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National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO)

Breaking the Barriers
Dallas, TX - September 12-14, 2005

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Breaking the Barriers
Get the Complete Meeting, 18 Individual Sessions on 18 Standard Audio CDs
Product Number: 200538998
$200.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions
Breaking the Barriers
Multimedia CD-ROM: (BEST VALUE) Every Session Listed Below Plus a Limited Number of Handou...
Product Number: 200538994
$199.00  CD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

Ten Methods to Improve Your Prospecting & Closing
Kelley, Legalos
Product Number: 200538100
$15.00  Audio CD
Strategic Decisions to Maximize Your PEO’s Equity Value
Danon, Wilson
Product Number: 200538101
$15.00  Audio CD
Human Capital Management: Leveraging Your PEO Platform
Doherty, Keegan
Product Number: 200538102
$15.00  Audio CD
Wage and Hour DOL Audits
Berger, Perkins
Product Number: 200538103
$15.00  Audio CD
A Look Inside PEO PEO Profitability Management
Product Number: 200538104
$15.00  Audio CD
The Top Ten PEO Marketing Ideas for 2006
Daniel, Dodd, Rhoden
Product Number: 200538105
$15.00  Audio CD
The Future Direction of DOL Health Plan Audits
Product Number: 200538106
$15.00  Audio CD
Making the Move to a Loss Sensitive Workers’ Comp Program
Hughes, McHenry, Rendel
Product Number: 200538107
$15.00  Audio CD
Next Generation IT Business Solutions
Hackworth, Jolly
Product Number: 200538108
$15.00  Audio CD
The ASO Model: Profitability or Liability?
Adams, Blubaugh, Kazaglis
Product Number: 200538109
$15.00  Audio CD
Consumerism in Healthcare
Jacobs, Kirkpatrick
Product Number: 200538110
$15.00  Audio CD
Is Your PEO Protected from Identity Theft?
Product Number: 200538111
$15.00  Audio CD
The Future of HR Outsourcing
Hardin, Meyers, Miller
Product Number: 200538112
$15.00  Audio CD
Working with Brokers: Develop a New Distribution Channel
Dominguez, Lettellier, Perlberg
Product Number: 200538113
$15.00  Audio CD
Performance Standards for Self-Funded Health Plans
Rice, Schafir, Schilling
Product Number: 200538114
$15.00  Audio CD
Keynote Address with Rick Barrera: OverPromise OverDeliver
Rick Barrera
Product Number: 200538115
$15.00  Audio CD
Keynote Address with Terry Jones: Breaking Through Technology Barriers
Terry Jones
Product Number: 200538116
$15.00  Audio CD
Closing Luncheon with Verne Harnish: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: Breaking Through Ma...
Verne Harnish
Product Number: 200538117
$15.00  Audio CD
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