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ASTMH Program Book
01 - Plenary Session I: Keynote Address and Awards Program
02 - Malaria: Vaccines: Human Responses
03 - Malaria: Epidemiology - Reducing Malaria through Vector Control and Community Interventions
04 - Flavivirus: Dengue - Epidemiology
05 - Evaluating the Response of African Plasmodium falciparum to Artemisinin Combination Therapy in vivo, in vitro and in the Vector: New Approaches, New Markers, New Tools
06 - Mosquitoes: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics I
07 - The Influence of Mathematical Modeling on Policy in Tropical Medicine
08 - Market Based Approaches to Improving Public Health in Developing Countries
09 - Integrated Control Measures for Neglected Tropical Diseases
10 - Clinical Update: What's New in Literature?
11 - American Committee of Molecular, Cellular and Immunoparasitology (ACMCIP): Immunoparasitology I
12 - Adventures in Tropical Dermatology
13 - Beyond EPI: Integrating Malaria Vaccines into Control Programs
14 - Rapid Tests, Rational Treatment: Current Challenges, Future Prospects and Potential Impact in Scaling-Up Access to Diagnostic Testing for Malaria
15 - Drug Discovery Strategy for Malaria Eradication
16 - Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB)
17 - In an U.S. Election Year and Beyond, the Global Health Funding Landscape: Who and What You Need to Know and Why
18 - Bacteriology - Cholera
19 - The Influence of Microorganisms on the Behavior of Disease Vectors
20 - Beyond MDA to Sustained Control of Schistosomiasis and Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Interventions
21 - Dengue: Experimental Models of Infection
22 - Viruses: Other Viruses
23 - Ectoparasite-Borne Diseases
25 - Late Breakers in Clinical Tropical Medicine
26 - Meet the Professors A: Enigmatic and Teaching Cases
27 - Flavivirus: Dengue - Pathogenesis
28 - MESA - Malaria Eradication Scientific Alliance
29 - Beneficial and Harmful T Cells in Malaria: Lessons Learned
30 - Malaria: Drug Development: Primaquine and New Developments
31 - American Committee of Molecular, Cellular and Immunoparasitology (ACMCIP): Molecular Parasitology I
33 - Cestodes
34 - Developing Eradication Investment Cases of Onchocerciasis, Lymphatic Filariasis and Human African Trypanosomiasis
36 - American Committee of Medical Entomology (ACME) Symposium I: Annual Business Meeting, Student Travel Award and Hoogstraal Award Presentations
37 - Global Health: Technology, Education, Research and Disease Control
38 - Maternal Influenza Immunization in Developing Countries
39 - Malaria: Diagnostics: Methods and Impact
40 - Malaria: Assessing Methods and Progress Toward Malaria Elimination
41 - Primate Malaria Genomics: From Populations to Comparative Studies
42 - Malaria in Gem and Gold Mining Areas: Hotbeds of Drug Resistance?
