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Pan-American Society for Clinical Virology

20th Annual Clinical Virology Symposium
Clearwater Beach - April 25-27, 2004

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

20th Annual Clinical Virology Symposium

Product Number: 200420999
$109.00  Order Full Meeting on MP3 CD-ROM
20th Annual Clinical Virology Symposium

Product Number: 200420997

Individual Sessions

Practical Issues in Clinical Virology-Fundamentals of Serology; Understanding Tissue Cultu...
Diane Leland, PhD; Christine Ginocchio, PhD; Gregory Storch, MD
Product Number: 200420101
$26.00  Audio CD
Panel Discussions - Selecting a System for Performing Real-Time PCR; Introduction to Real-...
James Mahony, PhD; Elizabeth A. Macias, PhD, D(ABMM); Eric H. Frost, PhD; Sue Kehl, PhD
Product Number: 200420102
$13.00  Audio CD
Panel Discussions Role of the Virology Laboratory in Training (Providers, Staff ,Student...
Sheryl Johnston, MS ; Belinda Yen-Lieberman, PhD; Craig Jestila, MBA/HCM; Christine Robins...
Product Number: 200420103
$13.00  Audio CD
Norovirus Disease
Stephen Monroe, PhD
Product Number: 200420104
$13.00  Audio CD
SARS: Tracking an Epidemic as it Emerges
David L. Heymann; MD
Product Number: 200420105
$13.00  Audio CD
Viruses: Implications for Transfusion Medicine
Michael Busch, MD
Product Number: 200420106
$13.00  Audio CD
Hepatitis C Virus: Evolving Guidelines & Paradigms
Michael Fried, MD
Product Number: 200420108
$13.00  Audio CD
Detection of Viruses in Clinical Specimens using Electron Microscopy
Sara Miller, PhD
Product Number: 200420109
$13.00  Audio CD
Human Papillomavirus Diagnostics Update
Christine Ginocchio, PhD
Product Number: 200420110
$13.00  Audio CD
Diagnosis of Human Polyomavirus Infections
Gregory Storch, MD
Product Number: 200420111
$13.00  Audio CD
Philip Hanff Memorial Clinical Case Presentations & Discussion
Richard Hodinka, PhD; Marie Landry, MD
Product Number: 200420112
$26.00  Audio CD
Entry Inhibitors for Treatement of HIV Disease
Robert Doms, MD, PhD
Product Number: 200420113
$13.00  Audio CD
Adeno-Associated Virus as a Vehicle for Gene Therapy
Kenneth Burns, MD, PhD
Product Number: 200420114
$13.00  Audio CD
Flumist for Prevention of Influenza
Frederick Hayden, PhD
Product Number: 200420115
$13.00  Audio CD
Measles Eradication: Still a Target
Peter Strebel, MD
Product Number: 200420116
$13.00  Audio CD
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