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National Association of Credit Management (NACM)
113th Annual Credit Congress
Orlando, FL - June 14 - 17, 2009

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Set of Audio CDs (audio only, no handouts)
Every listed session on audio CD for playback in home/car CD player
Product Number: 200912998
$399.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions
Multimedia CD-ROM at on-site discounted price for limited time!
Every listed session in MP3 format plus all available presentation materials such as hando...
Product Number: 200912994
$129.00  CD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

17031--Executive Forum: GEMS
Hazel Walker
Product Number: 200912100
$18.00  Audio CD
17040--Risk Mitigation and Counterparty Risk
Moderator: Tom Corbett
Product Number: 200912101
$18.00  Audio CD
17041--Practical Bankruptcy Knowledge for Survival in Today's Troubled Economic Climate
Wanda Borges, Esq.; Bruce Nathan, Esq.
Product Number: 200912102
$18.00  Audio CD
17042--Liens & Bonds: A Practical Approach in Tough Economic Times
Greg Powelson
Product Number: 200912103
$18.00  Audio CD
17043--Developing & Leveraging Your Network
Hazel Walker
Product Number: 200912104
$18.00  Audio CD
17045--Credit and Collections: Implementing a Strategy to Improve Payments, Collections & ...
Robert Bernstein, Esq.
Product Number: 200912105
$18.00  Audio CD
17046--Early Warning Signs of the Major Bankruptcies of 2008-2009
Moderator: Al Carmenini; Panel: Camilo Gomez, Ph.D., Lyle Wallis, CCE; Nick Chiros, CCE an...
Product Number: 200912106
$18.00  Audio CD
17047--Critical Thinking
Phyllis Truitt, CCE
Product Number: 200912107
$18.00  Audio CD
17049--Credit Applications
Scott Blakeley, Esq; Mike Brittain, CAE
Product Number: 200912108
$18.00  Audio CD
17052--Improving Profitability
John LaRocca
Product Number: 200912109
$18.00  Audio CD
17053--Advanced Credit Management and Contract Terms
Jim Fullerton, Esq.
Product Number: 200912110
$18.00  Audio CD
17054--Overcoming Procrastination: Developing the "Do It Now" Attitude
Toni Drake, CCE
Product Number: 200912111
$18.00  Audio CD
17055--Impact of the Mortgage Meltdown on Small Busines
Dan Meder
Product Number: 200912112
$18.00  Audio CD
17056--Letters of Credit 101: The Fundamentals
Danielle Austin
Product Number: 200912113
$18.00  Audio CD
17057--Hot & Emerging Legal Issues
Wanda Borges, Esq. and Bruce Nathan, Esq.
Product Number: 200912114
$18.00  Audio CD
17058--What Millennial Workers Want: How to Attract and Retain Gen Y Employees
Kathleen Downs
Product Number: 200912115
$18.00  Audio CD
17059--A Guide to Developing a Business Plan for the Credit Function
Jay Clark
Product Number: 200912116
$18.00  Audio CD
17064--Consumer Credit Scoring is a Must Learn!
Dan Ridenour
Product Number: 200912117
$18.00  Audio CD
17065--Fraud Things-Great or Small
Mary Ann Blackmore, CCE and Michael Diorio
Product Number: 200912118
$18.00  Audio CD
17066--An Updated Look at Payment Processing Trends
Rudet Fountain and Matt Fluegge
Product Number: 200912119
$18.00  Audio CD
7067--Working Smarter, Not Harder
Debie Wangsgard, CCE
Product Number: 200912120
$18.00  Audio CD
17072--Establishing an International Credit Policy and Manual
Russell D’Souza
Product Number: 200912121
$18.00  Audio CD
17074--Credit & Sales: Improving Cash Flow
Susan Archibeque, CCE
Product Number: 200912122
$18.00  Audio CD
17076--The Great American Heist (How Processors and ISOs are Taking Your Hard-Earned Profi...
Robert Day
Product Number: 200912123
$18.00  Audio CD
17077--Let's Make a Deal!
Lynnette Warman, Esq.
Product Number: 200912124
$18.00  Audio CD
17078--Credit in the High Tech World
Jim Montague, CCE
Product Number: 200912125
$18.00  Audio CD
17079--Essentials for Strategically Managing Credit in Any Economic Environment: A Best Pr...
William Balduino and David Earickson
Product Number: 200912126
$18.00  Audio CD
17081--Legal Tools & Issues in Credit Useful in Today's Economic Climate
Wanda Borges, Esq.
Product Number: 200912127
$18.00  Audio CD
17082--Letters of Credit 102: The Nitty-gritty
Danielle Austin
Product Number: 200912128
$18.00  Audio CD
17088--Unclaimed Property Compliance: How to Stay Afloat During Turbulent Times
Valerie Jundt
Product Number: 200912129
$18.00  Audio CD
17089--Out of Court Liquidations
Valerie Venable, CCE and Deborah Thorne, Esq.
Product Number: 200912130
$18.00  Audio CD
17092--Credit Application and Review Process
Amy Huebner, CCE
Product Number: 200912131
$18.00  Audio CD
17094--How to Manage Conflict. . .And Survive It!
Toni Drake, CCE
Product Number: 200912132
$18.00  Audio CD
17095--Bulldog Collections
John LaRocca
Product Number: 200912133
$18.00  Audio CD
17096--Credit Enhancements
Mark Berman, Esq.
Product Number: 200912134
$18.00  Audio CD
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