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The Alternative Board

2008 Member Conference
Las Vegas, NV - February 28 - March 2, 2008

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Complete Set of Audio CDs.
Every listed session on audio CD for playback on home/car CD player.
Product Number: 200811998
$249.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions
Multimedia CD-ROM for playback on PC or download to iPod.
Audio of every session plus speaker PowerPoints.
Product Number: 200811994
$129.00  CD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

Creating an Effective Marketing Plan
Bernie Moscovitz
Product Number: 200811100
$18.00  Audio CD
Hiring the Right People (including interviewing skills)
Ray Brun
Product Number: 200811101
$18.00  Audio CD
How to be a CEO
Oswald Viva
Product Number: 200811102
$18.00  Audio CD
Identifying Your Strategic Driving Force
Greg Walker
Product Number: 200811103
$18.00  Audio CD
Family Members in the Business
David Halpern
Product Number: 200811104
$18.00  Audio CD
Sales Management: Setting and Managing Expectations and Results
Tina Corner
Product Number: 200811105
$18.00  Audio CD
Using Assessment Tools for Employee Selection, Development and Promotion
Jackie Gernaey
Product Number: 200811106
$18.00  Audio CD
Improving Communication: The Key to Better Relationships in Business and in Life
Greg Yank
Product Number: 200811107
$18.00  Audio CD
Dashboard Management
Jeff Raynor
Product Number: 200811108
$18.00  Audio CD
Developing a Succession Strategy
Bill Vrettos
Product Number: 200811109
$18.00  Audio CD
Customer Relationship Marketing
Walt Brown & Jim Coleman
Product Number: 200811110
$18.00  Audio CD
Peter and You: A One-on-One with Peter Drucker on being The Effective Executive!
Dick Wallace
Product Number: 200811111
$18.00  Audio CD
Reinvent Yourself Before Those Around You
Kevin Armstrong
Product Number: 200811112
$18.00  Audio CD
Leading with Commitment by Accessing Your Coach Energy
Susan LeTerneau & Larry Rowland
Product Number: 200811113
$18.00  Audio CD
11 Things You Need to Know About Selling Your Business
John Dini
Product Number: 200811114
$18.00  Audio CD
Effective Sales Management for Privately Held Companies
Joe Zente
Product Number: 200811115
$18.00  Audio CD
Retaining Key Employees
Russell Lookadoo
Product Number: 200811116
$18.00  Audio CD
Managing Growth of Over 25 Percent a Year
Steve Davies
Product Number: 200811117
$18.00  Audio CD
Time Management: Rethinking Time as a Commitment
Nicholas Economou
Product Number: 200811118
$18.00  Audio CD
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