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LRP National Institute

26th National Institute on Legal Issues of Educating Individuals with Disabilities
Las Vegas - May 2-5, 2005

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Audio CD-ROM
Audio CD-ROM: (BEST VALUE) Every Session Listed Below For Playback on Computer or MP3 Play...
Product Number: 200517999
$159.00  Order Full Meeting on MP3 CD-ROM
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Every listed session on audio CD for playback in standard CD player
Product Number: 200517998
$499.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

Pre-symposium 1: IEP Team Leaders' Academy Part 1: Preparing for the IEP Meeting

Product Number: 200517100
$24.00  Audio CD
Pre-symposium 1: IEP Team Leaders' Academy Part 2: Conducting the IEP Meeting

Product Number: 200517101
$50.00  Audio CD
Pre-symposium 2: Creating a Self -Sustaining System of Positive Approaches to Discipline a...

Product Number: 200517102
$50.00  Audio CD
Pre-symposium 3: How to Become a More Efficient, More Effective Hearing Officer

Product Number: 200517103
$50.00  Audio CD
Pre-symposium 4: Collecting, Evaluating and Utilizing the Best Data for Instructional Impr...

Product Number: 200517104
$24.00  Audio CD
The New IDEA: Challenges in Special Ed Law and Implementation

Product Number: 200517105
$12.00  Audio CD
Workshop A: The Bottom Line on IDEA Discipline: A Simplified Approach to Understanding the...

Product Number: 200517106
$12.00  Audio CD
Workshop B: Creating Solid IEP Procedures and Documents under IDEA 04

Product Number: 200517107
$12.00  Audio CD
Workshop D: Compliance Conundrums: Implementation Pitfalls to Avoid While Waiting for the ...

Product Number: 200517109
$12.00  Audio CD
Workshop E: Legal Issues in Autism Methodologies Debate

Product Number: 200517110
$12.00  Audio CD
Workshop F: STEEP Proven, Time-Efficient Procedures for Reducing Referrals, over-identific...

Product Number: 200517111
$12.00  Audio CD
Workshop G: Accommodations, Modifications and Differentiated Instruction: Better Outcomes ...

Product Number: 200517112
$12.00  Audio CD
Workshop H: Developing a Behavior Intervention Plan That Works

Product Number: 200517113
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 1: Section 504: What Does it Really Require

Product Number: 200517114
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 2: How Change Systemwide Reading Instruction Based on Case Law and Data Analysis

Product Number: 200517115
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 3: Can You Hear Me Now? Litigation and Cochlear Implants

Product Number: 200517116
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 4: Don't Gamble on Interventions in the High-Stakes World of Standards, Accountabi...

Product Number: 200517117
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 5: Innovations in Post-Reauthorization Private School Relations: Child Find, Consu...

Product Number: 200517118
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 6: Get Out of the Box and Resolve Your Disputes! Weird, Wonderful Approaches to AD...

Product Number: 200517119
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 7: The New Face of Transition: How to Align Standards-Based Education and Transiti...

Product Number: 200517120
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 8: Strategies for Returning Students to the LRE: Creating Supportive General Educa...

Product Number: 200517121
$12.00  Audio CD
A View from the Top

Product Number: 200517123
$12.00  Audio CD
The Year in Review: 2004 - 2005

Product Number: 200517124
$12.00  Audio CD
CSI: Special Education - Investigations in Search of Culturally Responsive Classrooms and ...

Product Number: 200517125
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 10: Stump the Attorneys!

Product Number: 200517126
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 11: Delivering IDEA Programs and Services in Charter Schools: The Forces That Defi...

Product Number: 200517127
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 12: Navigating the LRE Maze: What Do the Courts and IDEA '04 Say About Inclusion

Product Number: 200517128
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 13: It's All About Relationships: Skills, Strategies and Techniques for Handling D...

Product Number: 200517129
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 14: Is Your Section 504 Process Foolproof?

Product Number: 200517130
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 15: What is New in Compensatory Education Services?

Product Number: 200517131
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 16: From the Principal's Tough Kid Briefcase: Handling Discipline Dilemmas

Product Number: 200517132
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 17: A Model IEP Team

Product Number: 200517133
$24.00  Audio CD
Seminar 18: Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty on NCLB's Requirements for Testing Students w...

Product Number: 200517134
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 19: OCR: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Major Findings and What to Do If You're Inves...

Product Number: 200517135
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 20: Is Special Education's Biggest "Problem" General Education?

Product Number: 200517136
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 21: Warning Signs: How to Spot Reading Problems Before It's Too Late

Product Number: 200517137
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 23: How to Determine When 1:1 Support Is the Right Form of Assistance for Students...

Product Number: 200517139
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 24: FERPA and HIPAA: How to Successfully Navigate the Legal Maze of Student Educat...

Product Number: 200517140
$12.00  Audio CD
Seminar 25: Ethics for Special Education Attorneys

Product Number: 200517141
$12.00  Audio CD
Riding Out the Storm: The Delicate Balance of Might and Right

Product Number: 200517142
$12.00  Audio CD
Post-Institute Symposium 1: Avoiding, Mediating, Settling and Litigating Due Process Heari...

Product Number: 200517143
$24.00  Audio CD
Post-Institute Symposium 2: Legal and Practical Issues of Serving Students with Asperger's...

Product Number: 200517144
$24.00  Audio CD
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