43 - Development of Innovative and Robust Technologies for Global Health Challenges
45 - Kinetoplastida: Molecular Biology and Immunology
46 - Filariasis - Control
47 - Intestinal Nematodes
48 - American Committee of Medical Entomology (ACME) Symposium II: Signs of Success: Indicators to Demonstrate Impacts of Vector Intervention on Disease
49 - Oral Vaccine Underperformance: The Role of Environmental Enteropathy, Genetics and Undernutrition
50 - Mid-Term Progress at SCORE: The Schistosomiasis Consortium for Operational Research and Evaluation
51 - Plenary Session II: Charles Franklin Craig Lecture
52 - Every Last Case: Innovations in Malaria Surveillance in Low-Income Settings
53 - Dengue Vaccine Efficacy Trial Results and Implications
54 - American Committee of Molecular, Cellular and Immunoparasitology (ACMCIP): Immunoparasitology II
55 - Malaria: Molecular Biology: Genes to Genomes
56 - Mosquitoes: Vector Biology - Epidemiology I
57 - Evaluating the Modeling Effects of Implementing Multiple First Line/MFL ACT Treatments Versus REAL Life Data
58 - Bacteriology - Diarrhea, Pathogens and Nutrition
59 - Filariasis - Clinical
60 - Schistosomiasis: Molecular Biology
61 - Current Evidence and Challenges in Responding to Non-Malaria Febrile Illness in Africa
62 - The Burden of Surgical Disease in Developing Countries
63 - Kinetoplastida: Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Treatment
64 - Antimalarials in ACTion: Five Years of Evidence on Markets and Policy Change in Malaria Treatment
65 - Malaria: Epidemiology: Malaria in Children and Finding the Hotspots
66 - American Committee of Molecular, Cellular and Immunoparasitology (ACMCIP) Symposium and Annual Business Meeting: Ten Years of Genomics in Parasitology
67 - Malaria: Chemotherapy - Clinical Studies
68 - Architecture and Vector Control
69 - The Global Enteric Multi-Center Study (GEMS) of Severe Pediatric Diarrheal Disease: Translating Findings into Actions
71 - Mass Drug Administration for Neglected Tropical Diseases: Impact on Global Health
72 - Flavivirus: West Nile and Other Viruses
73 - Global Health: Health System Strengthening and Health Development
74 - Launching Careers in Tropical Disease Research: A Ten-Year Report of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund-ASTMH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tropical Infectious Diseases
75 - Post-Kala-Azar Dermal Leishmaniasis (PKDL): A Neglected Entity in Visceral Leishmaniasis: Introduction of a PKDL Consortium
77 - Why Publishing in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Makes a Difference
78 - Tropical Medicine in a Temperate Climate
79 - The Current and Future Role of Molecular Diagnostics in Drug and Vaccines Efficacy Trials: Can Microscopy Be Replaced?
80 - ASTMH Committee on Global Health (ACGH) Symposium and Annual Business Meeting: Making the Leap: From Training to a Career in Global Health
81 - Plasmodium Gametocytogenesis
82 - Poor Quality Antimalarial Drugs: Measuring, Mapping and Trying to Do Something about It
83 - American Committee on Arthropod-Borne Viruses (ACAV) Symposium I: Annual Business Meeting, Awards and Research Presentations by Previous Awardees
84 - Options for Water Quality Testing in Resource-Limited Settings: Assessing Scalability and Health Implications
85 - Cystic Echinococcosis in Sub-Saharan Africa: Facts and Fiction
86 - Vector Control for Outdoor and Day Biters: Will Repellency Work?
87 - Pneumonia, Respiratory Infections and Tuberculosis
88 - Diagnostic Tests for Helminthic NTD Control/Elimination Programs: Current Best Practices and Emerging Technologies
89 - Clinical Tropical Medicine I
90 - HIV in the Tropics
91 - Recipes for Clinical Development of Whole-Sporozoite Malaria Vaccines
92 - Update from the Frontiers of Global Polio Eradication: The View in 2012
93 - Mapping Artemisinin Resistance in the Mekong Region
94 - American Committee on Arthropod-Borne Viruses (ACAV) Symposium II: Molecular Biology Revolution in Arbovirology: A Tribute to Joel M. Dalrymple
95 - Integration of Social Science in Malaria Research and Programs: What Progress?
96 - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene I
97 - Mosquitoes: Insecticide Resistance and Control
98 - New Paradigms for Rational Chagas Disease Prevention and Control
99 - Surveillance for NTDs: A Growing Need
100 - TravMil: Advances in Pre- and Post-Travel Infectious Disease Risk Management Systems
101 - American Committee of Molecular, Cellular and Immunoparasitology (ACMCIP): Cellular Parasitology I
102 - Plenary Session III: Commemorative Fund Lecture
103 - Impact of the Affordable Medicines Facility - Malaria (Phase 1) on ACT Availability, Price, Market Share and Use
104 - Scaling up ORS and Zinc for the Management of Diarrhea: A Discussion of Case Studies, Market Research and Provider Behaviors
105 - American Committee of Molecular, Cellular and Immunoparasitology (ACMCIP): Molecular Parasitology II
106 - Malaria: Drug Resistance: Defining the Phenotypes of ACT Resistance
108 - Malaria: Immunology
109 - Emerging Deer Tick Diseases
110 - Mosquitoes: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics II
111 - Filariasis - Immunology
112 - Towards the Elimination of Schistosomiasis from Asia Through Integrated Control
113 - Flavivirus: Dengue - Vaccines
114 - Strengthening the Research Base in Africa: Perspective from the Funders
115 - Antibiotics: Access, Resistance and the Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership (GARP)
116 - Innate Immunity in Malaria
117 - Mosquito-Specific Viruses: What is Their Function and Potential Effect on Arbovirus Transmission?
