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Jewish Voice Tampa Meeting

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Tampa, FL - January 13, 2007

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Compete Set of Audio CDs
Every listed session on audio CD for playback in standard CD player
Product Number: 200701998
$45.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions
MultiMedia CD-ROM
(BEST VALUE) Every listed session in MP3 format plus all available presentation materials ...
Product Number: 200701994
$35.00  CD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

The Role of Israel in the Last Days Prophecy
Jonathan Bernis
Product Number: 200701100
$12.00  Audio CD
Biblical Support for the Modern State of Israel
Dr. Randall Price
Product Number: 200701101
$12.00  Audio CD
The Church’s Prophetic Role Towards Israel
Rabbi Steve Weiler
Product Number: 200701102
$12.00  Audio CD
Israel, the Key to World Peace
Bill Koenig
Product Number: 200701103
$12.00  Audio CD
Israel and the Return of the Messiah
Jonathan Bernis
Product Number: 200701104
$12.00  Audio CD
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