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LRP National Institute

27th National Institute on Legal Issues of Educating Individuals with Disabilities
Orlando, FL - April 29th - May 2nd 2006

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Complete set of Audio CDs
Every listed session on multiple CDs for standard home/car player
Product Number: 200614998
$550.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions
Audio MP3 CD-ROM for Windows PC.
Audio CD-ROM: (BEST VALUE) Every Session Listed Below For Playback on Computer or MP3 Play...
Product Number: 200614994
$199.00  Order Full Meeting on MP3 CD-ROM

Individual Sessions

Pre-Institute Symposium 1: IEP Team Leaders Academy (Part I)
John McCook, Gary Ruesch
Product Number: 200614100
$48.00  Audio CD
Pre-Institute Symposium 1: IEP Team Leaders Academy (Part II)
John McCook, Gary Ruesch
Product Number: 200614101
$48.00  Audio CD
Pre-Institute Symposium 2: General Educator's Role in Special Ed
Melinda Baird
Product Number: 200614102
$48.00  Audio CD
Pre-Institute Symposium 3: Hearing Officers Training
Art Cernosia, Lyn Beekman, Jim Gerl
Product Number: 200614103
$48.00  Audio CD
Pre-Institute Symposium 4: Meeting AYP
Diana Browning Wright, Howard Fulfrost
Product Number: 200614104
$36.00  Audio CD
Opening Session: Getting Along in our “Special” World
Eric Hartwig
Product Number: 200614105
$12.00  Audio CD
General Session: Mastering the IDEA
Art Cernosia
Product Number: 200614106
$36.00  Audio CD
General Session: The Year in Review
Melinda Baird
Product Number: 200614107
$12.00  Audio CD
1. Alternate Assessments
Stephen Elliott
Product Number: 200614108
$36.00  Audio CD
2. Developing and Changing IEPs
Dave Richards
Product Number: 200614109
$36.00  Audio CD
3. Discipline: Balancing Procedural Expectations
Eric Hartwig, Jim Walsh
Product Number: 200614110
$36.00  Audio CD
4. Legal Issues in Providing Appropriate Reading Programs
Julie Weatherly, Robin Morris
Product Number: 200614111
$36.00  Audio CD
5. Understanding RTI
Joseph C. Witt, Dan Reschly
Product Number: 200614112
$36.00  Audio CD
A. Private School Students
Jose Martín
Product Number: 200614113
$12.00  Audio CD
B. Disputes that Lead to Due Process
Jim Walsh
Product Number: 200614114
$12.00  Audio CD
C. Is There Life After Special Ed?
Julie Weatherly
Product Number: 200614115
$12.00  Audio CD
D. Disabled.. Or Just Troubled
Melinda Baird
Product Number: 200614116
$12.00  Audio CD
E. RTI: Critical Strategies
John McCook
Product Number: 200614117
$12.00  Audio CD
F. Developing IEP’s for Educational Benefit
Carol Bartz,Jan Tomsky
Product Number: 200614118
$12.00  Audio CD
G. Working w/kids w/Aspergers Syndrome
Melisa Genaux
Product Number: 200614119
$12.00  Audio CD
H. Making Section 504 Work
Peggy Burns
Product Number: 200614120
$12.00  Audio CD
Luncheon Session: A View from the Top
John Hager
Product Number: 200614121
$12.00  Audio CD
1. Ask the Experts – Tuesday
Chris Borreca, Kathy Mehfoud Charles Weatherly
Product Number: 200614122
$12.00  Audio CD
2. Understanding Parent Frustrations
Carlo Rossi
Product Number: 200614123
$12.00  Audio CD
3. LRE Litigation Trends
Jeanne Kincaid
Product Number: 200614124
$12.00  Audio CD
4. Proven Methods of Teaching Staff
Diana Browning Wright
Product Number: 200614125
$12.00  Audio CD
5. Parent Perspective
William Hurd, Siran Faulders
Product Number: 200614126
$12.00  Audio CD
6. The New Face of Racial/Ethnic Disproportionality
Sue Gamm
Product Number: 200614127
$12.00  Audio CD
7. Issues in Strategies in Supporting Students
Cathy Pratt, Kristie Lofland
Product Number: 200614128
$12.00  Audio CD
8. Where NCLB & IDEA Meet
Judy Elliott
Product Number: 200614129
$12.00  Audio CD
9. Making the Tough Decisions on Disputes
Howard Fulfrost
Product Number: 200614130
$12.00  Audio CD
10. Special Needs Transportation
Peggy Burns
Product Number: 200614131
$12.00  Audio CD
11. Proactive Planning for the Highly Qualified Paraeducator Staff Development
Mary Lasater
Product Number: 200614132
$12.00  Audio CD
12. Early Childhood Issues
Jeanne Kincaid
Product Number: 200614133
$12.00  Audio CD
13. Resolving Disputes Under IDEA 2004
Lyn Beekman
Product Number: 200614134
$12.00  Audio CD
14. Student Discipline Under IDEA 2004
Dave Hodgins
Product Number: 200614135
$12.00  Audio CD
16. Transfer Students
Zvi Greismann
Product Number: 200614137
$12.00  Audio CD
17. Ethics
Kathy Mehfoud
Product Number: 200614138
$12.00  Audio CD
1. Ask the Experts – Wednesday
Chris Borreca, Elena Gallegos, Gerald Zelin
Product Number: 200614139
$12.00  Audio CD
Concluding General Session: The Case of the Student with LD in the New Era: A Mock Legal A...
William Hurd, Jose Martín, Geral Zelin
Product Number: 200614140
$12.00  Audio CD
Post Institute Symposium #1: Designing Postive Behavior Supports for Students Across the A...
Cathy Pratt, James Ball
Product Number: 200614141
$36.00  Audio CD
Post Institute Symposium #2: Understanding and Responding to Bullying as an Obstacle to FA...
John H. Hoover
Product Number: 200614142
$36.00  Audio CD
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