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American Academy of Pain Management

2010 Annual Clinical Meeting
Las Vegas, NV - September 21 - 24, 2010

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Audio DVD-ROM: At on-site discounted price for limited time. Save $40!
Every listed session in digital MP3 format. For playback on PC and Mac.
Product Number: 201032996
$199.00 DVD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

Tuesday Opening Keynote Address: Pain and Consciousness: Thinking Outside the Box
Perry G. Fine, MD
Product Number: 201032100
$20.00  Audio CD
Wednesday Keynote Address: The Brain in Pain
Michael H. Moskowitz, MD, MPH
Product Number: 201032101
$20.00  Audio CD
Integrative Medicine, Stress, and Pain
Roberta Lee, MD
Product Number: 201032102
$20.00  Audio CD
Food and Mood
Victoria Maizes, MD
Product Number: 201032103
$20.00  Audio CD
Dietary Supplements for Pain and Headache Management
Robert A. Bonakdar, MD
Product Number: 201032104
$20.00  Audio CD
Functional Restoration for Neuropathic Pain
Steven Lavender, BFA, BPthy
Product Number: 201032105
$20.00  Audio CD
Update on Pharmacologic Options for Neuropathic Pain
Mark S. Wallace, MD
Product Number: 201032106
$20.00  Audio CD
Cannabis in Pain and Pallative Care
Donald I. Abrams, MD
Product Number: 201032107
$20.00  Audio CD
Making Wise Analgesic Choices: Avoiding Drug-Drug and Drug-Disease State Interactions
Charles D. Ponte, PharmD
Product Number: 201032108
$20.00  Audio CD
Is Your Patient in Pain, Suffering, or Both? A Neuro/Bio/Psychological Approach
Richard Cox, MD, PhD, DMin
Product Number: 201032109
$20.00  Audio CD
Motivational Interviewing: Quit Your Job
Robert Rhode, PhD
Product Number: 201032110
$20.00  Audio CD
Keynote Address: Glia s the “Bad Guys” in Dysregulating Pain and Opioid Actions
Linda R. Watkins, PhD
Product Number: 201032111
$20.00  Audio CD
Therapeutic Yoga: Implications and Applications for Patients with Pain
Catherine R. Stallworth, MD
Product Number: 201032112
$20.00  Audio CD
Neuroplastic Transformation
Michael H. Moskowitz, MD, MPH and Marla D. Golden, DO
Product Number: 201032113
$20.00  Audio CD
Urine Drug Test Interpretation: A Case-Based Learning Exercise
Gary M. Reisfield, MD
Product Number: 201032114
$20.00  Audio CD
Pharmacologic Approaches to Rhematoid Arthritis
Joan M. Bathon, MD
Product Number: 201032115
$20.00  Audio CD
Nonpharmacologic Approaches to Rheumatologic Conditions
Randy J. Horwitz, MD, PhD
Product Number: 201032116
$20.00  Audio CD
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Promising New Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Treatment
Lucinda Bateman, MD, MS
Product Number: 201032117
$20.00  Audio CD
Nutrition and Supplements for Fibromyalgia: An Evidence-Based Approach
David C. Leopold, MD
Product Number: 201032118
$20.00  Audio CD
Chronic Pelvic Pain and Interstitial Cystitis: Pearls on Diagnosis and Treatment
Bruce S. Kahn, MD
Product Number: 201032119
$20.00  Audio CD
Headache: When It’s Not a Migraine
Michael J. Marmura, MD
Product Number: 201032120
$20.00  Audio CD
Interventional Therapy for Cancer and Noncancer Pain
Paul Sloan, MD
Product Number: 201032121
$20.00  Audio CD
Low Back Pain: Head to Toe, Skin to Disc
Marla D. Golden, DO
Product Number: 201032122
$20.00  Audio CD
Pain Through the Ages: Historical, Cultural, and Philosophical Aspects of Analgesia
W. Clay Jackson, MD, DipTh
Product Number: 201032123
$20.00  Audio CD
Culturally Relevant Pain Assessment and Intervention for Chinese Cancer Patients
Lara Dhingra, PhD
Product Number: 201032124
$20.00  Audio CD
Acupuncture Energetics
Joseph F. Audette, MD
Product Number: 201032125
$20.00  Audio CD
Beyond the Point: A New Paradigm for Treating Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction
Victoria L. Magown, CMTPT, LMT, RMTI
Product Number: 201032126
$20.00  Audio CD
Prolotherapy: From Dextrose to Platelet-Rich Plasma
Rick Marinelli, ND, MAcOM
Product Number: 201032127
$20.00  Audio CD
Chronic Pain Management in Older Adults: Challenges and Best Practice Recommendations
Keela Herr, PhD, RN
Product Number: 201032128
$20.00  Audio CD
Solving the Integrative Medicine Conundrum: Successfully Benefitting Both Payors and Provi...
Lance Luria, MD
Product Number: 201032129
$20.00  Audio CD
Integrative Pain Management: Training Acupuncturists to Practice in Allopathic Systems of ...
Richard Glickman-Simon, MD
Product Number: 201032130
$20.00  Audio CD
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Heather Tick, MD
Product Number: 201032131
$20.00  Audio CD
Integrative Pain Management in the Military (Part 1)
Mona Bingham, PhD, RN; Rajnikant C. Patel, MD; Richard Petri, MD
Product Number: 201032132
$20.00  Audio CD
Integrative Pain Management in the Military (Part 2)
Alaine Duncan, MAc, LAc; Ronald B. Norby, MSN, MBA ; Kathleen S. Brown, PhD
Product Number: 201032133
$20.00  Audio CD
Keynote Address: The Mindful Brain and Pain
Phillipe Goldin, PhD
Product Number: 201032134
$20.00  Audio CD
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