Library Session Listing

TGS1: “But Why Bone?”
TGS3: Diabetes Management: Applications of High Tech Innovations
FGS1: Osteoporosis: History of FRAX
SGS1: Evolution and Revolution of Radioiodine Refractory Thyroid Cancer
SGS2: Advances in Pituitary
SGS3: Select Abstract Oral Presentations I
SGS4: Select Abstract Oral Presentations II
SGS5: Creating the Ecosystem to Support Effective Technology for Patients with Diabetes
SGS6: Late Breaking Oral Presentations (Non-CME)
SGS7: Multidisciplinary Approach to Endocrine Disease: MEN 2A
SGS8:Multidisciplinary Approach to Endocrine Disease: Hypoparathyroidism
SGS9: Multidisciplinary Approach to Endocrine Disease: Thyroid Cancer - Alpha to Omega
T11: Different Approach to Obesity in T1D vs. T2DM
T21: Decision Support System for the Treatment of Diabetes (Non-CME)
T31:Evolving to Precision Thyroid Cancer Care
T41: FRAX in Diabetes and Underserved Populations
T51: Transition for the Growth Hormone Treated Patient from the Pediatric to Adult Clinic
T61: Approach to Pseudo Endocrine Patients
T71: Personalized Diabetes Management: Cultural Considerations
T12: Interpreting Lipid Guidelines: How Low Should You Go?
T22: Diabetic Foot: Diagnostic Innovations for the Endocrinologist
T32: Endocrine Care of Oncology Patients
T73: Learning From Legends
F11: Heart Failure: The Frequent, Forgotten and Fatal Complication of Type 2 Diabetes
F21: The Transition Process: Key to Continued Best Endocrine Care
F31: Innovations in Evaluation and Management of Adrenal Diseases
F41: Integrating Guidelines, Experience and Clinical Judgement in the Management of Thyroid Cancer
F51: Practical Issues for Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants in an Endocrine Practice
F12: The Diabetic Foot: Clear and Unpleasant Danger
F32: Metabolic Bone Disease: What's New in 2017?
F42: The Aging Patient: Endocrinology for the Ages
F52: Sustaining Your Endocrine Practice
F62: Insulin Resistance in Latinos: A Nationwide Epidemic
S11: Approach to Hypogonadal Men: Management Strategies
S21: Challenging Pituitary Cases
S31: Skin & Endocrine Disorders: Beyond the Usual
S41: Molecular Markers in Thyroid Nodule Evaluation
S51: Weight Management in Underserved Populations
S61:Managing Transgender Youth
S71: SGLT2 Inhibitors Town Hall: Renal Microscope - Benefits and Concerns
S12: CGM in Pregnancy and Unique Populations
S22: Thyroid in Pregnancy and Newborn
S32: Clinical Cases of Endocrine Hypertension
S73: Learning from Legends
W11: Advanced Diabetes Technology Concepts
W21: Hot Topics in Bone Disease in 2017: Building Better Bones
W31: Providing Reproductive Endocrine Care in the Office
W41: Leading Edge of Practical Thyroidology
W22: The Practice of Obesity Medicine in 2017
W32: Endocrinologist - Surgeon: Critical Collaboration with Case-Based Conversations