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International Franchise Association (IFA)
IFA's 49th Annual Convention
San Diego, CA - February 15 - 17, 2009

CD-ROM and CDs available at on-site discounted price for limited time!

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Complete set of Audio CDs
Every listed session on audio CD for playback in standard CD player
Product Number: 200901998
$299.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions
Multimedia CD-ROM (Audio with Handouts)
For playback on PC. Audio files can be easily downloaded to iPod.
Product Number: 200901994
$159.00  CD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

International Summit – Track One - Going International for the First Time

Product Number: 200901100
$30.00  Audio CD
International Summit – Track Two - Developing Your International Market Strategy Best Pr...

Product Number: 200901101
$30.00  Audio CD
Financial Summit - Challenges in Getting Franchisees Financed Understanding the Lenders Pe...

Product Number: 200901102
$30.00  Audio CD
Technology Summit - Achieving Lower Overhead with Better Technology

Product Number: 200901103
$30.00  Audio CD
Diversity Summit - How Building Stronger Public & Private Partnerships Affects Diversity

Product Number: 200901104
$30.00  Audio CD
Elements of Successful Franchising

Product Number: 200901105
$30.00  Audio CD
Compliance Seminar

Product Number: 200901106
$30.00  Audio CD
Opening General Session & Luncheon - Hall of Fame Award

Product Number: 200901107
$17.00  Audio CD
Tough Economy - Tough Decisions

Product Number: 200901108
$17.00  Audio CD
The 10 Biggest Challenges of Getting Sold to Open A Supplier Forum Best Practices Seminar

Product Number: 200901109
$17.00  Audio CD
Benchmarking: Overcoming Paradigm Blindness

Product Number: 200901110
$17.00  Audio CD
250 Million Users Can’t Be Wrong: Social Networking Sites

Product Number: 200901111
$17.00  Audio CD
Franchise Sales in a Changing Economic Climate

Product Number: 200901112
$17.00  Audio CD
The New Sales Paradigm: What Large Multi Unit & Private Equity Investors Want from Franch...

Product Number: 200901113
$17.00  Audio CD
Navigating Troubled Waters

Product Number: 200901114
$17.00  Audio CD
How to Get Franchisee Buy In to Marketing Programs

Product Number: 200901115
$17.00  Audio CD
Setting up an Electronic Disclosure System

Product Number: 200901116
$17.00  Audio CD
Franchisee Profitability Now Playing in High Definition

Product Number: 200901117
$17.00  Audio CD
Developing & Establishing Your FAC

Product Number: 200901118
$17.00  Audio CD
Maximizing Unit Economics – A Competitive Edge

Product Number: 200901119
$17.00  Audio CD
Super Session w/ Continental Breakfast - Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Product Number: 200901121
$17.00  Audio CD
Performance Groups: Developing a Culture of Accountability

Product Number: 200901122
$17.00  Audio CD
Common Issues Faced by Start Up Franchisors

Product Number: 200901123
$17.00  Audio CD
Financial Ratios & Metrics at the Franchisor Level

Product Number: 200901124
$17.00  Audio CD
Revitalizing Your Franchise System Through the Proactive Use of a ReSale Process

Product Number: 200901125
$17.00  Audio CD
How do you Stack Up on Lead Generation & Sales?

Product Number: 200901126
$17.00  Audio CD
Secrets to Franchisee Satisfaction

Product Number: 200901127
$17.00  Audio CD
Marketing Matters: Executive Local Marketing Plans

Product Number: 200901128
$17.00  Audio CD
Is Your Franchise Sales Compliance Program Current?

Product Number: 200901129
$17.00  Audio CD
A Roadmap to Setting Up Your Technology Infrastructure

Product Number: 200901130
$17.00  Audio CD
Working ON the Business, Not In It

Product Number: 200901131
$17.00  Audio CD
Finding Franchise Partners Overseas

Product Number: 200901132
$17.00  Audio CD
Getting the Most from your Franchise Convention Investment

Product Number: 200901133
$17.00  Audio CD
Super Session w/Continental Breakfast - Bonny LeVine Award, Annual Business Meeting, Panel...

Product Number: 200901134
$17.00  Audio CD
Luncheon & General Session - Diversity Award, Foundation Report

Product Number: 200901135
$17.00  Audio CD
Economic Forecast

Product Number: 200901136
$17.00  Audio CD
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