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International Franchise Association (IFA)
IFA's 50th Annual Convention
San Antonio Convention Center, Texas - February 5-8, 2010

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Every listed session on audio CD for playback in standard CD player

Product Number: 201001998
$499.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions
MultiMedia CD-ROM
Every listed session in MP3 format plus speaker approved PowerPoint.
Product Number: 201001994
$199.00  CD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

Opening General Session & Luncheon – Hall of Fame Award
(does not include keynote speaker)
Product Number: 201001100
$29.00  Audio CD
Super Session w/Continental Breakfast – Entrepreneur of the Year Award Guest Speaker: Ju...

Product Number: 201001101
$29.00  Audio CD
Super Session w/Continental Breakfast – Bonny Levine Award, Annual Business Meeting and ...

Product Number: 201001102
$29.00  Audio CD
Luncheon & General Session – Harrison Award, Foundation Report and Guest...

Product Number: 201001103
$29.00  Audio CD
“Mini” Super Session – Live R.I.C.H. – Dina Dwyer-Owens, CFE – Chairwoman & CEO,...

Product Number: 201001105
$29.00  Audio CD
International Summit – Track One: Considerations for Initiating an International Expansi...

Product Number: 201001106
$29.00  Audio CD
International Summit – Track Two: International Expansion – Identifying Market Opportu...

Product Number: 201001107
$29.00  Audio CD
Financial Summit: Effects of the Credit Crisis and Stimulus on Franchise Financing and Fra...

Product Number: 201001108
$29.00  Audio CD
Technology Summit (does not include keynote speaker)

Product Number: 201001109
$29.00  Audio CD
New Markets Summit: The New Return on Investment

Product Number: 201001110
$29.00  Audio CD
The 19th Annual Elements of Successful Franchising: Working Through Difficult Economic Tim...

Product Number: 201001111
$29.00  Audio CD
FRANGUARD: IFA’s Franchise Sales Management & Compliance Program

Product Number: 201001112
$29.00  Audio CD
Confronting the New Normal: Leadership Strategies for a Recovering Economy

Product Number: 201001113
$29.00  Audio CD
Multi-Unit Panel of the Pros

Product Number: 201001114
$29.00  Audio CD
Protecting the Brand: Conducting Brand Compliance Audits

Product Number: 201001115
$29.00  Audio CD
Getting Your Franchise Program Off the Ground: What Start-Up Franchisors Need to Know

Product Number: 201001116
$29.00  Audio CD
Driving Same Store Sales – A Supplier Forum Best Practices Seminar

Product Number: 201001117
$29.00  Audio CD
Communicating for Success – Fostering Positive Zor/Zee Relationships

Product Number: 201001118
$29.00  Audio CD
Leveraging Social Media for Franchise Sales – A Supplier Best Practices Seminar

Product Number: 201001119
$29.00  Audio CD
How To Increase Online Visibility & Drive More Traffic at No Cost

Product Number: 201001120
$29.00  Audio CD
Purchasing Co-ops – Opportunity for Immediate & Long Term Savings

Product Number: 201001121
$29.00  Audio CD
Importance of a Structured Sales Process in a Tight Economy

Product Number: 201001122
$29.00  Audio CD
Effective Use of Social Networking/Media at Your Meeting

Product Number: 201001123
$29.00  Audio CD
Real Estate Strategies: What You Need to Know About Real Estate to Make Money in Retail

Product Number: 201001124
$29.00  Audio CD
How to Talk to Lenders in 2010

Product Number: 201001125
$29.00  Audio CD
How Franchisors Successfully Recreate Themselves in this Economy

Product Number: 201001126
$29.00  Audio CD
Using Social Media to Build Your Brand & Grow Your Business

Product Number: 201001127
$29.00  Audio CD
Budgeting & Planning for International Expansion

Product Number: 201001128
$29.00  Audio CD
Survival Strategies for Start-Up Franchisors in Challenging Times

Product Number: 201001129
$29.00  Audio CD
Best Practices: How Franchisors Can Help Franchisees Navigate the Changing Business Climat...

Product Number: 201001130
$29.00  Audio CD
Top 10 Ideas for a Successful Annual or Regional Meeting

Product Number: 201001131
$29.00  Audio CD
Driving Results with Franchisee Training

Product Number: 201001132
$29.00  Audio CD
Effective Use of Financial Performance Representations

Product Number: 201001133
$29.00  Audio CD
The Development Pipeline from A to Z

Product Number: 201001134
$29.00  Audio CD
Benchmarking: Real Metrics, Real Impact

Product Number: 201001135
$29.00  Audio CD
Value: Where It’s Led Us, Where It’s Leading Us

Product Number: 201001136
$29.00  Audio CD
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