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Angelman Syndrome Foundation

11th Biennial Conference - Reaching New Horizons
Orlando, FL - July 28 - August 1, 2009

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

MultiMedia CD-ROM. Audio recordings PLUS speaker handouts!
For playback on PC or download to iPod
Product Number: 200917999
$159.00  Order Full Meeting on MP3 CD-ROM
All sessions on Audio CD
Multiple CDs for playback on car/home player. No handouts included.
Product Number: 200917998
$249.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

300 Keynote—Orthopedic Issues in Angelman Syndrome
Dr. Ganesh Gupta
Product Number: 200917100
$17.00  Audio CD
301 Keynote—Best Practices in Providing Communication/Education Services to Students wit...
Dr. Stephen Calculator
Product Number: 200917101
$17.00  Audio CD
302 Keynote—Recent Advancements & Future Direction in AS Research
Dr. Edwin Weeber
Product Number: 200917102
$17.00  Audio CD
311 Genetics 101
Dr. Charles Williams
Product Number: 200917103
$17.00  Audio CD
312 Seizures 101
Dr. Ron Thibert
Product Number: 200917104
$17.00  Audio CD
313 Treatment of Seizures in Angelman Syndrome
Dr. Mark Nespeca
Product Number: 200917105
$17.00  Audio CD
314 Ask the Doctors—Seizures
Dr. Ron Thibert
Product Number: 200917106
$17.00  Audio CD
321 What do Advanced Neuro-Imaging Techniques Tell Us About Angelman Syndrome
Dr. Sarika Peters
Product Number: 200917107
$17.00  Audio CD
322 An Overview of Oral Health Maintenance for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Product Number: 200917108
$17.00  Audio CD
Oral Hypersensitivity
Debra Beckman
Product Number: 200917109
$17.00  Audio CD
324 Ask the Doctors—Dental, Orthopedics
Dr. Ganesh Gupta, Dr. Carl Horbelt
Product Number: 200917110
$17.00  Audio CD
331 Gynecologic Care for Adolescents and Women with Developmental Disabilities
Dr. Susan Ernst
Product Number: 200917111
$17.00  Audio CD
332 Sex Education & Sexual Assault
Lisa Evans
Product Number: 200917112
$17.00  Audio CD
333 It's More Than Words: Communication Opportunities in Angelman Syndrome
Dr. Julie Scherz, Anthony DiLollo, Emily Kleysteuber, Kasia Richardson, Kathy Strattman
Product Number: 200917113
$17.00  Audio CD
334 Ask the Doctors—Communication
Dr. Stephen Calculator, Dr. Julie Scherz, Anthony DiLollo, Emily Kleysteuber, Kasia Richar...
Product Number: 200917114
$17.00  Audio CD
341 Understanding and Changing Difficult Behavior in Angelman Syndrome
Dr. Christopher Oliver
Product Number: 200917115
$17.00  Audio CD
342 Adult Health Care Issues in Angelman Syndrome
Dr. Charles Williams
Product Number: 200917116
$17.00  Audio CD
343 Sleep and Angelman Syndrome
Dr. Daniel Glaze
Product Number: 200917117
$17.00  Audio CD
344 Ask the Doctors—Behavior, Sleep
Dr. Daniel Glaze, Dr. Christopher Oliver, Dr. Jane Summers
Product Number: 200917118
$17.00  Audio CD
413 Coping with the Diagnosis
Jennifer Aune
Product Number: 200917120
$17.00  Audio CD
414 The Silent Epidemic: Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation of Persons with Developmental Dis...
Tom Rice
Product Number: 200917121
$17.00  Audio CD
421 Fundraising For the ASF: Tools & Ideas To Make a Difference
Lauren Jernigan
Product Number: 200917122
$17.00  Audio CD
422 IEP Jeopardy
Anna Brynild & Jill Fane
Product Number: 200917123
$17.00  Audio CD
423 Those Wonderful Rights
Anna Brynild & Jill Fane
Product Number: 200917124
$17.00  Audio CD
424 Being Andreas In The World
Susan Yuan
Product Number: 200917125
$17.00  Audio CD
432 Advocating For Your Child: No Matter What Their Age!
Jackie Golden
Product Number: 200917126
$17.00  Audio CD
433 RJ Cooper Workshop
RJ Cooper
Product Number: 200917127
$17.00  Audio CD
442 Benefits Planning
Blanca Taylor
Product Number: 200917129
$17.00  Audio CD
443 Friendships For All: Developing Real Relationships in Natural Environments For Schoo...
Nila Benito
Product Number: 200917130
$17.00  Audio CD
444 Microboards
Jackie Golden
Product Number: 200917131
$17.00  Audio CD
511 Aquatic Therapy
Anne Forgie, Lee Ann Tripepi
Product Number: 200917132
$17.00  Audio CD
512 Hippotherapy
Katy Guardia
Product Number: 200917133
$17.00  Audio CD
521 ABC Therapy
Terry Jo Bichell, Donna Bowins, Fae Lois Lumauag, Carmen Rabbitt
Product Number: 200917134
$17.00  Audio CD
531 Physical Therapy for Individuals with AS
Cathy Dixon
Product Number: 200917135
$17.00  Audio CD
532 Physical Therapy for the Care Provider
Cathy Dixon
Product Number: 200917136
$17.00  Audio CD
541 A Vision of Hope
Mary Anne Ehlert
Product Number: 200917137
$17.00  Audio CD
542 Housing Opportunities
Mary Anne Ehlert
Product Number: 200917138
$17.00  Audio CD
550 ABA Therapy
Dr. Jane Summers
Product Number: 200917139
$17.00  Audio CD
522 Positive Visions and Practical Solutions to Inclusion
Kimberly Marchman
Product Number: 200917140
$17.00  Audio CD
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