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National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees

Trustees Convention
San Diego - September 8-12, 2004

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees Trustees Convention
Full Meeting
Product Number: 200438999
$209.00  Order Full Meeting on MP3 CD-ROM
National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees Trustees Convention
Full Meeting
Product Number: 200438997

Individual Sessions

Opening Remarks & Welcome; Chapter 7 Ethics Issues; Case Studies & Real Life
David Ray, Richard Kipperman
Product Number: 200438101
$13.00  Audio CD
Administration of Small Asset Cases
Steve Katzman, William Neary
Product Number: 200438102
$13.00  Audio CD
Common Tax Mistakes in Bankruptcy & Insolvency Matters
Christopher Barclay, David Agler
Product Number: 200438103
$13.00  Audio CD
Chasing the Alter Ego - the Once Removed Assets
Jenice Golson-Dunlap, Hon. Peter Bowie, Dan Schecter
Product Number: 200438104
$13.00  Audio CD
Civil Enforcement Panel on Attorney Misconduct;
Mark Redmiles, Gail Geiger, Timothy O'Neal
Product Number: 200438105
$13.00  Audio CD
IP Sales & Liens
Laura Davis Jones, Brian Sagi
Product Number: 200438106
$13.00  Audio CD
New Developments
Hon. Barry Schermer, Hon. James Gregg, Sam Crocker
Product Number: 200438107
$13.00  Audio CD
Advice from the Bard: Borrowing, Lending & Bankruptcy in the Works of William Shakespeare
Mark Metz
Product Number: 200438109
$13.00  Audio CD
U.S. Supreme Court Cases Till & Hood; Their Probable Impact on Trustee Practices
Kenneth Klee, Stephan Ray
Product Number: 200438110
$13.00  Audio CD
Bankruptcy & Dissolutions
Hon. Louise DeCarl Adler, Hon. Leslie Tchaikovsky, Hon. Marlene Weinstein
Product Number: 200438111
$13.00  Audio CD
Disclosures in Real Estate Transactions Under Bankruptcy
Yossina Lissebeck, Howard Fallman, Mike Dullea
Product Number: 200438112
$13.00  Audio CD
D & O - Bad Acts Good Money for the Estate
Kirk Hulett, Cheryl Jordan
Product Number: 200438113
$13.00  Audio CD
New Developments a Trustee Perspective
Richard Marshack, Jeffrey Golden, Sam Crocker, Neil Gordon
Product Number: 200438114
$13.00  Audio CD
What is Wrong with the UCC, The Expanded Power of the Trustee Under the New Article 9
Hon. Redfield Baum
Product Number: 200438115
$13.00  Audio CD
Do's & Doníts a Judicial Prospective

Product Number: 200438116
$13.00  Audio CD
Opening Remarks & Introduction; It's All About Numbers
Michael Wagner
Product Number: 200438117
$13.00  Audio CD
Stepping into a Chapter 11 & What Happens When it Converts
Robert Furr
Product Number: 200438118
$13.00  Audio CD
Have I Got a Deal for You!
Marc Barmat
Product Number: 200438119
$13.00  Audio CD
UST Audits & Field Exams for 2005 & Beyond
Sara Kistler, Suzanne Hazard, William Leonard, Elizabeth Benson
Product Number: 200438120
$13.00  Audio CD
Organizing the Paperless Office
Fran Rothwell
Product Number: 200438121
$13.00  Audio CD
The Hands On & Practical Issues of Civil Enforcement
Antonia Darling, Mark Redmiles
Product Number: 200438122
$13.00  Audio CD
How to Run an Efficient Office & Selling Assets on NABT Website
Darcy Ackerman, Darlene Anderson, Melanie Campbell
Product Number: 200438123
$13.00  Audio CD
Reviewing Petitions & Schedules Using Adobe Acrobat
John Roberts
Product Number: 200438124
$13.00  Audio CD
How to Recover Insurance Premiums Receivables Without an Attorney
David Kruger
Product Number: 200438125
$13.00  Audio CD
Collecting Preferences & Account
Lori Gahl, Carla Ward
Product Number: 200438126
$13.00  Audio CD
The Hands on Way to Administer Claims
Richard Lorenz
Product Number: 200438127
$13.00  Audio CD
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