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National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO)

NAPEO's Professional Employer and Marketplace 2007
Chicago, IL - October 22 - 23, 2007

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Multimedia CD-ROM
Every listed session in MP3 format plus all available presentation materials such as hando...
Product Number: 200737999
$159.00  CD-ROM - All Sessions
Complete Set of Audio CDs
Every listed session on audio CD for playback in standard CD player
Product Number: 200737998
$299.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

Optimizing Human Capital to Build Market Share
C. Martin
Product Number: 200737100
$16.00  Audio CD
Don’t Blame The Attorneys
T. Kazaglis, M.Lettellier, M. Seltzer
Product Number: 200737101
$16.00  Audio CD
The Evolving Banking Landscape
J. Allison, A. Danon, S. Shafer
Product Number: 200737102
$16.00  Audio CD
Maximizing Technology to Build Market Share
S. Klososky
Product Number: 200737103
$16.00  Audio CD
Benchmarking Risk Management Programs
G. D’Ambrosio, S. Fabrizio
Product Number: 200737104
$16.00  Audio CD
New Immigration Regulation: Whose Responsibility?
S. Hanagan, C. McCaleb, J. Pimentel
Product Number: 200737105
$16.00  Audio CD
PEO Storyline: Media Landscape on PEO Industry
B. Rose
Product Number: 200737106
$16.00  Audio CD
Recruitment & Retention: The Changing Workforce
A. Efroymson, R. Ward
Product Number: 200737107
$16.00  Audio CD
Migrating from Paper to Online Enrollment Part I
S. Campbell, B. Landrum III, M. Markowitz, B. Nugent
Product Number: 200737108
$16.00  Audio CD
Unveiling Today’s Greatest Sales Opportunity
C. Kelley, M. Ortoll, S. Russie, M. Soch
Product Number: 200737109
$16.00  Audio CD
PEO Workers’ Compensation Payout Patterns
H. Levy, B. Milliman
Product Number: 200737110
$16.00  Audio CD
Migrating from Paper to Online Enrollment Part II
S. Campbell, B. Landrum III, M. Markowitz, B. Nugent
Product Number: 200737111
$16.00  Audio CD
Building an Effective Carrier Relationship
B. Fayak, T. Kirchharr, D. Kulhanek, T. Nowak
Product Number: 200737112
$16.00  Audio CD
Increasing 401(k) Participation
D. Ford, J. El-Bakri, R. Rovell
Product Number: 200737113
$16.00  Audio CD
Intersection Between Regulation & PEO Growth
T. Cohn, A. Geiger, A. Peer, T. Tucker
Product Number: 200737114
$16.00  Audio CD
Keynote Address
Chuck Martin
Product Number: 200737115
$16.00  Audio CD
Keynote Address
Scott Klososky
Product Number: 200737116
$16.00  Audio CD
Keynote Address
Steven S. Little
Product Number: 200737117
$16.00  Audio CD
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