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National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)

NCCN 14th Annual Conference: Clinical Practice Guidelines & Quality Cancer Care
Hollywood, FL - March 11-15, 2009

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Complete set of Audio CDs
Every listed session on audio CD for playback in standard CD player
Product Number: 200903998
$299.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions
Multimedia CD-ROM
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Product Number: 200903994
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Individual Sessions

NCCN Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Guidelines Update
David S. Ettinger, MD
Product Number: 200903100
$15.00  Audio CD
Advances in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Thomas A. D'Amico, MD
Product Number: 200903101
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Colon and Rectal Cancers Guidelines Update
Paul F. Engstrom, MD
Product Number: 200903102
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Guidelines Update
Margaret A. Tempero, MD
Product Number: 200903103
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Task Force Report: Bone Health in Cancer Care
Julie Gralow, MD
Product Number: 200903105
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Task Force Report: Management of Dermatologic and Other Toxicities Associated with EG...
Barbara Burtness, MD
Product Number: 200903106
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Kidney Cancer Guidelines Update
Robert J. Motzer, MD
Product Number: 200903107
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas Guidelines Update
Andrew D. Zelenetz, MD, PhD
Product Number: 200903108
$15.00  Audio CD
New NCCN Guidelines: Cutaneous B-cell Lymphoma
Steven M. Horwitz, MD
Product Number: 200903109
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Task Force Report: Tumor Markers in CML and Lymphomas
Jerald P. Radich, MD; Andrew D. Zelenetz, MD, PhD
Product Number: 200903110
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Breast Cancer Guidelines Update
Stephen B. Edge, MD; Beryl McCormick, MD
Product Number: 200903111
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Task Force Report: Integration of ER/PR Tumor Markers into Treatment Planning for Bre...
Craig Allred, MD
Product Number: 200903112
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Oncology Outcomes Database Project
Jane C. Weeks, MD, MSc
Product Number: 200903113
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Ovarian Cancer Guidelines Update
Robert J. Morgan, Jr., MD
Product Number: 200903114
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Melanoma Guidelines Update
Daniel G. Coit, MD; John A. Thompson, MD
Product Number: 200903115
$15.00  Audio CD
NCCN Thyroid Carcinoma Guidelines Update
Steven I. Sherman, MD
Product Number: 200903116
$15.00  Audio CD
Advances in Radiation Treatment for Head and Neck Cancers
Andy Trotti III, MD
Product Number: 200903117
$15.00  Audio CD
Sunday Brunch with the Experts: Considerations in the Management of Antiemetic Therapy
Sally Barbour, PharmD, BCOP, CPP; David S. Ettinger, MD; Mark G. Kris, MD
Product Number: 200903118
$15.00  Audio CD
New Advances in Risk Reduction for Recurrence of Breast Cancer in Premenopausal Women
William J. Gradishar, MD; John H. Ward, MD
Product Number: 200903119
$15.00  Audio CD
Sequencing of Drugs in the Treatment of Kidney Cancer
Robert A. Figlin, MD
Product Number: 200903120
$15.00  Audio CD
Use of EGFR in the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
Steven J. Cohen, MD
Product Number: 200903121
$15.00  Audio CD
Advances in the Use of Aromatase Inhibitors in the Treatment of Breast Cancer
George Somlo, MD
Product Number: 200903122
$15.00  Audio CD
New Advances in the First-Line Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Mark G. Kris, MD
Product Number: 200903123
$15.00  Audio CD
Sequencing Choices in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma
William Bensinger, MD; Irene Ghobrial, MD; Mitchell R. Smith, MD, PhD
Product Number: 200903124
$15.00  Audio CD
New Advances in the Treatment of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas
Jeremy S. Abramson, MD; Leo I. Gordon, MD
Product Number: 200903125
$15.00  Audio CD
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