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Associated Professional Sleep Societies

Sleep 2010 24th Annual Meeting
San Antonio, TX - June 5 - 9, 2010

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D01: Is Long Sleep Truly Hazardous?
Shawn Youngstedt, PhD; James Gangwisch, PhD; James Horne, PhD; Kristen Knutson, PhD;Erkki ...
Product Number: 201019101
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D02: Sleep and Circadian Biology: New Opportunities and Resources for Molecular Research a...
Aaron Laposky, PhD; Michael Twery, PhD; Rosemarie Filart, MD, MPH; Jennie Larkin, PhD; Mir...
Product Number: 201019102
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D03: The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and Relative Value Scale Update Committee (R...
Sam Fleishman, MD; Judy Coy, RN, MGS; Gerald Rich, MD
Product Number: 201019103
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D04: Sleep and Alertness: How to Improve Driving Safety
Anita Shelgikar, MD; J. Todd Arnedt, PhD; Craig Klugman, PhD; Howard Leaman, MD; Charles C...
Product Number: 201019104
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D05: Participant Observation of a Mock NIH R01 Application Review
Andrew Krystal, MD; Kathryn Lee, PhD, RN
Product Number: 201019105
Online Content Coming Soon
D06: Clinical Sleep Research Highlights and Future Directions at the National Insitutes of...
Daniel Lewin, PhD; Rosemarie Filart, MD, MPH; Miroslaw Machiewicz, PhD; Uma Reddy, MD, MPH...
Product Number: 201019106
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I01: Sleep and Circadian Rhythms - Closer Together Again (Audio Only)
Derk-Jan Dijk, PhD
Product Number: 201019107
Online Content Coming Soon
I03: The Role of Sleep in Brain Function: Memory and Emotion (Audio Only)
Matthew Walker, PhD
Product Number: 201019108
Online Content Coming Soon
I04: Childhood Antecedents for the Chronic Health Conditions: The Role of Sleep Disorders
Susan Redline, MD
Product Number: 201019109
Online Content Coming Soon
I05: Sleep and Brain Plasticity: Past, Present and Future
Marcos Frank, PhD
Product Number: 201019110
Online Content Coming Soon
I07: New Adventures in Sleep Quality
Daniel Buysse, MD
Product Number: 201019112
Online Content Coming Soon
I08: Brain Structure and Function in Sleep Pathophysiology
Ronald Harper, PhD
Product Number: 201019113
Online Content Coming Soon
S03: Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea Patients who are Non-adherent With Positive Airway ...
James Walsh, PhD; Kasey Li, DDS, MD; Alan Lowe, DMD, PhD; Ronald Grunstein, MD, PhD
Product Number: 201019115
Online Content Coming Soon
S04: So Many Choices and Which to Choose: Alternative Delivery Methods for the Psychologic...
Jack Edinger, PhD; Charles Morin, PhD; Colin Espie, PhD; Richard Bootzin, PhD
Product Number: 201019116
Online Content Coming Soon
S05: Advances in the Basic Science and Clinical Understanding of Narcolepsy
Thomas Scammell, MD; John Peever, PhD; Takatoshi Mochizuki, PhD; Mehdi Tafti, PhD; Emmanue...
Product Number: 201019117
Online Content Coming Soon
S06: Circadian and Sleep Disturbances Underlying Cardiometabolic Disease in Shift Workers
Fred Turek, PhD; Carolina Escobar, PhD; Linda Morgan, PhD, FRCPath; Frank Scheer, PhD
Product Number: 201019118
Online Content Coming Soon
S09: Neural Correlates of Daytime Dysfunction due to Seep Disturbance: Evidence from Diffe...
Fergal O'Donoghue, MD, PhD; Paul Macey, PhD; Melinda Jackson, PhD; Julian Lim, MA
Product Number: 201019119
Online Content Coming Soon
S13: Brain Energy Budget: Functional Implications for Sleep
Radhika Basheer, PhD; Chiara Cirelli, MD, PhD; Pierre Magistretti, MD, PhD; Allan Pack, Ph...
Product Number: 201019120
Online Content Coming Soon
W01: Parasomnia, Seizure or Else - Case-based Discussion of Abnormal Nocturnal Behaviors
Milena Pavlova, MD; Beth Malow, MD; Rosalia Silvestri, MD; Michel Cramer Bornemann, MD; Ca...
Product Number: 201019121
Online Content Coming Soon
W02: Developing Guidelines and Toolkits for Behavioral Sleep Medicine in Pediatric Practic...
Beth Malow, MD; Kelly Byars, PsyD; Daniel Glaze, MD; Kyle Johnson, MD; Shelly Weiss, MD
Product Number: 201019122
Online Content Coming Soon
W03: Actigraphy in the Clinic
Jennifer Martin, PhD; James Wyatt, PhD; Lisa Meltzer, PhD; Sonia Ancoli-Israel, PhD
Product Number: 201019123
Online Content Coming Soon
W04: Treatment of Comorbid Insomnia in Children and Adults
Valerie Crabtree, PhD; Anna Ivanenko, MD, PhD; Wilfred Pigeon, PhD; Allison Harvey, PhD; M...
Product Number: 201019124
Online Content Coming Soon
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