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Angelman Syndrome Foundation

Reach for the Stars - Ninth Biennial Conference
Anaheim, CA - June 28 ‚Äď July 2, 2005

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Reach for the Stars - Ninth Biennial Conference
Get the Complete Meeting, 15 Individual Sessions on Standard Audio CDs
Product Number: 200528998
$385.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions
Reach for the Stars - Ninth Biennial Conference
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Individual Sessions

#111: (Shared session) Scientific Session: Novel paternally expressed non-coding RNA trans...
Dr. Victoria Buettner; Dr. Sarika Peters
Product Number: 200528100
$13.00  Audio CD
#122: Scientific Session: From Infancy to Old Age
Dr. Michel Philippart
Product Number: 200528101
$13.00  Audio CD
#133: (Shared session) Scientific Session: Sleep disorders in AS; a comprehensive study by...
Dr. Maurizio Elia; Dr. Carlos Bacino
Product Number: 200528102
$13.00  Audio CD
#144: (Shared session) Scientific Session: The Angelman Syndrome Facial Phenotype in 3D an...
Dr. Peter Hammond; Dr. Jane Summers
Product Number: 200528103
$13.00  Audio CD
#155: (Shared session) Scientific Session: Recent molecular studies of Angelman syndrome a...
Dr. Carlos Bacino; Dr. Lynne Bird
Product Number: 200528104
$13.00  Audio CD
#166: The Adolescent's Experience of Having a Sibling with Angelman Syndrome
Dr. Robin Wilkerson
Product Number: 200528105
$13.00  Audio CD
#211: Scientific Keynote Session

Product Number: 200528106
$13.00  Audio CD
Keynote Plenary Session #300: Angelman Syndrome after 40 Years: Current Knowledge and Futu...
Dr. Joseph Wagstaff, MD, PhD
Product Number: 200528107
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #311: Results of a trial of folic acid and betaine in Angelman syndrome and future...
Dr. Art Beaudet, Dr. Carlos Bacino
Product Number: 200528108
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #321: Special Needs Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Richard Mungo
Product Number: 200528109
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #331: Beyond Drugs: the Use of Ketogenic Diet, Vagal Nerve Stimulator and Epilepsy...
Dr. Susan Koh
Product Number: 200528110
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #341: Seizures: General Overview with a Special Focus on AS
Dr. Elizabeth Thiele
Product Number: 200528111
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #351: Angelman 101 AS Basics
Dr. Charles Williams
Product Number: 200528112
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #312: Strabismus: Treatment Options
Dr. Colin Scher
Product Number: 200528113
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #322: Chiropractic Care and Craniofacial Massage
Dr. Rod Escobedo
Product Number: 200528114
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #332: Seizure Medications Currently Used to Treat Epilepsy in AS: A Current Resear...
Dr. Mark Nespeca
Product Number: 200528115
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #342: Gynecologic Care of Women and Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities
Dr. Susan Ernst
Product Number: 200528116
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #352: Gastroenterology Issues: Reflux, G-tubes and Cyclic Vomiting
Dr. Jorge Vargas
Product Number: 200528117
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #313: Ask the Doctors Panel - Genetics
Dr. Lynne Bird, Dr. Charles Williams, Dr. Art Beaudet
Product Number: 200528118
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #323: Ask the Doctors Panel - Seizures
Dr. Elizabeth Thiele, Dr. Mark Nespeca, Dr. Terry Hutchison
Product Number: 200528119
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #333: Ask the Doctors Panel - Feeding Issues: Reflux, G-tubes and Cyclic Vomiting
Dr. Jorge Vargas, Dr. Debbie Cahill
Product Number: 200528120
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #343: Ask the Doctors Panes - Behaviors and Communication
Dr. Tim Freeman, Dr. Jane Summers, Dr. Stephen Calculator
Product Number: 200528121
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #353: Adult AS Panel
Peter Kinzler, Pat Napoliello
Product Number: 200528122
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #411: IEPís: How to Achieve Accountability
Dr. Barbara Lyons
Product Number: 200528123
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #421: Language and Communication Options for Individuals with AS
Dr. Robin Alvares, Dr. Katya Hill
Product Number: 200528124
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #431: Brain Highways
Alma Galvan
Product Number: 200528125
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #441: Education Inclusion: A Worldwide Movement
Dr. Rea Kirk
Product Number: 200528126
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #412: Rights Under IDEA
Maureen Graves
Product Number: 200528127
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #422: Letís Play Yoga: Yoga Techniques to Facilitate Motor Skills for Children wit...
Michele Rooney Harriman
Product Number: 200528128
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #432: Enhanced Natural Gestures in AS children
Dr. Stephen Calculator
Product Number: 200528129
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #413: In Harmony: Integrating Successful Music Therapy Strategies
Angela Neve, Julie Guy
Product Number: 200528130
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #423: ABA in Children with Angelman Syndrome
Dr. Jane Summers
Product Number: 200528131
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #433: Communication Development
Dr. Stephen Calculator
Product Number: 200528132
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #443: Paws With A Causeģ: Seizure Dogs: What They Do and Who Could Benefit
Jacalyn Post
Product Number: 200528133
$13.00  Audio CD
Keynote Plenary Session #500: Protected Tomorrows
Mary Anne Ehlert
Product Number: 200528134
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #511: The Arc: a place for us all to belong, benefit and thrive
Pat Napoliello
Product Number: 200528135
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #521: Fundraising
Jay Vogelsang
Product Number: 200528136
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #531: Dealing with Problematic Behavior
Dr. Tim Freeman
Product Number: 200528137
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #541: Supports to Work and Live in the Community
Linda Seppala
Product Number: 200528138
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #551: A Day in the Life of a 59-year-old Angel
Devar Burbage
Product Number: 200528139
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #512: Sleep Problems in Children with Autism and Their Parents
Dr. Dwight Sweeney
Product Number: 200528140
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #522: Angelman Syndrome Sibling Study
Dr. Robin Wilkerson
Product Number: 200528141
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #532: Positive Behavior and Support Strategies
Rachel Koosed
Product Number: 200528142
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #542: Vision of Hope
Mary Anne Ehlart
Product Number: 200528143
$13.00  Audio CD
Session #552: Car Safety
Roxanne Woods
Product Number: 200528144
$13.00  Audio CD
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