119 - Malaria Chemical Genomics Toward Drug Discovery and Action
120 - Hot Topics: Top Five Articles in Tropical Medicine and Global Health
121 - Innovation from Bedside to Population Health Surveillance: Making It Work
122 - Regulatory Affairs for the Academician: How to Get Your IND Approved
123 - Overcoming Barriers to Vivax Malaria Research by Enhancing Research Capacity in Endemic Countries
124 - Overcoming the Threat of Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) in Programs Targeting the NTDs, Especially Where Loa loa Is Co-Endemic
125 - Focused Assessment with Sonography for Infectious Diseases: Use in Resource-Poor Settings
126 - Protozoa
127 - Schistosomiasis: Immunology/Reinfection
129 - Late Breakers in Basic Science/Molecular Biology
130 - Meet the Professors B: Enigmatic and Teaching Cases
131 - Bridging Pathogenesis and Pathology in Malarial Immunity and Anemia
132 - Bridging Membrane Feeding Assays with Direct Feeds to Test Malaria Transmission Blocking Vaccines
133 - Evaluating the Impact of Malaria Control Interventions on Under-Five Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa Series ? Chapter Two
134 - Improving and Expanding Immunization Coverage for Vaccine-Preventable Disease in Haiti
135 - Mosquitoes: Vector Biology - Epidemiology II
136 - Flavivirus: Dengue - Immunology
137 - The Vector-Parasite-Host Triad and Their Influence over Disease Development and Protection in Human Leishmaniasis
138 - Clinical Tropical Medicine II
139 - Discovery and Development of Macrofilaricidal Drugs for Lymphatic Filariasis and Onchocerciasis
140 - Bacteriology - Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and Leptospirosis
141 - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene II
142 - Malaria: Biology and Pathogenesis
143 - Prioritizing New Malaria Vaccine Candidates for Further Development
144 - Partnerships Against Malaria
145 - Cholera Vaccine as a Critical Component of a Comprehensive Cholera Control Strategy for Poor Countries: Learning from Recent Experiences in Africa and Haiti
146 - Small RNAs in Mosquito Biology and Anti-Pathogen Immunity
147 - London Declaration on NTDs: What Next?
148 - Schistosomiasis: Diagnosis
150 - Scaling up Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) for Children in Low-Resource Settings: Review of Evidence from Implementation Research
151 - Field Applicable Molecular Diagnostic Tools for Infectious Diseases
152 - Rabies in the U.S.and Mexico and Border Region
153 - Plenary Session IV: President's Address and Annual Business Meeting
154 - Scabies Infections and Chronic Disease: A Challenge to Tropical Public Health
155 - Malaria: Epidemiology: Malaria in Pregnancy and Measuring Changes in Malaria Burden
156 - Data-Driven Decision-Making in the Context of IRS Scale-Up and Increased Insecticide Resistance
157 - Appropriate Case Management in the Private Sector
158 - Schistosomiasis: Epidemiology
160 - Advances in Typhoid Fever Epidemiology and Control
161 - Malaria: Vaccines: Transmission Blocking and New Approaches
162 - Malaria: Mosquitoes and Transmission
163 - Malaria: Chemotherapy - ACT Implementation and Safety
164 - Global Health: Child Health
165 - Filariasis - Molecular Biology
ASTMH 2012 Program Book