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National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

Addiction Treatment Leadership Conference
Tampa - May 18-21, 2004

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Addiction Treatment Leadership Conference 2004

Product Number: 200422999
$159.00  Order Full Meeting on MP3 CD-ROM
Addiction Treatment Leadership Conference 2004

Product Number: 200422997

Individual Sessions

Plenary Session: Leadership in Addiction Treatment
John Stahl-Wert
Product Number: 200422101
$13.00  Audio CD
Using Technology Transfer to Support the Addiction Treatment Field

Product Number: 200422103
$26.00  Audio CD
Organizational "Make Over" -How Brighton Hospital Moved into the 21st Century

Product Number: 200422104
$26.00  Audio CD
Pain Management
Ed Mulligan, MD
Product Number: 200422105
$26.00  Audio CD
Incorporating Methadone Maintenance Programs into an Abstinence Based Treatment System
Mike Rizzi, Linda Barry, David Lima, David Spencer
Product Number: 200422106
$13.00  Audio CD
Increasing Human Impact: Building Stewardship with Colleagues for Colleagues

Product Number: 200422107
$13.00  Audio CD
Demonstration of Electronic Records
Kate Lubanovic
Product Number: 200422108
$13.00  Audio CD
Plenary Session: The National Drug Control Strategy: Priorities & Initiatives
Andrea Barthwell, MD
Product Number: 200422109
$13.00  Audio CD
West Quality Improvement Breakfast: Rosecrance Health Network

Product Number: 200422110
$13.00  Audio CD
Quality Matters: The Business Case for Improving Chemical Dependency Services
Becky J. Cherney, Delia Olufokunbi, Johanna Sabin
Product Number: 200422111
$13.00  Audio CD
Awakening the Spirit: A Guide to Developing a Spiritual Program in Addiction Recovery;
David F. O'Connell
Product Number: 200422112
$13.00  Audio CD
Addiction Treatment & the Adoption of Best Practices: Program & Staff Level Opportunities ...
J. Aaron Johnson, PhD, Lori Duchame, PhD, Hannah K. Knudsen, PhD, Paul M. Roman, PhD
Product Number: 200422113
$13.00  Audio CD
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