Library Session Listing

TGS1 - Diabetes and the Microbiome
TGS2 - Metabolomics for the Clinician: Implications for the Treatment of Metabolic Disease
TGS3 - Co-Evolution of Scientific Disciplines and Therapies for Disorders of Lipid Metabolism
FGS1 - Pheochromocytoma: Then and Now - A 90 Year Journey
SGS1 - The Role of Molecular Markers for Treatment Decisions
SGS2 - The Obesity Epidemic - A Public Health Emergency?
SGS3 - Select Abstract Oral Presentations I
SGS4 - Select Abstract Oral Presentations II
SGS5 - Osteoporosis Drugs: Then and Now
SGS6 - Late Breaking Oral Presentations
SGS7 - Dilemmas in Thyroid Cancer: Endocrine/Surgical Consensus
SGS8 - Controversies in the Approach to Adrenal Nodules
SGS9 - The Mystery of the Hidden PTH Adenoma
T11 - The D-Lightful Vitamin D for Health: Truths and Myths
T21 - P/CP: How to Initiate Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: One Agent at a Time Versus Combination Therapy
T31 - Mild Hypercortisolism Due to Adrenal Adenoma - Is It Really "Subclinical?"
T41 - How Low Should You Go: Lipid Management in the PCSK9 Era
T51 - Endocrine Hypertension in 2016: Making the Diagnosis
T61 - Pediatric Endocrinology: Optimizing Growth
T71 - Practical Strategies for Management of the Pseudo-Endocrine Patient
T12 - Options for Treatment of Hypogonadism in Men Desiring Fertility Preservation
T22 - P/CP Radioactive Iodine in Papillary Thyroid Cancer: To Use or Not To Use...That is the Question
T32 - Is Insulin Therapy Inevitable in Management of Diabetes?
T73 - History of Diabetes Mellitus: 1500 B.C. to Present
S11 - Treatment of Severe Pediatric Obesity
S21 - Update on the Evaluation and Treatment of Paget's Disease
S31 - Hormone Replacement in the Menopausal Women: What Are the Data Telling Us (and Not Telling Us)?
S41 - Diagnosis and Management of Anabolic Steroid Abuse
S51 - Improving the Long-Term Management of Benign Thyroid Nodules
S61 - Active Surveillance Versus Surgery in Low-Risk Thyroid Cancer
S71 - Hyponatremia: Clinical Conundrums in Diagnosis and Treatment
S81 - Approach to the Transgender Adolescent:The Evaluation
S12 - Challenging Pituitary Cases
S22 - Emerging Therapies for Treatment of Hypoparathyroidism
S32 - Approach to the Transgender Adolescent: A Case Study of the Jennings Family
S72 - Osteoporosis Drug Holidays: Why and When and What's After
S73 - Medicine After the Holocaust
F11 - Thyroid Cancer Update
F21 - Endocrine Disorders During Pregnancy
F31 - AACE Comprehensive Clinical Practice Guidelines for Medical Care of Patients with Obesity
F41 - Diabetes Update 2016
F51 - Practical Clinical Guide to Endocrine Diseases for Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants
F61 - Novel Developments in Diabetes Technology
F12 - A Tribute to Saul Hertz: 75th Anniversary of the Use of Radioactive Iodine
F22 - Transgender Medicine: What an Endocrinologist Should Know
F32 - Endocrinology and Aging or "The Taper"
F42 - Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) Syndromes
F52 - 8th AACE/SMNE Joint Session: Reflections and Future Directions in Endocrinoloogy
F62 - The Future of Endocrinology Reimbursement
W11 - Diabetes Technology 2016
W21 - Inpatient Endocrinology Part 1: Diabetes and Nutrition
W31 - Cardiovascular Medicine for the Endocrinologists
W41 - Comprehensive Approach to Clinical Thyroidology
W12 - Inpatient Endocrinology Part 2: What an Endocrinologist Needs to Know About
W22 - The Practice of Obesity Medicine in 2016
W32 - Bone Disease in 2016: Beyond the Basics
W42 - AACE-ABIM Maintenance of Certification Session and Mini-Board Review Course