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American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC)

Practice Art: Business Craft
Memphis - June 10-12, 2004

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

ASTC Practice Art: Business Craft

Product Number: 200424999
$209.00  Order Full Meeting on MP3 CD-ROM
ASTC Practice Art: Business Craft

Product Number: 200424997

Individual Sessions

Learn With the Masters - Analyzing Qualitative Data in Small Sample Surveys or - "Have Yo...
David Walonick
Product Number: 200424101
$39.00  Audio CD
Trial Consulting 101: The Nuts & Bolts of the Profession
Patricia McEvoy, Philip Monte
Product Number: 200424102
$26.00  Audio CD
Learn With the Masters - The Effective Witness
Stanley L. Brodsky
Product Number: 200424103
$26.00  Audio CD
Shadow Juries: Limitations, Benefits & Ethical Considerations
Tara Trask, Kacy Miller, Jason S. Bloom, La Verne Morris
Product Number: 200424104
$13.00  Audio CD
Juror Stress & Jury Debriefing
Karen Gold
Product Number: 200424105
$13.00  Audio CD
Learn With the Masters - The Arizona Jury Experiment: A Striking Departure - Juror's Discu...
Shari Seidman
Product Number: 200424107
$13.00  Audio CD
Impact & Solutions for Recruiting & Sampling in a "Do Not Call" Environment
Susan MacPherson, JJ Cramer, Bill Falvo, Patricia Rhinehart, Dan Jarrett
Product Number: 200424108
$13.00  Audio CD
Panel Discussion: Ethical Considerations in the Trial Consultant's Practice
Moderator: Richard P. Matthews, Reed L. Malkin, Lucian T. Pera
Product Number: 200424110
$13.00  Audio CD
The Care & Feeding of Lawyers & Witnesses: Challenges in the Lawyer-Witness-Trial Consulta...
Katherine James, Shelley Spiecker, Scott S. Barker, Randolph M. Jame
Product Number: 200424111
$13.00  Audio CD
Managing the Business Side of Trial Consulting;
Rob Gulans, Doug Keene, Chris Dominic
Product Number: 200424112
$13.00  Audio CD
Preparation with Power
Richard S. Plattner
Product Number: 200424113
$13.00  Audio CD
The Role Modern Media Play in 21st Century Legal Issues
Scott Mitchell
Product Number: 200424114
$13.00  Audio CD
Acting for Trial Consultants
Gillian Drake
Product Number: 200424116
$13.00  Audio CD
Proposed: It Would Be Desirable for the ASTC to Certify Trial Consultants; A Public Debate
Moderator: Ronald J. Matlon, Karen Lisko, Scott Barker, Lucy Keele, Robert J. Feldhake, ...
Product Number: 200424117
$13.00  Audio CD
Post-Trial Jury Interviewing: Professional Standards & Practice Guidelines
Dianna Wynn
Product Number: 200424118
$13.00  Audio CD
Furthering Graduate Education & Training in Trial Consulting
Chair: Robert D Ridge, Ronald J. Matlon
Product Number: 200424119
$13.00  Audio CD
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