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American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE)
14th Annual Meeting and Clinical Congress
Washington, DC - May 18-22, 2005

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Individual Sessions

Satellite Symposia #1 - Managing Metabolic Imbalance via the Endocannabinoid System: A Nov...

Product Number: 200519100
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #2 - Realizing Near-Normoglycemia: Achieving and Sustaining A1C Goals i...

Product Number: 200519101
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #3 - Hot Topics in Thyroid Disease

Product Number: 200519102
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #4 - PPARa: Is it the Key to Unlock Greater Cardiovascular Risk Reducti...

Product Number: 200519103
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia#5 - Individualized Treatment Options for Osteoporosis: Addressing Unmet...

Product Number: 200519104
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #6 - Optimizing Thyroid Hormone Therapy of Hypothyroidism

Product Number: 200519105
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #7 - The Kidney is a Key Link Between Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disea...

Product Number: 200519106
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #8 - - Cell Preservation: The Science Behind the Emerging Therapies

Product Number: 200519107
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #9 - The Parathyroid Cell: Exploring Treatment Options for Common and U...

Product Number: 200519108
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #10 - Insulin Sensitizers for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes: Implica...

Product Number: 200519109
$20.00  Audio CD
Menopause Management Issues
Jennifer Hays, PhD
Product Number: 200519110
$15.00  Audio CD
Pregnancy and Thyroid Disease
Paul W. Ladenson, MD
Product Number: 200519111
$15.00  Audio CD
New Guidelines for Prevention of CAD in Women
Judy Hsia, MD
Product Number: 200519112
$15.00  Audio CD
Hypothalamic - Pituitary - Ovarian Dysfunction in Women Athletes and Anorexics
Christos Mantzoros, MD, FACE
Product Number: 200519113
$15.00  Audio CD
Keynote Address
Elias Zerhouni, MD, Director NIH
Product Number: 200519114
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #1 - Office Based Clinical Research and New Strategies for Improving Drug Trials ...
Kenneth S. Hershon, MD & Robert I. Misbin, MD
Product Number: 200519115
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #2 - PCOS and Premature Adrenarche: Relationship to Insulin Resistance
David Harry Geller, MD
Product Number: 200519116
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #3 - Diabetes in Pregnancy
Lois Jovanovic, MD, FACE
Product Number: 200519117
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #4 - Precocious Puberty
Barry B. Bercu, MD
Product Number: 200519118
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #5 - Subclinical Thyroid Disease
David S. Cooper, MD
Product Number: 200519119
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #6 - One Problem - Two Genders - One Hormone
Richard F. Spark, MD, FACE
Product Number: 200519120
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #7 - Office Survival Skills for the Pediatric Endocrinologist
William B. Zipf, MD & A. Jay Cohen, MD, FACE
Product Number: 200519121
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #8a - Challenging Thyroid Cases - Presented in conjunction with The Endocrine Nur...
Marge Ewertz, RN & Paul W. Ladenson, MD
Product Number: 200519122
$15.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #11 - Vitamin D Today: Reducing the Risk of Falls and Fracture

Product Number: 200519124
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #12 - The Connection: Glycemic Control and Hypertension

Product Number: 200519125
$20.00  Audio CD
Novel Dietary Approaches to Pediatric Obesity
David S. Ludwig, MD
Product Number: 200519126
$15.00  Audio CD
Regulation of Appetite: Strategies for Pharmacologic Intervention
Judith Korner, MD
Product Number: 200519127
$15.00  Audio CD
Hypertension and Diabetes
James Sowers, MD
Product Number: 200519128
$15.00  Audio CD
New Biomarkers of Vascular Disease
Christie Ballantyne, MD
Product Number: 200519129
$15.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #13 - Cardiovascular Disease and Hypothyroidism: Can Optimizing Therapy...

Product Number: 200519130
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #14 - Advancing Care and Compliance in Diabetes: New Evidence, Tools an...

Product Number: 200519131
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposium#15 - Evolving Directions in the Clinical Management of Osteoporosis: R...

Product Number: 200519132
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposium #16 - The Incretin Effect: How a New Class of Pharmacologic Agents May...

Product Number: 200519133
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposium #17 - The Epidemic of Uncontrolled Secondary Hyperparathyroidism: New ...

Product Number: 200519134
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposium #18 - Novel Therapeutic Options for Diabetes Treatment: Benefits Beyon...

Product Number: 200519135
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite #20 - Strategies for Achieving Target Glycemic Control

Product Number: 200519136
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposia #21 - Understanding Female Sexual Dysfunction and the Role of Testoster...

Product Number: 200519137
$20.00  Audio CD
Satellite Symposium #22 Inhaled Insulin: An Innovative Approach to Meeting the Challenge...

Product Number: 200519138
$20.00  Audio CD
Osteoporosis: 2005 and Beyond
Robert Lindsay, MD, PhD, FRCP, FACE
Product Number: 200519139
$15.00  Audio CD
Natural History and Medical Aspects of Hyperparathyroidism
John P. Bilezikian, MD, MACE
Product Number: 200519140
$15.00  Audio CD
Diagnosis and Management of Tumors of Adrenal Medulla
Karel Pacak, MD
Product Number: 200519141
$15.00  Audio CD
Pathophysiology of Atherogenic Dyslipidemia
Ronald M. Krauss, MD
Product Number: 200519142
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #1 - Update on Coding and Reimbursement
S. Sethu K. Reddy, MD, MBA, FACE
Product Number: 200519143
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #2 - Patient Centered Endocrine Practice - Management Insights
Rosemarie Nelson, MS
Product Number: 200519144
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #3 - Osteoporosis Management Issues
Nelson B. Watts, MD, MACE
Product Number: 200519145
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #4 - Endocrinologists and Performance Enhancing Drugs
Paul C. Carpenter, MD, FACE & Gary I. Wadler, MD, FACP, FACSM
Product Number: 200519146
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #5 - Use of Allied Health Professionals as a Team in the Endocrine Office
Scott Urquhart, PA, Daniel Einhorn, MD, FACE and Marge Ewertz, RN
Product Number: 200519147
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #6 - Medical Aspects of Obesity
Jeffrey I. Mechanick, MD, FACP, FACN, FACE & David A. Westbrock, MD, FACP, FACE
Product Number: 200519148
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #7 - Surgical Management of Obesity
Noel Williams, MD
Product Number: 200519149
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #8 - Osteomalacia & Rickets: Diagnosis and Management
Suzanne Jan DeBeur, MD & Ingrid Holm, MD
Product Number: 200519150
$15.00  Audio CD
Workshop #9 - Oral Poster Presentations

Product Number: 200519151
$15.00  Audio CD
Challenging Thyroid Cases
Steven I. Sherman, MD, FACE
Product Number: 200519152
$15.00  Audio CD
The Science Behind Insulin Analogues
Pierre De Meyts, MD, PhD, FACE
Product Number: 200519153
$15.00  Audio CD
Endocrinologia y Diabetologia en Espanol: Selected Topics Presented in Spanish for Endocr...

Product Number: 200519154
$20.00  Audio CD
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