal

Product Number: 201103116
$29.00  Audio CD
Tuesday Super Session: Entrepreneur of the Year Award & 7-Eleven President & CEO, Joseph D...

Product Number: 201103117
$29.00  Audio CD
Focused on ROI: Integrated Marketing Tactics For Better Strategic Results

Product Number: 201103118
$29.00  Audio CD
How to Identify & Avoid Problems in International Franchising

Product Number: 201103119
$29.00  Audio CD
Best Practices for Creating & Executing a System-Wide Modernization Program

Product Number: 201103120
$29.00  Audio CD
Multi-Unit/Area Developer Models for Franchise Growth

Product Number: 201103121
$29.00  Audio CD
Distressing Transfers in Troubled Times

Product Number: 201103122
$29.00  Audio CD
Transformational Communications

Product Number: 201103123
$29.00  Audio CD
Beyond Facebook: Reaching Your Audience Where They Live Online

Product Number: 201103124
$29.00  Audio CD
When the Franchisor Becomes the Banker

Product Number: 201103125
$29.00  Audio CD
Benchmarking Made Easy

Product Number: 201103126
$29.00  Audio CD
Negotiating Non-Traditional Development Deals

Product Number: 201103127
$29.00  Audio CD
Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

Product Number: 201103128
$29.00  Audio CD
Making Sure Your Franchise Convention Connects With Key Stakeholders

Product Number: 201103129
$29.00  Audio CD
Wednesday Super Session: Bonny LeVine Award, Annual Business Meeting Panel of the Pros ...

Product Number: 201103130
$29.00  Audio CD
U.S. Economic Outlook

Product Number: 201103131
$29.00  Audio CD
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